2019 Bmw 1er Leasing Angebot Aktion Ohne Anzahlung
2019 Bmw 1er Leasing Angebot Aktion Ohne Anzahlung


2019 BMW 1er. BMW is preparing to replace the 1er hatchback with a new model in 2019 based on the Mini-Countryman front-wheel drive. Our exclusive show shows what this Audi A3 and the upcoming Mercedes A class can look like. The car in spy photos is hugely convincing, but as our exclusive photos reveal we do not expect the BMW to push the next 2019 BMW 1er too far from the current car in terms of design. It will get a thoroughly modern look at the rank and file with the rest of the range, while large changes will be saved under the skin. The BMW 1er has been a great success since its launch in 2004, but BMW is planning to rethink the third-generation Hatchback. You will find a radically renovated subcutaneous rear-drive rear drive trench to fit the drive to the front axle.

The new 2019 BMW 1er is not expected to look radically different from the outgoing model. The revised front end inspiration from the recently released 5 series should be inspired while the modified rear bumper must help it look a little less bulb than the outgoing car. A pair of angular headlights with hexagonal daytime running lights must pull a new 2019 BMW 1er in line with the rest of The PUMO range while the more distinctive casing in the back column can confer it more sporty than the old model. 5 “cabin series. The screen information and entertainment should be large above a selection of facets and handles while the wood and aluminum trim effect can help give it a feel that everything is very important. The countryman’s longest car basics can be based on the best packaging engine Help to make the new car significantly more practical than the current model.The head and leg will be improved while the shoulder area tends to be better than the old car as well.No lack of rear differential – a set of gears that divide the power between the wheels – Rear should be j Ne boot a new car can swallow much more than the old car 360 liter load bay. Annoying hump in the rear floor should be significantly flatter, too.

The engines will be adopted for the rest of the 2019 BMW 1er range of Mini and X1 line-ups. The starter cars, which are likely to be bad 116d, must be powered by an updated version of the BMW 1.5-liter three-cylinder diesel, while the three-cylinder turbo gasoline unit should appear in the 118i. The larger and more powerful four-cylinder and four-cylinder diesel engines will be found in 120i and 120d respectively. BMU will also use the following 2019 BMW 1er to launch a wider launch of its Internet platform. Joining the other five BMW models will be an electric 1er using a tuner version of the Mini-Countryman Cooper E. It features a small 1.5-liter turbo engine, a small electric motor, an economy of more than 130 MB and CO2 emissions of less than 50 g / km comfortable.

BMW is not the only manufacturer that puts the finishing touches on a premium hatchback entirely. We will see its competitors from Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen in showrooms by the end of 2018, all the new technology is booming, effective powertrain and self-driving. The focus in the industry may be on the development of an army of SUVs, but a hatchback like the 2019 BMW 1er is often the best seller in the luxury brand lineup. These are the upcoming models that will face BMW, and cars that manufacturers can not afford to get wrong. The new 2019 BMW 1er is expected to be sold around late 2018 or early 2019, and can cost roughly the same as the £19,709 outgoing model. The new series 2, based on the same new four-wheel drive, must be issued in 2019 in both coupe and convertible visits.

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