2018 Trans Am Release Date 2020 Horsepower Interior Top Speed Engine
2018 Trans Am Release Date 2020 Horsepower Interior Top Speed Engine

2018 Pontiac Trans AM * Price * Specs * Engine * Review * Release

2020 Pontiac Trans Am. Although the 2020 Trans Am Firebird is just one of many muscle-representing cars at the New York Motor Show this year, it is amazing. Many people who were fortunate enough to see this important event in the automotive industry should recognize that the new Demod Challenger CRT Demon has many reasons to be named as the most important novelty next year, but Trans Am should be in place from the interesting news list, Also. The reason may be the presence of 1000 hp under the hood, or a new shape and design, or let it be recognized, a new small manufacturing company redesigning old popular models and making entirely new models. Whatever the reason, the new Trans Am will be one of those cars that will be observed on the streets.

Even with the company stopping due to bad sales, we still get the Pontiac Trans Am 2020. This legendary brand is one of the brands that have recently stopped and the strangest people, and of course, legendary cars like Firebird and Trans Am are the ones that will continue with us. This is why we continue to receive the new Trans Am 2020, even with the company already falling.

Thanks to the Trans Am Depot charm, the 2020 model will happen. The company started immediately after the collapse of Pontiac when two brothers joined a graphic designer to bring old Trans-Am cars back to life and introduce new models that Pontiac can never do. After saving exclusive rights to Trans Am and collaborating with Hurst Performance, they first built the first Trans Am with the iconic Hurst badge.

For the New York Auto Show, the Trans Am warehouse is ready to provide the Pontiac Trans Am 2020, which is also the Bandit version, based on the famous show because the main character was driving. In fact, we are facing a modern representation of the legendary Special Edition version of 1977, which was considered one of the best and best Trans Am models.

The Pontiac Trans-Am 2020 will provide only 77 units, making it a limited version of the version appreciated by all fans and the best thing is that it is powered by Bert Reynolds himself. Continue reading the review and see other things stored to update this legendary car.

2020 Pontiac Trans Am Design

The exterior of the Pontiac Trans Am 2020 will contain all the legendary parts of the 1977 version and combine them with the modern features of the fifth-generation Camaro. But since this is a recent version, the model will provide almost more forms and original details. The front has a V-shaped nose and has a Pontiac badge, in addition, it is combined with a double mesh and two holes for horizontal ventilation in the bumper. There is a configuration of four headlights, but this time offers rounded units, unlike the original which had square units.

The side of the car sees the most similarities with the legendary version ’77 Moved Here. Honeycomb wheels are used with golden light and have a similar front fender part. However, there is no windshield wrapped, so it is replaced with a quarter window like the Camaro. There is a large spoiler on the rear box cover with a bumper and wide rear lights with a horizontal set. There are a shaker cover and a T-shaped ceiling, which is a basic part of any Trans Am model.

The interiors of the Pontiac Trans Am 2020 feature an interior design that is completely redesigned to suit the appearance of the legendary model. All parts, such as the tool kit, seats, dashboard, and other parts, provide guidance on the style taken from Model 77. There are some retrograde indicators that feature some Bandit graphics and in the central console, you can see the Hurst gearbox and some Trans Am characters. For seats, the shape of Trans Am Standard is made of golden central sections that come with layers and details.

A new design element is added to the seats, as the headrest has a printed bandit, which looks good indeed, although it has nothing to do with the original design. The door panels have golden drawings of “Chicken Scream” and the dashboard also has a golden top. Comfort features are not specified, but since these models combine elements from the Camaro, we hope to see some of them being moved from the latest Chevrolet Camaro.

2020 Pontiac Trans Am Engine Specs

Pontiac Trans Am 2020 will benefit from the advanced engines of Trans Am Depot. Trans Am will receive a Super 840 performance package with a 7.4-liter LSX V-8 engine and a 2.9-liter twin screwdriver. This is equivalent to the production of about 840 horsepower, and the model is also integrated with a manual or automatic transmission. The acceleration speed is from 0 to 60 mph about 3 seconds and has a top speed of about 200 mph. We can not even start comparing improvements to the legendary version of 1977, a modern car that adds more to your mix.

2020 Pontiac Trans Am Release Date And Price

The latest version of the Pontiac Trans Am 2020 will be delivered with a date released in the second part of this year. We expect to see that in September, where it will be available for sale from that moment. And the price, well, the series price limited version is $ 115,000, which is quite suitable for the sector.

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