2021 Toyota Highlander 2020 2019 Recall 2015
2021 Toyota Highlander 2020 2019 Recall 2015

2021 Toyota Highlander, 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, 2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum Review – Design, Engine, Release date and Price

The next generation 2021 Toyota Highlander will be redesigned, and according to the latest news, the road will start next year. The new Highlander is a popular family SUV that’s still a three-row model. It comes with a spacious and spacious cabin for eight passengers.

Under the hood, the new Highlander continues to offer a number of powertrain options, and a hybrid system is one of them. Latest spy photos show, and according to it, the upcoming Highlander will borrow some clues from the smaller RAV4 crossover.

2021 Toyota Highlander exterior design and colors

As we wrote, 2021 Toyota Highlander was detected in tests and camouflaged greatly. However, some external changes appear. There will be slight redesign according to the pictures. However, some minor changes will make this model visually appealing. The front of this SUV carries an all-new grille and LED headlights dominating the front. Highlander sits on TNGA architecture.

The back is highly camouflaged and there is no visible place to describe what has changed. According to speculation, Highlander gets a stronger rear design with new taillights. In terms of dimensions, the new model will be slightly larger than the previous model, with a length of 2.36 inches and a total length of 194.9 inches.

Colors available with this model include Midnight Black, Celestial Silver, Alumina Jade, Blizzard Pearl, Predawn Gray Mica, Ooh La La Rouge Mica, Salsa Red, Toasted Walnut and also Shoreline Blue Pearl.


2021 Toyota Highlander 2020 2019 Recall 2015
2021 Toyota Highlander 2020 2019 Recall 2015

2021 Toyota Highlander Interior Changes

At this time, no interior photos are available. However, according to officials, this model is rebuilt from the ground up. The manufacturer will use more high-quality materials and more standard features will be added. As before, the upcoming Highlander will be presented with five L, LE, XLE, Limited and Platinum models.

Highlander SUV comes with three rows of seats and can accommodate up to 8 passengers on covers like L and LE. This SUV has excellent freight space. It provides a cargo space of 16.1 cubic feet behind the rear row, which seats 40.6 when the split seat 60/40 is low and 73.3 cubic feet with the flat rear rows folded.

2021 Toyota Highlander engine lineup

The upcoming 2021 Toyota Highlander will be powered by the same 2.7-liter engine. This four-cylinder engine produces 185 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque under the current model. It is also available with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The next engine is stronger. Highlander will deploy a 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of 295 hp and 263 lb. torque, and this engine is available with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Front-wheel drive is standard on both models, while all-wheel drive is optional. Traction capacity is 5000 lbs when the vehicle is equipped with an optional towing package.

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

A hybrid transmission is also provided. According to officials, this model will hit merchants next year. Under the hood, this engine consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol unit with a pair of motors / generators. The total power of the hybrid model is about 240 hp.

The hybrid variant, like the engines mentioned above, will also come standard with the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive system as an option.

2021 Toyota Highlander Price and Release date

2021 Toyota Highlander has been slightly redrawn. The new model offers many configurations. However, the price will be the same, and the base model starts at around $ 33,500. Highlander Hybrid raises the price to $ 40,000.

The most equipped Limited Platinum trim starts at $ 47,000. All wheels configuration is optional on all models and costs $ 1800. Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer and Nissan Pathfinder are the strongest rivals for Highlander. The new Highlander will debut in 2020.

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The actual third age model of the Toyota Highlander photo market is being sold through many numerous annual offers, reflecting the deliberate and specific engineering that Toyota used in the completely redesigned mid-size and mid-size SUVs in relation to your 2021 model rather than not surprisingly.

However, any framework regarding new competition from Ford, Kia, Hyundai, Subaru and the like means that Toyota has gained experience to bring its video game particularly up in this particular area of ​​market space. With a mixture of a completely new platform, many regular and non-mandatory devices and a higher awareness of the overall development, the fourth generation of Highlander takes control of it.


2021 Toyota Highlander Photos Reviews Changes Specifications
2021 Toyota Highlander Photos Reviews Changes Specifications

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Feature

The already reconstructed 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, with its hybrid variant, will be an excellent SUV. Featuring high-quality interiors, it accommodates up to seven friendly, user-friendly features and a high-quality safe trip. The two also praise the expected reliability.

The Highlander Hybrid upgrade helps filter the actual internal processing space between them, along with Lexus RX Hybrid’s cousin, although Lexus continues to choose if you want a very luxurious practical experience. It looks richer on the inside, and the Hybrid V6 also provides stronger driving power than Toyota.

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Exterior and interior

In the right direction for Toyota, the new Highlander has a cleaner, more elegant look and is slightly larger compared to the model that changes, but has been known without effort since 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. In general, the SUV continues to grow slightly in size and wheelbase, which will be converted to its improved interior.

