2022 Honda Accord Coupe Sport Hybrid Photos Cost
2022 Honda Accord Coupe Sport Hybrid Photos Cost

2022 Honda Accord, Hybrid, Sport Full Review New

The new midsize sedan 2022 Honda Accord is coming. If you didn’t know, the Honda Accord is one of the models with Honda‘s longest history. It scores very high in the luxury car category and competes with world famous brands such as Volkswagen Passat, Audi A4 and others.

In addition to the compact and elegant design, this sedan also delivers impressive performance. Under the hood, Honda Accord offers two engine options. The first option is a 1.5-liter turbocharger, while a more powerful 2.0-liter turbocharger is available as an option. We’re not sure if Honda will introduce some new engines, but we’ve heard the upcoming Accord could be a transmission model.

2022 Honda Accord first look

The manufacturer’s tricks make the 2022 Honda Accord more competitive. This model was recently spied in heavy camouflage costume. However, we have seen many improvements through the skin. The first spy photos show that the Honda Accord looks more like the Civic and Insight’s younger siblings every year.

2022 Honda Accord Touring Redesign Type R Redesign Pics
2022 Honda Accord Touring Redesign Type R Redesign Pics

The design looks more sporty, but still maintains some of the traditional lines. Accord Sport is also available with more chrome and a rear spoiler. We also like the new active grille shutters that provide better aerodynamics.

2022 Honda Accord cab provides an extra luxury indoors

As before, the cabin of the 2022 Honda Accord should remain neat with many tech gadgets. This five-passenger sedan offers a spacious cabin and plenty of legroom in the rear seats. In addition, the same tradition will continue and the new model will feature a 7-inch screen in the base models. However, buyers get an 8-inch HD touchscreen and more features that come to higher finishes.

The Accord is available in five trim levels, including LX, Sport, EX, EX-L and Touring. The entry-level LX comes equipped with a long list of technologies, including automatic two-zone climate control, push-button operation, four-speaker audio system, a multi-angle rearview camera, and more. If your budget permits, the recommended trim is the Accord Sport. This model adds an 8-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, a 12-way power driver seat, a premium audio system with 8 speakers and 60/40 split / foldable rear seats.

2022 Honda Accord engine specifications

We think that 2022 Honda Accord will likely be a transfer model. This means we can see the same engines as before. In case you forget, this model is available with two different engines. The first engine is a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline 4 engine, running on the LX, Sport, EX and EX-L models. Overall, the Accord delivers excellent performance with this device. It delivers 192 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque. This unit uses a standard automatic transmission, with a six-speed manual in the Sports Edition.

2022 Honda Accord Spy Shots Hybrid Interior Wagon
2022 Honda Accord Spy Shots Hybrid Interior Wagon

The second engine is optional on Sport and EX-L and standard on Touring. It consists of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 252 horsepower. Unlike the first-drive system, the more powerful engine uses a 10-speed automatic transmission and a 6-speed manual in the Sport model. However, there are also rumors of a hybrid model and we expect more news on it soon.

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2022 Honda Accord Release date and price

The iconic Honda Accord has finally got some important updates. Honda has stated that the next-generation model will be launched sometime next year, most likely in the summer. However, the price remains a mystery, but we believe that it cannot be significantly different from the current one.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord 2022 is Honda‘s sedan that has long been in the ranks of the world’s best sedans. The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid was originally introduced in 2018. The all-new 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid is equipped with an impressive hybrid engine with zero adverse effects and is extremely environmentally friendly.

Although there would be no difference in principle between a Honda Accord 2022 equipped with a hybrid engine and a Honda Accord 2022 gas engine. Likewise, the size of the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment cannot be distinguished.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid could produce 212 hp and 232 lb-ft of torque. The Honda Accrod Hybrid 2022 offers a luxurious interior decked out with several advanced features such as standard adaptive cruise control, climate control and the most important level of safety in its class.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid Type.r Coupe Se Awd
2022 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid Type.r Coupe Se Awd

The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid is estimated at $ 25,500 for the MSRP, which will also compete with the 2022 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Both cars have different advantages in terms of the engine, interior, or advanced cabin features.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid exterior

On the outside, Honda Accord promises to redesign the 2022 hybrid version by adopting a look more European-centered. While Honda appears to still retain the exterior styling of the Honda Accord Hybrid, the look and feel still looks modern and modern and can compete with the look of modern car designs.

The Honda Accord 2022 is decked out with exterior features including automatic LED headlights, active shutter and LED fog lights, and there is a one-touch sunroof in the highly-equipped 2022 Accord. The 2022 Honda Accord also has 17-inch alloy wheels rims on all trim levels.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid interior

In terms of interior design, the Honda Accord 2022 offers a smart and futuristic interior. The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid offers more luggage space than its main competitor at 16.8 cubic feet, while its competitor Toyota Camry Hybrid 2022 can collect just 15.1 cubic feet of luggage space.

