2020 Toyota Tundra 2017 Bed Cover Liner Black Bumper
2020 Toyota Tundra 2017 Bed Cover Liner Black Bumper

2020 Toyota Tundra Engine Specs & Review

2020 Toyota Tundra. This is the model, but it will touch the higher levels that we will look at from the outside. Then we will go to a drive. Some may say that the tundra is out of date, but there is still much to admire. So let’s check it out. Thank you so much for tuning in for this 2020 Toyota tundra model review. We’re gonna go over some of the features on the limited and platinum model as well. On this trim we get a gray honeycomb grille, on all tundra as we get an led accent daytime running light. Here we have halogen regular headlights, and fog lights but you can get leds optional and in higher trims. These are 18 inch wheels but if you move up in trim level you’ll get 20 inch wheels.

As you can see there we have the big eye force 5.7 liter v8 badge, as well as a tundra stamped on the side. Nothing special about these mirrors but you can get towing mirrors and you can also get power folding and power dimming mirrors on the platinum model. Same with the door handles you can get chrome door handles on other models. Like i said this is the crew max and it has a ton of space in the backseat that i will show you in a little bit. The tundra actually has a really long wheelbase, but it is the second shortest full-size truck in the segment just behind the Nissan. I found that fairly interesting considering how huge that back door is. This truck also has ten point four inches of ground clearance which is just phenomenal. That’s better than the Silverado that i reviewed last week i believe it’s better than the f-150 as well. This is the 4×4 model. One thing i like about the bed here is we have the tundra just stamped on the tailgate like that, this is an easy lift and lower tailgate that i’ll show you here. One feature that i really like on the tundra is you can see the back window is actually rolled down right now, just like the 4runners and that’s exclusive to the tundra.

Let me show you this easy lift and lower tailgate. What that means pull the handle it’ll gently lower down and it’s easier to lift this does not have a bedliner but you can get one and i would always recommend that in the bed of a truck you have traditional lights in the bed, as well as up on the cab. This is a fairly deep bed in terms of how far down it goes on the crew max we only get this 5.5 foot bed but you can get a six and a half or an eight point one foot bed in the vocab version if you need to haul more stuff. The maximum payload on any tundra is going to be 1730 pounds, you can also get an optional deck rail system where you can have four upper tie-down cleats that are rated at about 220 pounds each. Here we just have your basic built into the bed tie-down cleats in each corner. Not to mention if you get one in texas you can get one of these nifty stickers built here in san Antonio texas. It’s time to look inside the cab. Starting out in these front seats first of all it’s pretty high getting up in here i don’t have running boards there’s no grab handle and at five foot nine like me it’s definitely a lit of a jump not a problem for me but if you have trouble getting in and out of vehicle definitely recommend some running boards otherwise you have to grab on to the steering wheel. In this plain-jane sr5 2020 Toyota tundra we only have 4-way adjustable seats, and their cloth it’s manual, there’s no lumbar support but you can get 10-way power adjustable fabric seats, for package in this sr5.

You could move up to the limited trim to get 10 way power heated seats that are leather and if you really want to get khush you can go to the platinum trim and get ventilated seats. Another thing is this steering wheel is only tilt up and down it doesn’t telescope but of course you can option up for that and get a telescoping wheel and if you go way up you can also get a power tilt and telescoping wheel. Overall even though i don’t have lumbar support these seats are pretty comfortable, i really like how high they are up off the ground so my legs don’t feel like they have to be outstretched, and i’m comfortable and i have plenty of space at 5 foot 9. Since we have the sr5 2020 Toyota tundra standard on the sr5 is a 6 passenger configuration where we have the bench seat with a fold up armrest you can get bucket seats for 5 seat picking up the configuration with the sr5, if you do limited platinum enough you’ll get bucket seats standard, one thing with that is we do have a little bit of under seat storage right here, you lift that up and when we put this down, you can see the armrest right here. One thing i really don’t like about it is just how stinking hard this thing is now i understand that this is not the traditional configuration the five seat has a nicer armrest with a console shifter and just a better layout overall, but it’s hard but it’s spacious, it has two giant cup holders but it has a little ring inside, so anything that doesn’t fit inside that ring honestly doesn’t fit very well. This thing will just slide all over the place when you’re driving around.

