2022 Chevy Express Van Awning Rent Lease
2022 Chevy Express Van Awning Rent Lease

2022 Chevy Express Van Full Review

Lots of hope from car enthusiasts for the presence of the 2022 Chevy Express Van, its features and updates. With this new truck, Chevrolet can stay in the big truck category from the onslaught of its competitors. What features will be introduced in the future?

2022 Chevy Express Van Work Conversion Seat
2022 Chevy Express Van Work Conversion Seat

Although this full-size truck has been around for about twenty years, it still sells well. General Motors managed to keep this old car as the second best-selling product after Ford. People are starting to speculate when this company will replace Express and Sabana? Apparently, there was also relief that the two of them were willing to consider using electricity. GM is clearly thinking about working on an electric truck.

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2022 Chevy Express Van News

Complete without support for advanced technology and safety features, as well as an infotainment system. The motorized force circuit is also presented mechanically with the future theme, but with a different exterior style than usual. GM itself plans to continue production of the GMC Savanna and Chevrolet Express in their current form until 2023. In fact, it will also produce them in 2025 if necessary.

2022 Chevy Express Van The Seats Height
2022 Chevy Express Van The Seats Height

As we already know, Chevrolet produces two of the oldest pickup trucks in the automotive world, the Express and the Savanna. The current model was introduced on the GMT600 platform in 1995, and updated to the GMT610 platform in 2003. We still need a lot of information to predict whether an update will be produced in 2023 or whether the model will be preserved as it is now. But when it comes to the engine, it definitely deserves attention.

Adding an engine from the LGH Duramax 6.6 L to a much newer diesel engine, the Duramax 2.8 L LWN, would be a goldmine for General Motors. When we talk about sales figures for the two truck brands, the Savannah and Express, we can of course say that Chevrolet has performed exceptionally every year.

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2022 Chevy Express Van Passenger Bus

With the adoption of the new GMT1 platform, 2022 Chevy Express Van sought greater comfort with GM’s new architectural efforts. In total, the weight of the truck was reduced to about 136 kg.

2022 Chevy Express Van Awning Rent Lease
2022 Chevy Express Van Awning Rent Lease

Other than that, the only kudos is that the infotainment feature is also somewhat futuristic and safer driving with GM Active Safety technology and a new powertrain. Petrol engine options are expected to consist of a four-cylinder I-4 (parallel turbocharged) and a V-6 (naturally aspirated six-cylinder). The diesel engine is a 2.8 liter I-4 (four-cylinder in-line engine). Also the transmission used is the new GM automatic transmission with 8 or 10 gears.

2022 Chevy Express Van Release date and Price

In fact, there is no specific news about the official launch date of this new truck, but what is clear is 2021. The target market remains the same as that of current Chevrolet cars, starting with the Middle East, North America, Central America and Mexico.

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The price that will be released is still close to estimates, but it seems that we can hope that the price will not differ much from the first generation, namely:

$30,000 Express Cutaway
$31,000 for express shipping
Express passenger $35,000
What comes to mind after reading this overview? You’re still eagerly waiting for the 2022 Chevy Express Van, aren’t you?

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