2019 Seat Arona Cena Colores Cupra
2019 Seat Arona Cena Colores Cupra


2019 Seat Arona. The new seat Arona sits neatly within the range of SUVs and younger brothers in the family, in a prominent and bright manner, which combines the advantages of its compact dimensions in the city with the cross-crossover out of the city and goes further. It is also a fact that the Arona seat is very stylish, spacious, practical and comfortable both on normal business days from Monday to Friday and is adventurous, strong, athletic and effective on weekends.

All this combined with applied safety and communication technology is seen only in the higher segments of the market, in addition to the attractive, distinct and distinct design without fail to mention the huge amount of customization options as well as dynamic sports DNA and Spanish brand quality. The new 2019 Seat Arona is based on Ibiza and is a Spoofor effort manufacturer

The new seat offers Arona reference offers, style, fr & zellens. The LED interior light is double-edged (red and white) LED and dual-zone with the air filter in Arona, while in the front of the car, triangular headlamps with attractive color and excellent lighting make the Arona recognizable instantly. The rear tail lamps are also LED and they provide an additional optical display thanks to twin tail lamps.

The trim includes double suspension mode, and the drive coil file with four styles: normal, sport, eco and individual. To simplify the process of processing the new 2019 Seat Arona, optional equipment is assembled into packages. Many believe that the 2019 Seat Arona will be a car designed with ruggedness in mind. However, this is not really the case. Instead, it would be better to be seen as slightly taller and higher than Ibiza Earth. This is actually true considering the Arona will not be available with an optional four-wheel drive.

Although there are not many people looking for small SUVs on the roads, it really looks like the supervision of a seat, especially because the platform allows for this system with minor modifications. While the exterior borrows elements from Ibiza, it seems that the interior has Rose of it wholesale. This means you can expect to find the precious little in the soft plastic road to the touch, but everything must feel strongly assembled and the seat will provide some brightly colored choices of decorations. Inside, very little changed between 2019 Seat Arona and Ibiza.

The cabin is still centered around the central information and entertainment touch system with clear menus, responsive controls and handy shortcut buttons to jump between posts. This system also supports MirrorLink, Apple Car Play and Android Auto mean you can use some of your phone applications on the move such as NAF sat and Internet radio stations. What’s more, you can choose the optional wireless charging and boost signal to save on the carrying wire heels around. Although so far so far only known piece of known information about the car are external dimensions, we have a good idea on the inside.

As with most other cars in its class, the interior of 2019 Seat Arona is more likely to be based on Ibiza. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that the two will share the same dashboard, seats, and layout. There will be slight differences though different colors are available and perhaps a bit more gear on the Arona. However, the Ibiza plate is really clean with a wide-screen and optional entertainment information, materials, and even an analog device block are likely to be used on a small crossover. The trunk is set to 2019 Seat Arona as well as the height available to increase, but this will be the biggest difference on his brother.

Engine options and large gearbox are supported by the Supermini line of SET – all turbo units have a stop / start technique. Three petrol engines are provided from the launch: 95 bhp 1.0 liter three-cylinder, linked to a five-speed manual box, while the 115 bhp version is available with a six-speed manual or seven-speed auto-duster. The 1.4-liter 1.4-liter cylinder engine features a cylinder disabling to help reduce fuel consumption and comes only with a six-speed manual transmission. The only diesel in 2019 Seat Arona is a 1.6 liter engine with 95 bhp or 115 bhp. A less powerful unit is paired with a five-speed manual box or a seven-speed sprocket, while the 115 bhp model gets a six-speed manual.

Starting with the 2019 Seat Arona range will trim the Si / C technology, with a single-liter three-cylinder petrol 95 bhp engine being the basic model at £16,555 for C and £17,330 for C-technology. The first edition includes additional storage booths, keyless entry and adaptive adjustment control is available at a limited time cost of £18,730. After Si is trim the fry, starting from £19,680 to get a 115 bhp version of the 1.0 tsi engine. The sport features 17-inch alloys, full LED headlamps, color back windows and double pipelines. Inside, Farr boasts sporting front seats, perimeter lighting, and various freeways to help them distinguish themselves from the rest of the range.

In addition, these models feature the FRE models that feature the car tuning feature in the SET drive with four different driver settings to choose from. The top of the 2019 Seat Arona pile is the Xylense trim. Ranging from £20,825 to 1.0 tsi to £24,640 for 1.6 torsion auto gears, the highest level trim offers 18-inch alloy, front parking sensors, rear view camera, parking assist and sound system of win. The small 2019 Seat Arona enters the market that has recently become influx with newcomers; the Citroen C3 ERCROS, Hyundai Kuna and Kia Stinger all appeared within weeks of each other. Nissan Juke and Renault Camtor are still setting the benchmark in this market.