2019 Hilux Australia
2019 Hilux Australia

2019 Hilux Engine Specs & Review

2019 Hilux. Toyota announced that the 2019 models of Real Hilux and SR5 chose will contain a new interface designed specifically by Toyota Australia’s design team based in Port Melbourne.

The models outside the cab and passenger compartment SR and SR5, which were first introduced in the new RX Hilux, will be a new front.

The new design features a stronger profile with a large trapezoidal grille, honeycomb inserts and fog lights outside to attend the booster on the road. The SR5 models include LED headlamps and fog lamps, while the SR models obtained SR halogen fog lamps.

In addition to the new look, some models of six-speed automatic also get improved fuel efficiency. The models saw 4X2 SR5 SR, and automatically reduce the 0.2L / 100KM to 7.9L / 100KM. The 4×4 SR5 SR models have automatic and improved 0.1L / 100KM to 8.4L on arrival / 100KM.

Another improvement for the Hilux diesel models, both 2.8 and 2.4 liters, is the inclusion of diesel filter particles that can initiate a “burn” to cancel the system. The shift is also included in all models of the Toyota Fortuner SUV with the same 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine.

The price remained constant across the range with only an increase of $ 80 for the 4X2 SR-hi-rider models, from outside the 4X4 SR cabin, the SR double collection with cab and chassis models.

The six-speed manual collection of 4X2 HI-Rider SR starts at $ 39990 (all prices before road costs on). It has a 2.8 liter turbo-diesel engine providing 130 kW, air conditioning, premium cloth seats and a 7.0-inch touch screen.

Also available is a six-speed automatic 4X2 SR-hi-rider version with an additional cab pickup of $ 40,990 and a slightly expensive double at $ 41,990 cabin.

The premium 4X2 SR5 Hi-Rider models start with a cabin for $ 49,940 and include automatic transmission, climate control, satellite navigation, an 18-inch alloy stainless steel sports bar.

For the introduction of the SR 4×4 model, $ 42,990 needed for the additional cabin manual structure and $ 45,140 for the double-compartment guide. The automatic transmission adds $ 2000 collection of dual-compartment SR versions adding a premium of $ 1,500.

4×4 SR5 models with top specs and changing prices $ 54,440 Access for additional and automated cabin crews. The automatic adds $ 2000 to the price of the SR5 double compartment collection.

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