Does have a nice slot right there i’ve actually been having my phone sitting here and it stays just fine, over here we have one little cubby right there we have additional storage right here, and it’s really easy to lift out-of-the-way if you just pull this lever and lift it up. Going over to the armrest we have a soft armrest but it’s actually kind of rubbery surface it’s not the most comfortable but it gives you some padding we have automatic down passing or driver window and it’s only down it’s not automatic any other way. There are a couple of bottle holders and a pretty good-sized compartment over all down below. The door is not the most solid sounding but it has a good feel to it overall. First thing you’ll notice when you get into the tundra is that it’s pretty utilitarian, it’s everything’s pretty simple it’s a it’s a decent layout, everything’s very upright and you sit up pretty high. Toyota has a standard key in fob configuration right here there’s no smart key, but that means we get to start at the old-fashioned way that’s the 5.7 liter v8 that you hear right there. As we go to the center screen right away it’s pretty small but it gives you the information that you need you can have your trip computer on here, a digital speedometer which is customizable you can even have your music information you can customize your cruise and your lane departure alert right there. As well as any custom messages it might give you such as needing maintenance and then your customizable settings over here it gives you a pretty traditional gauge layout, some other competitors will give you more digital information but if you like a traditional look then this is perfect for you. Toyota gives us a column shifter, like i said you can get a center gated console shifter down here in the limited and up. One thing i don’t like about this is typically i like, column shifters, but shift it into drive, and when i get it down there it kind of locks in place but sometimes it will flip back up, almost like it’s loose.

It stays in drive but just one small complaint. As we move down a little further you can see your mirror controls as well as light controls, right here and the bed of the truck this is your automatic high-beam button which is standard with tss p and this is the button to roll down the back window that i showed you earlier i just wished that it was automatic because it’s kind of annoying to lean down and reach when you’re driving if you want to roll that down obviously you could come to a stop. The steering wheel is the synthetic polyurethane material you can get leather wrap steering wheel and if you go with limited or up that will come standard. The steering wheel and this also doesn’t telescope just tilts that’s another thing that you can get as you upgrade your steering wheel i do like the design however i like this for spoke design with some good big bulky grips i up there. It does have controls for your radio over here as well as voice controls and your calling feature, when you move to the right you get controls for your center information display up above as well as some of your safety features right here. Up on the dash we have a nice tray and it does have a little bit of a grippy texture to it so things won’t slide around quite so easily, when we move down a little further we get Toyota‘s and tune system the very bare-bones double cab will give you a 6.1 inch screen we have a 7 inch screen here. There are some apps that you have if you’ve seen 4runner or Tacoma you’ll be familiar with this already but it’s very easy to use it’s not the most it’s not the most advanced it’s nothing like some of the modern-day systems that you’ll see in other vehicles but it’s got everything you need you can hook up bluetooth sirius xm you’ve got an auxiliary port it even still has a cd player that you don’t always get in some vehicles now.

But overall it’s a touchscreen it works and you can see everything you need to end customize it as you please, we do have a single zone climate control you can upgrade and especially once you get to the limited and platinum. You don’t have dual zone automatic climate control, these are big huge knobs they’re easy to use they seem durable our four-wheel drive controls right here one thing i would like to see is an automatic button similar to the Chevy Silverado that i saw earlier, so it’s almost like a full-time four-wheel drive if you please otherwise you have traditional two wheel drive for high and for low. A trailer brake controller is over here it also comes with trailer sway control and you can see those settings on your information display once you have that engaged and you have that something plugged in. Below the air conditioning controls we have a usb port, auxiliary port as well as two more 12-volt power outlets. Toyota gives us a locking glovebox its moderate size it’s not too big it would be nice to see one up higher like you might get in some competitors for additional storage, but it works. One thing i didn’t mention is that this is actually a six speaker system you’ll start out with six speakers but you can get up to a 12 speaker jbl system with the subwoofer on the higher trims. When we go to look overhead we have a nice large visor with two lights for your vanity mirror in the whole visor slides. You’ve got a clip right here to store some papers as well as a sunglass holder and all these crewmax 2020 Toyota tundra. If you upgrade you can get the rearview mirror, and the passengers get a grab handle so it’s easier for them to get in.

