2020 Dodge Barracuda 1972 Pictures 1968 1969 Dart
2020 Dodge Barracuda 1972 Pictures 1968 1969 Dart

2020 Dodge Barracuda Engine Specs & Review

2020 Dodge Barracuda. Several years later, it seems as if the myth might seem again. At the moment, you will find the only gossip regarding these refurbished muscle cars. Through these studies, we will see a whole new version that will provide muscle taste again. According to this chatter, we will see this situation likely to be in the new year in the past. At the moment, it is difficult to find some reliable information, but we expect some of them in the future. The all-new Dodge Barracuda is one of the most anticipated models of muscle cars to be revived from history books.

According to rumors, this two-door coupe will remain a real muscle car, but it will also borrow some elements from the world of super cars, such as lightweight materials – carbon fiber, aluminum and other high quality materials, which will be able to make the new Dodge Barracuda 250 pounds lighter, compared to Similar models. The car will feature a redesigned exterior, making it look more aggressive and stronger than ever before. The car will be slightly shorter in height, which will increase aerodynamic capabilities and will look smaller as well. Of course, the new 2020 Dodge Barracuda will feature an abundance of sophisticated technology at home, including entertainment and safety features.

One of the main reasons for such a great acceleration is the new 8-speed automatic transmission system, with a new gear program. The maximum speed of this engine (theoretically) will be able to achieve about 200 mph, but in fact, the figure is slightly lower. However, it is still one of the fastest muscle cars. The medium-power engine will be the 3.6-liter Pentastar 3.6-liter engine, which will provide a better fuel economy than the 6.2-liter monster. The less powerful but more fuel-efficient engine is the 2.4-liter Tiger-shark engine. Tiger-shark is one of the most advanced four-cylinder engines in the world.

It will include the second generation of MultiAir 2 technology, developed by the joint forces of Dodge Fiat engineers, which will move the fuel economy ladder even further. In terms of performance, the engine can produce up to 184 horsepower, producing a torque of about 172 lbs. One of the most important aspects of any muscle car, of course, is its heart under the hood. The new 2020 Dodge Barracuda must have three engine options to choose from. Starting with the strongest one, this really fits a muscle car like this, the 6.2-liter Hemy V8 engine will be capable of producing more than 700 horsepower, with a maximum production of about 650 lb-ft of torque. In terms of performance, this engine will provide incredible acceleration and will be able to drive the car from 0 to 62 in just 3.3 seconds, which is within the scope of the supercar.

As mentioned, the new 2020 Dodge Barracuda will feature a radical redesign, which will turn the car into a medium-sized driving machine. In the foreground, the car will feature a thin, single-body cable that will connect the LED headlamps. Daytime lamps work on excision of the main lights, which are great details. It will feature a large front bumper, which will have a large, high front air entrance opening at the bottom. Very little room is left to fog lights, which will be placed in each end of the front bumper. The car itself is slightly lower than its predecessor, making it more elegant and slimmer, especially on the side.

This new platform will support the new Dodge Barracuda and will include consideration of the amount of lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, carbon dioxide and aluminum alloys. Inside, the new model will also include improvements. It will feature a more up-to-date design, high-quality materials and an abundance of technological equipment, including an enhanced dashboard, new information and entertainment system, an 8.4-inch touch-screen LCD display and navigation system. Upholstery, leather and chrome trim are also likely to be standard. As far as safety equipment is concerned, the vehicle will have the latest safety features, including dual ABS, traction control, front and side air bags and others.

It is expected to come out by the end of 2019, but none of this is official, the only thing left for us is to hope that this car will see the light of the day. As far as the price is concerned, the cost of the new 2020 Dodge Barracuda will probably cost about $60,000 for the copy with the basic model.

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