2019 Bmw I3 Autonomie Configurations Bev
2019 Bmw I3 Autonomie Configurations Bev


2019 BMW i3. The BMW i3 is the first production car in Germany for electricity. For a long time best-selling. Bavarian manufacturer is proud to introduce a new generation with many advanced sectors and modern appearance. Representing a real future on the road. Four years after the start of the car, the BMW i3 is finally getting something that traditional customers expect from the brand: the variable performance. Before the Frankfurt Motor Show, where BMW is also expected to unveil an electric prototype from three groups, the German automaker unveiled a model with the subsequent s-i3s – part of the modestly refurbished 2019 BMW i3.

Visually, 2019 model changes boil to the number of cosmetic disc. This is not surprising, since the i3 continues to provide an advanced floor for engineering ideas, employing a top body cap made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and attached to a structure made mostly of aluminum. The most attractive new visuals are that the substrate A, which flows to the ceiling line and along the way to the top floating D-pillar, is now painted glossy black, and the i3 s also gets a glossy chrome roof tone. This change can help i3 look a bit more clearly balanced, although it has always been a car that tends to appear better in pictures than it does in the wild. In the front, the full LED headlamps are now standard, and the i3 gets rid of the round fog lights in favor of a thinner LED profile design.

All the 2019 BMW i3 models will have front and rear bumpers, new side skirts and chrome trim on hatching, while the i3s will produce new polished black wheels, model bumpers and glossy black trim. Melbourne Reed and Imperial Blue are two new exterior coatings for 2019. All 2019 BMW i3 models have a new optional interior combination of natural Giga Brown leather and gray Karum Spice cloth, as well as enhanced EDRIVE steering gear. For those who have not come together with the i3 before, it feels surprisingly spacious inside, thanks to the upright cabin, flat floor, and rear seat accessible by a set of hinge rear doors.

Materials are introduced to the environment, with more than 80 percent of the surfaces visible to passengers made from recycled or renewable materials. It is curious that BMW has not given the i3s what may help change the mood inside more: a sports steering wheel. The latest BMW 6 Eddrive interface is used on the new i3 range, with the largest available screen and natural speaker audio input that may outperform Siri, although users can also use Apple Car Play (but not Android Auto). Street parking information uses historical and real-time data to help find a place, and with connected and connected services. You can use smart road planning to manage charging stations, as well as send route instructions from your smart phone to your car or vice versa, among other features.

2019 BMW i3 will come out before drivers renew and release completely new. Engine revolution, which is essential in the market. The new edition of this car relates primarily to image enhancement, reflecting improved battery. In addition, customers can choose whether they want a BMW i3 with a combination of gasoline and an electric motor or with one electric motor. But the gasoline engine is used only to produce electricity for the electric motor. It is a 2-cylinder engine with an output of 38 hp and 56 nm torque. It is connected to the rear axle and it can not move the car.The new version has a bigger and more powerful battery than 94 ah and many other advantages.

It is located on the floor under the passenger and enables the ideal weight distribution between the two axes. However, there is some criticism. For example, the weight of the car has increased slowly but can feel while driving. However the motor has an immediate response to the throttle pressure. Power 170 hp to the rear wheels. Maximum torque is 250 nm. When the accelerator is left, acceleration accelerates rapidly compared to other conventional models. This can be very helpful in city traffic, since it needs to ride longer with the lowest possible use of brakes. This feature has been particularly praised by BMW owners. With a new battery, the 2019 BMW i3 will have a driving range to 186 miles.

Biggest 2019 BMW i3 competitors will also appear Chevrolet Evt, Honda Clarity, Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen E Golf and Ford Focus Electric. The base price for 2019 BMW i3 is about $43,000. Prices will be released and more information closer to launch, which is expected in late 2018.

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