2022 Fisker Ocean 50i M Sport
2022 Fisker Ocean 50i M Sport

2022 Fisker Ocean, EV the Eco Friendly Future Car

If Fisker Automotive makes any promises, we need to take it with restraint. The automaker had an amazing production model, the Karma sedan. But everything else was ambitious projects that never happened. The Ocean electric SUV appears to operate the same way. On the other hand, we are seeing more and more electric cars. It may tempt large companies to invest in 2022 Fisker Ocean. However, with the notoriety for promising concepts without production, fans are not attracted to this news.

2022 Fisker Ocean Spy Photos Pictures
2022 Fisker Ocean Spy Photos Pictures

There are a few things specific. First, the project is there, and it’s not bad. Worst of all, Fisker management was unable to find investors and raise funds for further development and production. As everything gets greener, the 2022 Fisker Ocean could really happen. Awareness is growing, more electric cars are added every year and Fisker has to change its old projects.

2022 Fisker Ocean specification

2022 Fisker Ocean is not very attractive to investors due to lack of information. The company has announced some details about its SUV. It works with an electric battery. According to rumors, the smallest package has 80 kWh. There are several options: increasing the range, improving acceleration, and providing more power. They can all travel between 250 and 300 miles on a single charge. Charging times were not disclosed. Experts are also concerned about network drives. Major car manufacturers are already developing their own systems and making them compatible with other chargers.

The most powerful version of the Ocean electric SUV accelerates to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds. On the other side of the squad is efficiency. Without high acceleration numbers, the battery conserves power for 300 miles. Compared to most other competitors, this is not bad. But the industry is developing and Fisker is at the same level as in 2018. Meanwhile, their numbers are not entirely staggering.

2022 Fisker Ocean Reviews Series
2022 Fisker Ocean Reviews Series

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2022 Fisker Ocean Pros and Cons

Most exciting is the 2022 Fisker Ocean price. The company said that the SUV in its basic form will cost only $ 37,000. Well, now we have Tesla Model Y starting in the same level and a Ford Mach E in the same league. But a few years ago, that was amazing, since Tesla launched the Model X and it cost more than $ 70,000. As the Ocean prototype progresses, we will see updates not only cosmetic but also pricing.

2022 Fisker Ocean 50i M Sport
2022 Fisker Ocean 50i M Sport

Once again, Fisker history makes us suspicious. So if you ask the experts, they’ll say Ocean’s chances of reaching production are as low as ever. It’s been a year since the SUV first appeared. However, we can understand why everything is suspended. Not only are new ventures and startup concepts affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, but also existing and popular paradigms.

2022 Fisker Ocean Interiors, Functions

At the premiere we saw a modest interior with an futuristic design. This is one of the things that caught the attention of the fans. Simple controls and transparent design make the driver’s life a lot easier. Additionally, the company is running on standalone drive. This is an advanced option, so it may not make its debut with the first release. There is a large touch screen in the center of the dashboard. The kits are fully digital and the prototype contains the HUD. Luxurious materials and these sophisticated accessories will be available in higher levels of trim if a company were to transform the 2022 Fisker Ocean into a budget-friendly SUV.

2022 Fisker Ocean Facelift Crossover
2022 Fisker Ocean Facelift Crossover

Designers will also have the task of optimizing the interior space. The only production car, the Karma sedan, did not have a seat in the back. Download space is not a problem. In addition to storage space behind the seats, the SUV comes with a “trunk”. The battery is placed under the seats rather than under the hood, which leaves the front section free to store items. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa and wireless charging are all available. Again, the width will depend on the trim level.

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2022 Fisker Ocean release date

The main question appears to be whether an SUV will ever happen. But a year ago, the 2022 Fisker Ocean looked beautiful and ready for production. Not the first time by the same car manufacturer. Now it’s harder to make predictions. Shortly after the premiere, the coronavirus pandemic began and most projects were delayed. But in the future, the ocean might be one of the best models on the market. The SUV has a powerful appearance and attracts more attention at an attractive price. If the MSRP starts at $ 37,000, minus $ 7,500 tax refunds, there are a lot of buyers willing to buy the new EV. However, a lot of work is needed before The Ocean can go into production.

2022 Fisker Ocean EV

The 2022 Fisker Ocean EV Crossover was unveiled earlier this month at CES 2020, giving the world a first look at the Tesla Model Y competitor before it goes on sale sometime next year. The Fisker Ocean, which will likely be a model for 2022, is said to have a range of 300 miles thanks to a battery with a capacity of over 80 kWh.