2022 Honda Accord Hatch Redesign Touring Reviews
2022 Honda Accord Hatch Redesign Touring Reviews

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For storing small items, the Honda Accord 2022 model is equipped with a set of front and rear cup holders, a center console storage compartment, gloves and pocket pockets on all four doors and available armrest pockets.

There is a 7 inch screen infotainment system that is very easy to operate and offers features like Bluetooth with HandsFreeLink, USB charging port, and a 160W audio system with four speakers.

In the new Honda Accord 2022 High Edition, an 8-inch screen with navigation, eight speakers, Apple Car Play, Android Auto integration and SiriusXM via satellite is provided.

While the Honda Accord Hybrid Model Touring in 2022 added several other advanced browsing features such as Wi-Fi streaming, wireless phone charging and proximity communication.

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Engine

In terms of engine, the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine mounted on a pair of electric motors. When powered by a gas-powered engine, the Honda Accrod 2022 engine can produce a total of 143 hp and up to 129 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm and is equipped with an i-VTEC camera timing system.

In the Hybrid variant, power and power are increased thanks to a pair of electric motors, allowing the Accord Hybrid to provide a total horsepower of 213 hp and produce 232 lb-ft of torque. Power is directed to the front wheels via a continuously variable automatic transmission.

2022 Honda Accord Coupe Sport Hybrid Photos Cost
2022 Honda Accord Coupe Sport Hybrid Photos Cost

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Price

When it comes to pricing, the cheapest all-new 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid can be found in the $ 25,500 price range. This one is slightly more expensive than the gas-powered Honda Accord at $ 1,700. Switch to the higher variants of the 2022 Honda Accord EX Hybrid, which are more luxurious and will value in the $ 30,000 range.

This follows the next alternative price, the Honda Accord EX-L Hybrid, which is valued at approximately $ 32,000 USD. While in the top version of the new 2022 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid, you have to pay $ 36,000. You can get real luxury in the 2022 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid, the highest version.

2022 Honda Accord Sport

2022 Honda Accord Sport is a variant of the Honda Accord sedan that boasts solid design and performance. In the sedan group, Honda has many cars, such as the new Honda Civic and the new 2022 Honda Fit, which is also stable in sales and fans around the world.

Several competitors are also preparing to compete in the ranks of sedans that also have hybrid variants such as the 2022 Toyota Camry and 2022 Nissan Altimas that are dominated by fans of the US market.

2022 Honda Accord Sport redesign

In the 2022 Honda Accord Sport has a very elegant and luxurious exterior and interior design. The Honda Accord 2022 offers a more powerful turbocharged engine with a 6-speed manual transmission, and it has enough practicality and safety features to increase driving safety.

2022 Honda Accord Refresh Spy Shots Hybrid Release Date
2022 Honda Accord Refresh Spy Shots Hybrid Release Date

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2022 Honda Accord Sport exterior

The latest generation Honda Accord 2022 hasn’t gone through any changes in appearance or interior design for several generations. Much like the look of the older generation, the Honda Accord has a front end styled in the same way as the Honda Civic 2022, with a smaller volume, and a slanted rear that ends in a completely unobtrusive style. Its appearance is surrounded by very elegant dual exhaust tips.

Several standard exterior features are also completed on the 2022 Honda Accord, including colored side mirrors and an electrical system. There are also several other features such as a safety system with remote entrances and a luggage opening system. The redesigned headlights of the Honda Accord 2022 are equipped with low-beam LED lights with automatic start and stop functions. Whereas, the 2022 Honda Accord Sport and other higher variants have features such as LED fog lights and also the sunroof function in the Honda Accord EX.

2022 Honda Accord Sport dimensions

If we talk about the dimensions of the Honda Accord 2022, then the shape of this sedan is medium and medium-sized. The restyling of the Honda Accord 2022 and other variants features a wheelbase of 111.5 inches and an overall body length of 192.5 inches, so the overall size of the Honda Accord 2022 is longer than the overall length of its brother, Honda Civic 2022 which is only 182 inches long. .

Honda Accord measures 57 cm in length and 73.5 cm in width. But at the level of the track there is a scale that varies depending on the choice of the machine. Like the Honda Accord with a 1.5-liter engine measuring 62.6 / 63.4 inches front / rear, while the Honda Accord Type R from 2022 has a capacity of 2.0 liters that measures 62.6 / 63.1 inches. The Honda Accord weighs relatively lightly, only between 3,130 and 3,430 lbs, making it one of the mid-range sedans with a light overall weight.