Visibility is good it’s exactly what you would expect in a truck some of the pillars are large however we do have a backup camera and we have a good line-of-sight at the back and the side doors. Toyota‘s backup camera is clear but it’s only one option there’s only one screen there’s no surround screen and there’s not even dynamic lines when you turn the wheel which would be nice to have. As we moved to the backseat this is just massive back here in this crewmax 2020 Toyota tundra i think it’s only behind the f-150 by just a little bit in terms of leg space it’s just huge this is such a big vehicle if you don’t need something this big you could always go with a double cab but still what god seen it where i would say that five foot nine i’ve got tons of space i’ve got really good headroom here as well, these seeds aren’t the most comfortable but they’re high enough off the floor to where you have a decent amount of thigh support. Not to mention if you’re short there’s a grab handle right here to make it easier to get in and these doors open up nice and wide, as you can see in the back i had a ton of leg room, as we look at the door we get the same semi cushioned armrest right here, with a pretty large opening down below for some storage and a couple of bottle holders.

You can see just how much leg room there is there and i showed you that this is a split folding seat all you have to do is pull this handle. Lift it up lock it in place and then you have a flat load floor here. Somewhat flat there a pretty good space to store something it’s easy to fold back down, in addition we have a center folding armrest with two bottle holders, that grab handle is handy for most people to get up into the back tons of leg space at five foot nine even at a good amount of foot space if the seat has to be pushed back. We also have air vents for our backseat passengers which is always nice as well as your standard 12-volt outlet. I have good headroom, sun roofs are optional but they are not standard on any single one of the tundra’s. Since this vehicle is so wide there’s no problem putting another adult right here at least a midsize adult when you put this on russ back up.

For the powertrain for the tundra you can get a 4.6 liter v8 or a 5.7 liter v8 we have right here with the 5.7 you’ll get 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque which is definitely powerful for this class. That’s paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission and that’s the only transmission you can get with the tundra’s with this 4×4 crewmax 2020 Toyota tundra that we have here you’ll get 13 miles per down in the city and 17 on the highway. If you go with a two-wheel drive that will bump up to 18 on the highway. This model comes standard with the 26.4 gallon fuel tank but you can get a 38 gallon filled tank which you might need considering the fuel economy in this truck. The max that you can do with any tundra for towing is ten thousand two hundred pounds but in here we can tow nine thousand eight hundred pounds with this crewmax 4×4 configuration that we have what do you say we go for a test drive.

So what did you guys think of that exhaust that’s stock exhaust you definitely got to appreciate the sound of a v8. Now this baby rumbles i love the sound of a v8 in the feel of a v8. Obviously it takes a second to kick down but this thing has got some good power i mean it’s got 401 pound-feet of torque. It’s not going to be quite as peppy as a three and a half litre ecoboost but compared to the other v8s in the segment that are about this size, it’s competitive with that. Going around some turns the steering feels kind of loose it’s really easy to handle and steer but it’s not the most on point steering, it’s not going to make you feel confident it doesn’t feel as car-like, as some other vehicles might in that car like but you know it’s something that’s not quite so nimble, it’s a pretty wide truck and it’s probably a good thing that they put some light steering on here. It makes it a little easier to maneuver in parking lots in smaller spaces it’s comfortable to stu you don’t have to give a lot of effort to it so we’re going about 50 i’m going to get on it. All right oh love it 75 it’s got some good power there’s no problem passing anybody on the highway with this.

