2022 Ford F350 Diesel Dually King Ranch Platinum
2022 Ford F350 Diesel Dually King Ranch Platinum

2022 Ford F350 Super Duty Full Review

Although the Ford F350 hasn’t undergone a complete redesign or perhaps a facelift for this new year, it has got a lot of really important upgrades to remain somewhat competitive against the competition, like the Ram 3500 and Silverado 3500HD. Amidst this variant, the newly available 430hp V8 fuel engine as well as the updated V8 diesel engine, which currently boasts 475 hp plus 1,050 lb-ft of torque, will be the most popular. With these upgrades, the 2022 Ford F350 is still best-in-class for tow volume, maximum available at 21,200 pounds of towing standard and 35,750 pounds of gooseneck as well. Not surprisingly, all of these powerful engines would not be impressive fuel economy. However, actual capture is still very popular due to its powerful functions, as well as an extensive list of features offered for higher concentrations, provided buyers can afford the high price associated with the human species.

2022 Ford F350 Diesel Dually King Ranch Platinum
2022 Ford F350 Diesel Dually King Ranch Platinum

2022 Ford F350 redesign
Exterior design

There’s absolutely no doubt that the 2022 Ford F350 is about something, even though it’s a big truck. Looking at the large grille to the chunky bumpers, all things pickup shaft. Standard automatic quad-halogen headlights can also be large, as they frame this grille, while the fog lights remain inside the miniature grille around the upper moldings. The rear of your truck will be roughly the same strength along with the dual rear tire products with large wheel arches to enhance additional stability and payload capability.

In fact, despite all the blue collar design, this cab is quite stylish, especially for the Super and CrewCab designs. Actual truck dimensions may vary depending on how it is actually configured. The RegularCab has a wheelbase of 141.6 inches in its most straightforward design. It expanded at just 231.8 inches. the body. However, the highest CrewCab setting sees those stats improved to 176 inches and also 266.2 inches, accordingly.

2022 Ford F350 interior design

Above all, the 2022 Ford F350 could be the backbone. As a result, this entry-level design has the simplest features. This all includes air conditioning, cruise management, vinyl fabric furniture, two-way car seats, a few potential 12-volt stores, and a standard air conditioner as well. This first set of improvements includes the XLT, which gains towel covers, remote keyless access, a 4.2-inch musical instrument cluster, as well as merchandise sealing clips.

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2022 Ford F350 Drw Trucks Colors Review Tremor
2022 Ford F350 Drw Trucks Colors Review Tremor

Genuine leather covers, in a variety of high-quality brands, usually come from Lariat up, as do the upper seats that can be electrically adjustable in 10 directions, programmed conditions for two zones, as well as the 110V power store. Eco-friendly, thermal control, energy-saving and telescopic guidelines can be typical of the top covers. However, the high-end Platinum gets multi-cycle seats, warm-back seats, keyless access and even ignition, along with a dual-panel sunroof.

2022 Ford F350 engine

The 2022 Ford F350 Super Duty offers engines in the hood. The conventional powertrain is actually a 6.2-liter propane V8 engine with two controls that gets 385 hp and 430 lbs as well. However, the traditional driver will arrive this year paired with a smart 20-speed gearbox. When it could be the worst engine in the lineup, the V8 has more than enough electrical power for a big pickup. Speed ​​is adequate, even if it’s not exceptional. Once again, the 2022 Ford F350 will get used to the beautifully equipped 6.7-liter V8. However, the results are actually more significant: 475 hp plus 1,050 lb-ft to stay ahead of the competition. It will be mated to the same 10-speed automatic transmission as the gasoline engine.

This kind of propulsion system is the reason these Super Duty are really division managers, saving a lot of electric power thanks to the nearly 1,000 lb-ft of torque. Coupled with increased production, this diesel engine will pull around 21,200 pounds in the typical type, or higher to 35,750 pounds in a gooseneck design. A brand new engine will also be available next year. This 7.3-liter V8 gas engine mounts the same pre-programmed 10-speed gearbox to create 430 hp and 475 lb-ft. Although it does not provide the same amount of traction power as a diesel engine, a modern gasoline engine is still more powerful compared to a typical 1 diesel engine. In addition, it offers higher speed, which makes this pickup less idle and slower. Around.

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2022 Ford F350 Dually Limited Options Platinum
2022 Ford F350 Dually Limited Options Platinum

2022 Ford F350 price and release date

Having your own glove on a premium 2022 Ford F350 is not very expensive, with the XL entry fee charged for only $ 35,220, although the price could go up dramatically. This XLT is still fairly cheap at $ 40,010. However, Lariat is contributing a whopping $ 8,110 for that. King Ranch will cost you $ 60,520, while Platinum penultimate will set you back $ 65,520. None of these come close to the top-rated finale, although this does have $ 84,775.

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