2019 Bmw M10 2014 2015 292 Cam
2019 Bmw M10 2014 2015 292 Cam


2019 BMW M10. A few years ago, the test spotted under heavy camouflage as early as 2013, announced the 1st Salon series in July 2016 as a specially designed model for the Chinese market. The car has not yet been unveiled to the public, but is scheduled to be officially launched later in 2016. BMW has launched a motivational image showing that sedan design is highly dependent on the first-class Hatchback. However, while the design cues are similar, the platform under is not. Unlike hatching, the four-door sedan is riding on a common front-wheel drive platform with Mini Cooper. The same that would support the third generation of the series 1. The M10 is BMW‘s successor to the M1 (built between 1978 and 1981), the only super BMW ever has. The 2019 BMW M10 will be a real high-speed vehicle built from carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium. In this way the weight will be kept less than 3000 lbs. The car will perform better.

After seeing a three-quarter view of the first-class sedan in the preview image of BMW, we already know that the four doors borrow most of their design signals from the first class hatchback, while they also have sports features we’ve already seen on the third category, Ceiling shape, glass house. In short, the Class 1 Salon is pretty much the Shrewinkin 3 series with its very own grille and headlamps. Accordingly, it is very easy to imagine that the 2019 BMW M10 sedan will be the smallest 3 series with front and rear taken from the coupe M2. At least this dictates logic and we believe that BMW will be a fool not to transfer the awesome and very aggressive design to the two doors on a four door saloon car. Our artist design a M10 sedan with this precise specification goes without saying, the part looks.

Even alongside the Mercedes-Amag CL45, its main competitor in this niche. While the sedan class 1 is not exactly the look, it is difficult not to like the 2019 BMW M10 saloon, especially with the black trim chrome trim and M2 in the wild front bumper appearance. It is still a mystery as of this writing, but spy shots indicate that most of the features will be borrowed from a hatchback. This means that the items will also be shared with Class 2, which should lead to the 2019 BMW M10 sedan being very similar to the Coupe M2 inside. As the M model, it must be loaded with M-specific features, including sport seats that are wrapped in Black Dakota leather with blue contrast stitching and adjustable side supports.

The steering wheel must have similar features, while the dashboard will be enhanced by inserting carbon fiber over the glove compartment and around the A / C side driver slots. The center console will also have a carbon fiber trim, blue suture on the knee pad, and a M-Spex gear chipper. As with other M-Spikes, you’ll get a set of devices on specific tablets and needles and a tachometer reading of up to 8,000 rpm. The cabin should be rounded off by the M logos on the tachometer and the door sill panels and the alcantara on the door panel insert, the hand brake position, the boot lever switch. The design and the aside tools, the 2019 BMW M10 sedan will have a more spacious rear section with the leg room and shoulder room Much better compared to a hatchback model. Passenger access will also be easier with additional rear doors.

Logic dictates that the 2019 BMW M10 sedan will get juice from the same turbocharged, 3.0-liter, inline six-engine in the BMW M2. The crank unit of 365 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 343 lb-ft of available torque is as low as 1400 rpm, some impressive numbers give the size and weight of a Subcompact sedan. On the other hand, the big mystery here is what kind of layout will be the sedan. If it completely depends on the standard model, we are talking about a SUV. However, BMW has not developed the M-Spec models on the VOD architecture. Obviously there is a beginning for everything, but BMW will most likely avoid frontal payment in order not to disturb the purists. Therefore, the Germans either use a modified platform for the 2019 BMW M10 sedan or simply sell with a four-wheel drive only. The latter scenario is more likely to happen.

Transmission options most likely include the standard six-speed manual and optional dual-clutch automatic that comes in the M2. M differential should be differential for optimal drag and enhance stability also on the table. Performance wise, it should be slowly slower than M2. Look for the manual version to reach 60 mph in about 4.6 seconds and the mechanism to achieve the same standard in the 4.4 tick. Other features should include the performance booster Michelin Billot Sport tires, wider track, lightweight, M sports suspension. The brakes are likely to come from the M composite brakes with 15-inch rotors, four caliper presses in front of the 14.5-inch bikes and two piston units at the rear.

It is difficult to estimate the price of a sticker for a vehicle that is far from confirming production, but we can use M2 pricing as a starting point. With a retail coupe of $51,700 for the 2016 model, the sedan could fetch about $53,000 before the options. If this is the case, the 2019 BMW M10 sedan will be more expensive than its main competitors, the Mercedes-Amag CL45.

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