On the highway right now actually and one thing that i could complain about is i can hear a little bit of wind noise. Overall it’s a pretty quiet cabin but the wind noise is more pronounced than that Silverado that i was in before this to give you an idea i have a decibel meter and i don’t know how accurate it is and it’s hard to get it on a good spot, but it’s reading sixty-two point five which is definitely pretty quiet, going 50 to 55 on a pretty smooth road obviously it spikes up sometimes if we hit a little bump or something like that. And speaking of bumps you can feel everything the tundra feels kind of little floaty a little loose with its suspension we don’t have an off-road suspension on here like the trd off-road but the thing about a suspension like that is it soaks everything up. You’re not ever going to get jolted into the cab it does feel a tad bit jittery but it’s really not bad it’s still comfortable to sit in here and ride you’re just gonna feel a little bit more of a wavy type feel over some of the bumps the turning radius on this thing is actually really impressive if i remember correctly this has the shortest and smallest turning radius of the full-size class and you can feel that with this light easy to move steering wheel i haven’t driven the smaller v8 engine and i’m curious as to how that performs compared to this one oh i love that anyways.

If any of you have ever driven that smaller v8 or even some of the old v6 is let me know what you think i’ve been in the forerunner v6 the 4 liter v6 and the Tacoma three and a half v6 and you can definitely tell that this has more power obviously i would you know i definitely think for sure that zero to sixty this thing could roast both of those even though this is a big heavy truck one really neat thing for 2020 that Toyota did was make the t ssp standard across all tundras the t ssp is the safety system that gives us some some of the features like the automatic braking with pedestrian detection automatic high beams that i showed you guys earlier if you have your bright lights on it’ll dim or not dim but it’ll go back to normal headlights if it senses oncoming lights or you’re through behind somebody it’ll do that automatically. It also has radar cruise control although it’s not full speed you do get radar cruise when you’re on the highway or speeds above i think it’s maybe 25 or 30 miles per hour and this tundra also has lane departure alert it doesn’t have the lane keeping assist to where it actually guides you back into the line like the Highlander does or some of the other t ssp models but it’ll beep and it will let you know if you’re getting out of your lane and you can turn all that stuff off you don’t have to have it on but it’s standard and it’s there if you need it.

Now this one doesn’t have it but you can also get blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert and that’s an option and when you get the higher models you’ll get that for sure and that’ll have the blind spot indicators in the mirror so like i said earlier with this 5.7 v8 this 2020 Toyota tundra sr5 and all of them actually have the six-speed transmission some of the new ones have seven eight ten speed transmissions even and that’s a lot of gears you know Toyota has kept it pretty simple they refresh this for 2014 and having actually redesigned it since the 2007 model year but this 6-speed is smooth its responsive and you get on it. It has a bit of a delay but it kicks in and then when you’re just coasting going slower this there’s slower speeds it’s really smooth and i have no complaints whatsoever with this transmission the eight speed in the ten speeds obviously are going to give you better fuel economy and that’s where this vehicle really suffers in the time that i’ve been in here since i started filming just five minutes ago or so i’ve been getting twelve point seven miles per gallon and obviously that’s with some times of revving it and flooring it. Earlier when i wasn’t i wasn’t on camera i drove around town for a while and i got i think it was thirteen point four or thirteen point five miles per gallon so just a tad better than what it’s rated at thirteen but that’s pretty sorry when it comes to full-size trucks nowadays i would definitely love to see how comfortable the leather seats are that you can get in the other trims. Especially the heated and ventilated seats on the platinum level with this sr5

It is not exactly when Toyota Tundra 2020 will be exposed to the world. This may be at some point during 2019. When it comes to price, the current model starts at about $33,000. Like We said you can upgrade your seeds you can get to ten way power adjustable seats that are still fabric and they’ll have lumbar support because my biggest complaint is that i’ve been fidgeting a little bit just trying to get comfortable. I feel like the lumbar support on this is just i don’t know something’s weird about it and you can’t adjust it so it doesn’t fit me too well but maybe it’ll fit you better this tundra has got some pretty big front brakes in fact i’ve read that it’s got the biggest brakes front brakes in its class and you know i’m sure it does a good job with stopping a trailer but just around town the brakes feel a little soft you know you definitely have to give a good amount of weight into that brake pedal in order to really slow yourself down just in short you know it’s partially slowing down situations it’s fine but when you want to come to a full stop you have to give it a little bit more pressure. When i’m on some rougher uneven surfaces like this kind of broken road with some gravel and some broken pavement it soaks everything up pretty well it feels like a pretty solid cab on this 2020 Toyota tundra.

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