2021 Honda Crosstour Specs Price Reviews
2021 Honda Crosstour Specs Price Reviews

2021 Honda Crosstour Review – Design, Engine, Release date and Price

The original model was not very successful, but the company wanted to make another attempt with this vehicle / cart. Because of slow sales, the first generation of production ended in 2015, and Honda currently has no representation in this sector. However, this will change quickly, as the Japanese company is about to return a trusted name after only a few years of rest.

The new model is about to come with a brand new design, like the 2021 Honda Crosstour. We expect Honda to solve all the issues in the previous version and make it competitive in this rapidly growing sector. We expect to see the new model sometime next year.

2021 Honda Crosstour Exterior design

Although the brand new model, the 2021 Honda Crosstour will not be far from its roots. The overall design will be pretty much the same, especially when it comes to body style and overall dimensions. The new model will continue to compete in the sector dominated by the legendary Subaru Outback. Toyota allegedly is about to get the Venza back, so the class will be hot again. When it comes to Crosstour, we have no doubt that the new model will rely heavily on the legendary Accord sedan.

The two models will participate in many parts, including almost complete mechanics and many aesthetic parts. The latter in particular refers to the forehead, which should look similar. The rest of the bodywork comes in a typical car design, and we hope Honda engineers will do better this time. This mainly refers to the roof line, which in the previous model contained a diagonal line, which was not the most practical solution.

2021 Honda Crosstour also gets a completely new suspension as the ground rises. In addition, we expect a lot of black plastic around the fenders, bumpers and other typical areas for crossovers.

2021 Honda Crosstour Reviews
2021 Honda Crosstour Reviews


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2021 Honda Crosstour Interior

When it comes to interior design, we do not expect any surprises. 2021 Honda Crosstour is about to have the same cabin design as the Accord, at least when it comes to dashboard design. Relying on the same appearance and the same controls. The list of standard jobs should be very similar. On the other hand, the trolley body will definitely provide much more space in the cargo space. Many reports also indicate a slightly higher leadership position in the new intersection.

2021 Honda Crosstour Hatchback Mpg
2021 Honda Crosstour Hatchback Mpg

2021 Honda Crosstour Engines

When it comes to power generation, the 2021 Honda Crosstour is likely to come in three variants. Just like the Accord, basic models will likely have a smaller quad-turbocharged 1.5-liter engine, which is good for about 192 hp. The high bezels come with a larger 2.0-liter turbo engine providing 252 hp. Although the prime mover is equipped with a CVT, it is linked to a new 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Electromagnet power generator the third option. We expect a familiar Accord hybrid system based on a four-cylinder natural-pressure engine providing around 212 hp. In the famous sedan, this powertrain represents very impressive ratings per mpg, all up to 50 mpg. Of course, they will be a little less in the new 2021 Honda Crosstour, but they’re still pretty cool.

2021 Honda Crosstour release date and price

This should be a very important return for the company, so the launch date must be set earlier than usual. The new model is likely to enter the market sometime in the third quarter of the following year. When it comes to price, the latest reports indicate that the basic models will go to around $ 30,000. The two main competitors are the upcoming Subaru Outback and Toyota Venza.

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