2019 Dacia Duster Prix 4x4 Algerie 4wd 2014 Maroc
2019 Dacia Duster Prix 4x4 Algerie 4wd 2014 Maroc


2019 Dacia Duster Prix. Due to sale in the next year, SUV regeneration represents the evolutionary leap generation. Modified versions of the same 1.5-liter diesel engines and 1.2 gasoline will be kept as an outgoing model. Sitting on the same platform as the old car, too, is almost identical in terms of dimensions. But according to the head of the brand design, Lorenz Van den Acker, each body plate is new. The new Dacia 2019 Dacia Duster Prix SUV was unveiled at its official launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2018 in September. It does not look radically different from the outgoing model but represents an improvement in terms of interior quality, passenger space and performance.

Detailed changes such as standard LED lamps, aluminum roof rails and new 17-inch alloy wheels for higher-specification vehicles help to renew the Duster Prix look, while the rugged, front-mounted rear silver slide panels are said to be scratch resistant. Van Den Acker says that knowing the new car helps create a strong family look. We were expecting an upgrade to information and entertainment in the car, allowing users to take advantage of the power of their smartphones via Android cars and Apple Carplay. There should also be improvements in the keys, to keep 2019 Dacia Duster Prix downstairs feel bargain. In the cabin, the interior has been extensively repaired with a brand new dashboard layout, new materials and new technology. The new dashboard benefits from cleaner surfaces and re-altered air vents, along with new tools and a new steering wheel. The central console features a geometrical angle towards the driver, with a higher information and entertainment system setting.

On top of the spec models, the digital keypad for climate control appears, and Dacia claims that “careful attention” has been paid to the materials presented. Elsewhere inside, Dacia introduced new seats, and internal storage spaces were modified to inject additional practical application. In terms of technology, six new features will be available for titles in high-end models. The system can now connect multi-vision camera for information screen and color entertainment, along with blind spot monitoring, automatic air conditioning, automatic headlamps, curtain airbags and entry without key and start with a hand-free key card taken from Renault brand sister. Dacia leaders expect the new model to classify the crash test as a three-star plane. However, an optional safety package will be provided, bringing independent braking and other active technology. This is likely to add another star to their score.

The new 2019 Dacia Duster Prix will be launched initially in France early next year, with the UK scheduled delivery from the summer of 2019. Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions will feature the feature line-up. The Dacia Duster Prix will be available with only five seats, According to commercial director Francois Marriott. There was speculation that the Renault-owned Romanian budget brand would offer seven major seats to Duster Prix to undermine the likes of the new Skoda code. But in an exclusive interview with Auto Express, Marriott said Duster Prix would not be stretched. “The priority of 2019 Dacia Duster Prix is to maintain all the strengths of the actual model,” said editor Graham Hope. “One part is the chassis or platform. When you want to turn five seats into seven seats, there is no way; you will lose the compact car and 4×4 capacity.

The updated 2019 Dacia Duster Prix will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2018 in September. Dacia is unlikely to want to give up the title of the cheapest SUV for sale, so prices must stay below £10,000 for basic access models and rise to about £15,000 for higher-specification cars.