2019 Bmw 540i 0 60 Mpg M Sport Xdrive
2019 Bmw 540i 0 60 Mpg M Sport Xdrive


2019 BMW 540i. Basically, BMW took the technology of the 7 series and paired it with the new engines made last year’s Vassilved 3 series. While some automakers are leaking from the diesel race completely, BMW is looking to expand its offerings with new 2019 BMW 540i. Many of the details are still rare, and we move on speculation formally educated at least in the next few months.

2019 BMW 540i Riding on a wheelbase is slightly longer than its predecessor but the front and rear track length are still the same. BMW says the chassis is lighter and tougher than before, and interestingly, it will provide a roll-out system that uses electric motors instead of hydraulic motors. The quadriceps is optional on both rear and all wheel models. MW says the new 5-Series weighs up to 137 pounds less than its predecessor, thanks to the larger use of aluminum, high-strength steel and magnesium.

Like the new 7 series, 5 series gets all kinds of quasi-independent features and future technology at home. There are active in the cruise control, lane departure warnings, lane keeping Assist, traffic congestion help, and a system that can perform independently evasive maneuvers at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. The interior gets the same gesture controls as the 7-Series and the remote control parking feature.

The engine will be the 2019 BMW 540i diesel engine, but its specifications are still uncertain at this stage. Logic says the 2019 BMW 540i will inherit a 3.0-liter inline engine from the European-style 530d 530d. However, given the Beemer tradition of model numbers that are consistent with engine production, we expect 540i to be slightly more than the 530 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque. Of course, the fuel economy will be the main drag of 540i. 530divers are 52.3 miles per gallon combined on the European cycle, which is more liberal than the EPA test. In all likelihood, we’ll see something in the 40 to 45 mpg highway.

EHS and NTSA testing are not yet available for the new generation of the 5 series, but we expect anything short of the best results. Stay tuned for updates on these. On the technology side, the 2018 5 Series comes standard with rear view camera, stability control, front and rear parking sensors. Optionally, buyers can add lane – keep help, blind – spot monitoring, semi-automatic routing, and auto emergency braking. We expect to carry these features in 2019 BMW 540i.

It is still too early to get the release date of 2019 BMW 540i. Check back for updates when prices  current 5-series become a range of $52.195 to $59.745 (including $995 destination fee ), But there is a good chance the 540i rings in the closet to $60,000. Among the main competitors are the Mercedes-Benz E9009, the Audi A6, and the Lexus 450H. You may notice a lack of diesel competition – due to Mercedes diesel engines not getting re-accredited for use in the United States. And involving Audi with the Volkswagen diesel scandal.

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