2022 Fisker Ocean EV Exterior and Interior

According to the company, the 2022 Fisker circumference will be 182.7 inches long, 76 inches wide and 63.6 inches high. Following Harley Earl’s iconic philosophy, the Ocean is longer, thinner and wider than other luxury compact and semi-compact crossovers, giving it unique proportions. This impressive width, wider through the shoulders of SUVs like the BMW X3 and Volvo XC60, should give the Fisker reasonable space for back-seat passengers, even when all three are side by side.

2022 Fisker Ocean For Sale Images
2022 Fisker Ocean For Sale Images

There is 20 cubic feet of space behind the back seat with the parcel shelf in place, which seems a little too small to us. With the shelf removed, trunk space increases to 25 cubic feet, and with the rear seats folded down, there is 45 cubic feet of luggage space. This latter figure is significantly lower than what Tesla claims for the Model Y EV (66 cu ft), as well as traditional competitors such as the BMW X1 (58.7).

2022 Fisker Ocean EV Feature

One of the nicer features is “California Mode,” which comes standard on every 2022 Fisker Ocean EV trim level except for the base model. At the touch of a button, California Mode creates outdoor driving for the surroundings, with the side windows, rear side windows and rear hatch windows sliding into sheet metal and the two moon roof panels opening. The outdoor experience doesn’t come at the expense of safety or body stiffness, Fisker roof panels and beams stay in place.

2022 Fisker Ocean EV Design

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO of Fisker, Inc. , By his work as a designer for some of the most beautiful cars in the world. His collection includes the stunning BMW Z8, first-generation Aston Martin V8 Vantage and even some preliminary design work on the Tesla Model S.

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2022 Fisker Ocean M Competition Interior
2022 Fisker Ocean M Competition Interior

As such, you’d expect anything his pen touches to be impressive. Whether or not you like the 2022 Fisker Ocean is purely personal, but there’s no denying that, especially thanks to the engineering mega-front hatch and the standard 20-inch wheels (22 seconds optional).

2022 Fisker Ocean EV Including batteries

The 2022 Fisker Ocean EV will have a battery of over 80 kWh and the company says it will have a Type 2 CCS plug that will be available at domestic Electrify America charging stations, among others. It can charge up to 80 percent of capacity in about 30 minutes, adding 200 miles of range. Specifically, Fisker says Electrify America’s 150 kW chargers can be charged up to 20 miles per minute.

To help reduce the ocean’s impact on the cargo grid, there’s a full-length sunroof, which the company says can drive 1,000 miles for free each year. This assumes that the ocean is always parked outside in free direct sunlight – we’ll bet that the true benefit of solar energy will be less than 200 miles per year.

2022 Fisker Ocean EV Speed ​​racer

Four-wheel drive is standard on all models except for the base Fisker Ocean, and four-wheel drive models will have at least 300 hp. The Fisker is also a high-performance option with a 0-60 mph time of under 3 seconds, although the overall power of this model remains in doubt.

Fisker Ocean keeps the ocean clean

In addition to the completely vegan interior (no leather or suede here), the 2022 Fisker Ocean EV also has a lot of recycled materials in the build. For example, the nylon rug comes from abandoned fishing nets and helps rid the ocean and other aquaculture of unnecessary debris and jets.

2022 Fisker Ocean M Review Price
2022 Fisker Ocean M Review Price

Other eco-friendly upholstery includes soft-touch polyurethane seat covers, upholstery that resembles Dinamica suede made from recycled polyester (which reduces emissions by 80 percent compared to traditional polyester production) and recycled rubber waste. Suitable for a California company, the Fisker Ocean 2022 wears the ecologist on his sleeve.

2022 Fisker Ocean EV Price

The base Ocean model starts at $ 37,499, which is reasonable even before the federal government’s $ 7,500 tax credit. However, Fisker Ocean will offer 2022 in a variety of membership tiers, including a traditional lease of $ 379 per month for $ 2,999 less. Landlords can also choose their own rental terms, which range from a month to several years.

In comparison, the Tesla Model Y starts at $ 48,000, with a 300-mile range and rear-wheel drive. The Model Y is also available in a performance model with alleged acceleration numbers behind Fisker’s mighty surround.