The 2021 Highlander top list has a much more eye-catching design and seems to have expanded again, especially due to the actual housings of the new new headlights. The back also contains sports cosmetics. If we look from the part, take a look at the distinctive character line that starts around the center of the entrance edges and passes through the rear door sign and moves over the rim of the rear tires.

Since then, the all-new 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid has become the SUV. And even if they were there before, they could accommodate 8 passengers as soon as they contain a second row table, or several times as soon as they are prepared with a group of captain seats in the center.

Highlander L and LE caps are only accessible from 8-passenger models. Usually, the XLE and Limited models also provide a 7-seat passenger seat and offer you a 8-passenger setup as a free option. Platinum quality is offered only in the form of 7 passengers.

The space in the next row is great for adults. The third row has a slightly larger surface area than the social model, but it’s still less than the Honda Pilot. It stays great for kids. The specified charging location for the Toyota Highlander is excellent, with 16 cubic feet applicable. Right behind the back seat – enough for many houseware boxes. This swells up to over 48 cubic feet with a third-row flattening. Fold in the middle and start around 84 cubic feet.

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid specifications

The real 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid contains a number of tubular and two electric motors, which often generate 243 mixed horsepower. A new consistent automatic transmission, not to mention high tire generation, is a regular matter. AWD is offered. This hybrid program works effectively in everyday driving. Speed ​​is usually also fast, too, thanks to the additional effect of electric motors.

The actual transmission works smoothly. There is not much movement at road speeds, but we think it is sufficient for many driving conditions. Highlander Hybrid receives up to 36 mpg in the area as well as 35 mpg on the highway when built with a new Toyota-based tire. By recording the movement of all domains, these scores are reduced by about one position. These are excellent power-saving grades for an SUV with just a few rows.

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid price and release date

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, set at a starting price of $ 38,200. This is actually larger than usual for the hybrid along with the SUV segment, as it has been effective since the SUV class. The cost will increase to $ 50,200 related to the fully equipped Platinum model.

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum

This 2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum generation is likely to be redesigned, and in relation to the latest media, it could make the roads successful after that year. The new Highlander becomes a well-known family SUV and remains a model of about three rows. It contains a huge and spacious cabin important for seven travelers.

Below the hood, the actual fresh Highlander continues to offer a few gearbox options, along with one hybrid program. It appears that these latest spy shots, and, accordingly, approaching Highlander will take some cues from the compact RAV4 crossover.


2021 Toyota Highlander Exterior Colors Mpg Edmunds
2021 Toyota Highlander Exterior Colors Mpg Edmunds

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum Feature

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum that was refurbished has been completed in 2021 since it became one of the leaders in the mid-size car profit competition, behind the custom Jeep Grand Cherokee. Toyota dealers offered almost the same amount as Highlander models in 2021, similar to 2021.

With this strong revenue, discovering a big discount for the all-new Highlander is sure to be tough. For a lower price point, look at the Hyundai Santa Fe specific, which usually starts at around $ 5,900 listed below the actual Highlander.

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum Exterior and interior

As we currently published, this 2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum scan will be found and is seriously hidden. However, some external changes are noticeable. You will see a slight redesign of it for each image. However, some slight changes may make this model creatively desirable. The actual front end of this SUV uses an entirely new grille and directional front lights with controls above the specified front end. The actual 2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum will come in TNGA design.

The back gauge is dangerously hidden, and there is generally no clear area to determine what to convert. Regarding speculation, Highlander can get a more robust design with different taillights. In terms of dimensions, the specific innovative model is likely to be slightly larger than the previous model, with a 2.36-inch taller account overall at 194.9 inches overall.

The colors presented with this special model are usually night black, cyan, and alumina jade.

Currently, there are usually no images that can be accessed from the inside. However, depending on the cast, this model is likely to be rebuilt by floor. The company uses more quality supplies, and many regular features may be included. As before, the approaching Highlander is likely to be presented with various motifs.

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum has about three sets of seats, in addition to the LE, it can also provide 8 passengers with covers like L. In addition, this type of SUV comes with exceptional load space. It includes 16.1 cubic feet of row-reboot cargo space, which increases to 40.6 while the 60/40 split bench is reduced along with 73.3 cubic feet using the smoothly folded two rear strings.

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum specifications

The Toyota Highlander, which is approaching 2021, is still approaching the same 2.7-liter engine. This multi-tube engine delivers 185 hp and 184 lbs of torque under the current model. It also features a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The emerging engine is usually more powerful. Highlander will definitely use the 3.5-liter V6 engine with 295 hp and 263 lbs. This engine features an eight-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel drive configuration is standard for both models, although AWD is not mandatory. Traction capacity is 5000 kg when the car is already designed with the optional towing package available.

2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum price and release date

This 2021 Toyota Highlander Platinum will likely be slightly redesigned. The other model offers you very few layouts. However, the price is likely to be identical and the specified lower model will start at around $ 33,500. Hybrid will raise the price to $ 40,000.

Limited Platinum, which is the most equipped, starts at $ 47,000. AWD installation is not required on all models and also costs $ 1,800.

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