2019 Audi Rs4 0 60 Used Usa
2019 Audi Rs4 0 60 Used Usa


2019 Audi RS4. The Audi RS4 is a high performance sports car on an A4 including an efficient and all-wheel drive. It is usually seen in the form of a practical Avant real estate model and matches the resemblance to the BMW M3 and the Mercedes-Amg C63. Audi revealed the latest high-performance RS model, the Avant RS4. The same capacity will be used for the 6.2-liter turbo V6 as the RS5, which, with 450hp, can launch the car from 0-62 mph in part over four seconds.

2019 Audi RS4 uses the same chassis as the Avant A4 but the pump even reflects the extra performance, stretches the wilarchises by 30mm to give it a bigger stand and help the tires generate more angled grip. In the front, there are plenty of air vents to suck the cooling air into the engine and brake, while the splash of RS4 and quattro badges complete the appearance. At the back, the 2019 Audi RS4 can be almost mistaken for the standard A4, with only a spoiler roof and a huge oval exhaust that is added On the rest of the range. In dark color such as gray or black, the RS4 can be a perfect “sleeper” – a very fast car but not needed.

If, on the other hand, you want to stand out, you can specifically order the company Nogaro Blu famous finish, with the original Avant RS2 recall. Like other ODIs, the interior will be beautifully designed and built, featuring on-board technology that is both sophisticated and easy to use. The 2019 Audi RS4 also gets a fantastic Audi bucket seats, the flat bottom steering wheel will have ras badges through. It comes with a virtual Audi digital cockpit dial as standard, featuring a specific RS overlay with virtual gauges for torque and g-force. While it is sure to be a very fast car, the RS4 will also be an impressive operation with a cabin large enough for four adults to stretch out and have big boots.

Fans of the eight-cylinder engines may be satisfied Beefi to listen to the old 4.2-liter V8 car will be dumped in favor of the twin turbo 3.0-liter V6 produced more than 450hp. This system, which integrates with Audi‘s famous Quattro four-wheel drive system, must provide enough sleepiness and grip to provide 475hp C63 and 431hp M3 running key to their loan. Along with the reduced-size engine, the 2019 Audi RS4 may be equipped with an electric turbo-technology already included for the SQ7 SUV. This modern feature aims to provide the throttle reaction near the low moment, reducing the delay generally associated with high-power turbo engines.

The 2019 Audi RS4 will be priced at £61625, although a few options are marked as boxes which can go up sharply. Will be available to order later in September, with the first UK delivery taking place in early 2019. See other exciting new cars unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2018.

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