2022 Honda Accord Redesign Sedan Pictures Concept Hatchback
2022 Honda Accord Redesign Sedan Pictures Concept Hatchback

2022 Honda Accord Sport colors

For 2022, Honda will offer the new Honda Accord in nine different colors, although two colors are exclusively reserved for the 2022 Honda Accord Sport. Honda Accord Platinum is available in white, lunar silver, modern steel and also in crystal black.

Meanwhile, the Honda Accord LX, EX, EX-L and Touring variants also get Obsidian Blue, Radiant Red Metallic and Champagne Frost color options.

The Honda Accord Sport high end version will get Still Night Pearl and San Marino Red colors. Most of the color options reflect the overall mature nature of the Honda Accord, except, of course, the combination of purple and bright blue called Still Night, which is unique to the Honda Accord Sport model.

2022 Honda Accord Sport performance

In terms of capabilities, the 2022 Honda Accord Sport and other variants are indisputable. These sedans can compete and outperform some of its major competitors. In the 2022 Accord, we find sporting spirit and leadership ability.

Thanks to that power, the six-speed manual transmission is in the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which is fitted with a turbo system capable of producing 252 horsepower and 273 lb. This ability is also attributed to the engine from its sister 2022 Civic Type-R, which excels in sporty design.

The 2022 Honda Accord’s acceleration capability is also impressive. The Accord can reach 100 km / h in just 5.5 seconds. The performance of Honda Accord variants with a displacement of 1.5 and 2.0 liters is impressive. Thanks to its light weight, the Honda Accord 2022 can easily accelerate on the highway and outperform some of its competitors.

2022 Honda Accord Sport engine

The higher variants of the 2022 Honda Accord Touring and the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid are equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine capable of producing 192 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. This power is energized and linked to a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces more power is available on the Honda Accord Sport and EX-L 2022 models and is standard on the Touring model. The 2.0-liter engine comes from a new high-performance Honda Civic Type R engine that is capable of producing 252 horsepower and producing 273 pounds of maximum torque. The generated power is then directed to the front wheels via a ten-speed automatic transmission.

In 2022 Honda Accord Sport will have the option of a six-speed manual transmission and it will ensure smooth and seamless shifting. Unfortunately, all-wheel drive is not available on the latest 2022 generation Honda Accord.

2022 Honda Accord Sport inside

Compared to some of its major competitors, the 2022 Honda Accord Refresh can provide a more elegant and luxurious interior, even compared to some sedans from other Honda brands, the interior design of the Honda Accord AWD is superior.

There is a very elegant and luxuriously designed instrument panel, but there are no more features and there are only a few buttons around. Overall, the interior design of the Accord 2022 is very elegant and tidy.

Some features also complement the beauty of the 2020 Accord’s best interior. Some of these features include dual-zone automatic climate control, trigger button and cruise control. While the sporty model will be equipped with a leather steering wheel, gear knob and sport pedals in 2022.

The Accord 2022 EX-L and Honda Accord Touring variants are equipped with the standard HomeLink Universal Remote system, and rearview mirrors that can be dimming automatically. And finally, the Honda Accord Touring, which gets the added function of mood lighting at the door.

2022 Honda Accord Sport infotainment

To enhance the interior space, Honda offers several infotainment systems that contribute to the luxury and driving comfort. Some of these infotainment features are a 7-inch touch screen standard Bluetooth streaming with HandsFreeLink, USB port, and a 160-watt audio system with four very comfortable speakers to listen to.

Where the 2022 Honda Accord Sport will be equipped with an 8-inch touch screen larger than the previous version, and there is also a 2.5-Amp USB port, which is equipped with eight speakers. The audio system in the Accord Sport 2022 can produce 180 watts of sound and is integrated with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

2022 Honda Accord Sport price

No official price has been offered yet for the latest generation 2022 Honda Accord. If there are no major changes in the next generation, the price offered will not differ much from the price of the old version. If Honda still offers the same five variants in this latest generation, it can be expected that the 2022 Honda Accord LX will be in the $ 24,000 MSRP price range.

The 2022 Honda Accord Sport model costs $ 27,000 with a choice of a 1.5-liter engine and a six-speed manual transmission. You will need an additional fee if you choose the 2.0-liter engine with either manual or automatic transmissions for an additional cost of $ 4,600.

Several other tall variants, such as the Honda Accord EX, are in the $ 28,000 price range. The Honda Accord EX-L variant costs about $ 30,500. As for the Honda Accord Touring variant, this premium variant is priced around $ 36,500.

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