2018 Lincoln Navigator Ambient Lighting At Night Auto
2018 Lincoln Navigator Ambient Lighting At Night Auto

2018 Lincoln Navigator Engine Specs & Review

2018 Lincoln Navigator. Here the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator and why it’s the best SUV ever made. So before we start off today’s review, this is the fourth generation of the navigator. Exterior wise and we’ll talk about what’s new right off the bat you see the front fascia, here with the new massive grille looks really good in my opinion. We’re full LED headlights, LED daytime, running lights of course.

2018 Lincoln Navigator in my opinion has set a new benchmark for the full-size luxury SUV. As we get to the rear it looks good but the best-looking one in his class do have the big Lincoln badge. And if we press the button underneath, it pops deep rear window, and the third row seat up you can sort of see how much cargo capacity you have. There is a massive amounts of room and a fold one of the third row seats, so you can see the difference, so if you were to fold all the seats down, pretty sure that you can fit a midsize car in there. It is a lot of room.

We have 22 inch wheels sitting on 285 forty-five diameter tires now for anyone that is looking to buy a Lincoln Navigator of course there are many wheel options to choose, Lincoln have the capless fuel tank system now. The interior of this new SUV from Lincoln it is absolutely amazing and definitely class-leading. When it comes to luxury and comfort so as we open the door, of course we have power deploying running boards will actually take a look at the back seat first. So the interior is the cappuccino, leather interior and there’s so much to mention about the interior of this navigator. So if we start with the door, very soft leather in the door, handle got woodgrain trim right there, the speaker looks like a work of art in itself and always like to jump in. While on driving position, just drove the car of course and this is the knee room and the head room that you have. The rear seats are so comfortable, it’s like sitting in a couch.

There is the optional rear seat entertainment package, you have the two ten inch screens. You can obviously hook up your ipads iphones your computers now if you have AT&T; as a carrier you can fully stream your TV from home onto the screens. So you can watch your football games, you can watch the news, you can watch the movies, this is basically your TV your entertainment portal. Now you can change the radio station and all your controls are on the back. Now we’re gonna jump in the third row seat. In the third row also amazing room. You can adjust the seat.

Over the actual interior and the center stack, everything is redesigned, completely new looks and feels amazing. Ford and Lincoln are family, so the Lincoln Navigator is built on the same platform as the Ford Expedition. And Lincoln is of course Ford Motor Company’s a luxury brand. Lincoln has really managed to set itself apart from Ford, completely different brand of vehicle and that’s of course what Lincoln wants now, there are three main trim levels that Lincoln offers its premier select and reserve. The one is a reserved trim level and then also have the Black Label. Now the Black Label mainly allows you to have different themes when it comes to the interior.

It is also where they offer a concierge service for picking up your vehicle for service dropping off. Another one while you wait but if you want a trim level that is top of the line with all the features and amenities that Lincoln offers. It is the reserve that you will be looking at. Now let’s start by looking at the instrument cluster it is a very stripped out but also classy look. The speedometer looks like a little laser and needle minimalistic, it is but still very function. Now you have several different driving modes that is selected by this turn dial. In normal it gives you a layman’s. Terms explanation of what normal means it’s effortless and balanced. And then we have conserve for efficient driving and just the graphics in the screen is amazing as well now the touchscreen is new, as well still based off of the sink 3, but just so easy-to-use amazing resolution, swipes like a smart tablet. Driving the Lincoln Navigator, you will get such a pleasant experience, which is obviously one of the main reasons this the best SUV ever made,

The Navigator is the full package it is so good and talk about the seats again, in an SUV isn’t Comfort the number-one, thing along with obviously having a log of room it is just mind-blowing this is so good. It does have the stupid auto start/stop feature though you have to turn off every time you get in the car, that’s the only downside about this SUV. Although most cars nowadays have that feature. The laser beam looking speedometer needle go up in the ranges it looks like that sun is shining on the moon, it’s just an experience to drive this SUV. Wow Lincoln has just knocked it out of the park with the new navigator. So what do you really have to choose from in the full-size SUV luxury segment? Well we have the Infiniti qx80, the Mercedes GLS, of course we have the Cadillac Escalade and as we mentioned already they have been class-leading for very very long they’re pretty much owned the market when it comes to the full-size suvs. Although the Lincoln Navigator has been around for a long time, it hasn’t really been able to compete for many many years.

And while we’re up front, we’ll talk about the engine, it is the three and a half liter high output ecoboost producing 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque on premium 93 pump gas. And this high-output ecoboost engine is a huge difference from the one in the expedition in the Ford lineup. It’s only the Raptor that gets this version of the three and a half liter ecoboost engine. It’s really powerful and it moves this huge SUV without any problem. Now we have an excellent head-up display, that shows the miles per hour how many miles you have to empty tank the time and also the temperature. There’s really not any negatives about this SUV. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is setting the benchmark all the other brands are now catching up to this vehicle.

When buying a premium version of any brand this is the feeling that you should be getting the full package as close to perfection as you can get. The vehicle wants to stay in the most efficient gear possible for fuel economy. So here’s the bottom line the 2018 Lincoln Navigator it has to be experienced you have to sit inside the car, you have to drive the car to completely understand what it’s about how great it is. Now if you’re in the market for a full-size SUV a luxury one that is and you’re not considering the Lincoln Navigator for whatever reason it makes about as much sense.

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