2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Changes Pictures Reviews Specs
2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Changes Pictures Reviews Specs

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Full review New

The Honda Passport is one of Honda‘s mid-size SUVs, and it’s actually an Isuzu Rodeo. Both the first and second generation Honda Passport AWD models built from 1993 to 1997 and 1998 to 2002 were never built by Honda, so we were surprised to see the board returned for the latest generation model. Now in the next generation, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite is actually being produced by Honda in Lincoln, Alabama, where the company is also building a larger Honda Pilot SUV for 2022.

Honda found itself losing a large chunk between the Honda CR-V and Honda Pilot as a mid-size three-row SUV, so Honda decided to re-design the Honda Passport Elite for a new model. The Honda Passport 2022 is designed as a sportier and slightly smaller version of the Honda Pilot 2022 and is slightly cheaper and includes only a two-row passenger seat configuration. This midsize SUV shares the engine and platform with the new, larger Honda Pilot 2022 and remains unchanged from last year’s model.

What’s new in the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite?

Some refreshments were made for the latest generation 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite as an entirely new model, and the Honda Passport lasted until 2022 without major changes.

2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Changes Pictures Reviews Specs
2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Changes Pictures Reviews Specs

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Specifications:

Engine: 3.5 liter V6 gas
Transmission: 9-speed automatic
Driving: four-wheel drive
Configurations: Elite AWD
Horse Power: 280 hp at 6000 rpm
Torque: 262 lb-ft at 4,700 rpm
Seats: 5 seats
Fuel tank capacity: 19.5 liters
Trunk size: TBC
Control type: rack and pinion

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite exterior

In this latest generation, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite has a more fluid, sporty appearance than its three-row cousin, the new Honda Pilot EXL. The Passport 2022 is a handsome SUV, and the generous use of black petals adds to its adventurous behavior. All Honda Passport AWD variants get LED brake lights, LED fog lights, dual exhausts and 20-inch black or gray wheels.

There is a one-touch electric sunroof and an electric tailgate more available in the high-end Honda Passport. Honda also offers a variety of styling packages available to customize the look of your 2022 Honda Passport AWD.

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2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite after all-wheel drive

In terms of dimensions, the latest generation 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite is shorter than the latest Honda 2022 Pilot, but both cars have the same wheelbase of 111 inches, and the overall length of the new Honda Passport is 190.5 inches, and the width is 78.6 inches. The height is 71.6 inches for the two-wheel drive variant or 72.2 inches if you choose the Honda Passport AWD 2022.

The Honda Passport 2022 has a ground clearance of 8.1 inches, which is impressive for the four-wheel drive passport version, while it is 7.5 inches for the two-wheel drive version. The 2022 passport also has an approach or departure angle of 20.6 / 26.8 ° under the guise of 2WD and 21.4 / 27.6 ° in the AWD configuration.

As a midsize SUV, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite has a gross weight of between 3959 for the standard SUV and 4,237 for the Honda Passport AWD, which is about 82 pounds lighter than the new Honda Pilot. The Honda Passport Elite looks great in this segment, so if you want the feel of a smaller crossover, the Passport Elite isn’t an option.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite exterior color four-wheel drive

As for color choices, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite has a variety of colors to choose from, with a total of eight colors for the new generation Honda Passport AWD and 2WD. There are pearly shades with Platinum White, Deep Scarlet, Black Copper and Black Forest, but this color is not available in the sporty base. Crystal Black and Obsidian Blue are also available, while the metallic options are decorated with Lunar Silver and Modern Steel. If you like lighter shades that emphasize Passport’s wide black body. While the bold color pattern makes it a somewhat aggressive look that distinguishes the Honda Passport 2022 from the Honda Pilot 2022.

2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Colors Review Price Redesign Interior
2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Colors Review Price Redesign Interior

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite performance

In terms of powertrain, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite has only one engine option in the 3.5-liter Honda V6, but it can produce 280 horsepower and 262 pounds of torque that can keep it running. Show more than enough.

The Honda Passport 2022 can reach 100 mph in about six seconds in 2WD or 4WD configurations, and that’s one of the coolest crossovers around us. With a powerful engine, the Passport SUV can haul loads of up to 5,000 pounds in an AWD configuration and 3,500 pounds in a 2WD configuration.

Honda‘s intelligent traction management system is equipped with snow mode, while the 2022 Honda Passport AWD model has a snow / sand / mud mode, which can improve driver control in a variety of challenging conditions.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite engine

The 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite and other variants feature the popular 3.5-liter V6 engine, which can perform tasks over a number of other models from the brand. With the i-VTEC naturally aspirated engine, it produces up to 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

The new Honda Passport AWD has less weight than the new Honda Pilot, which makes its performance even better. The Honda Passport’s nine-speed gearbox has been retuned and the paddle shifters are installed for a more practical and comfortable driving experience. The new transmission’s tone is better and smoother than the previous generation’s transmissions, but it can still get stuck in extra speed when you need a quick burst of acceleration. After shifting the gearbox to the correct gear, the V6 can produce sufficient gear. An advanced shutdown system has been installed on all 2022 Honda Passport Elite and other variants to improve fuel efficiency.

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2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite For Sale Exterior Colors Redesign Review
2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite For Sale Exterior Colors Redesign Review

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Driving

Speaking of general experience, the driving of the new Honda Passport AWD is very satisfying and impressive. Based on a three-row SUV platform, the Honda Passport has created a mid-range package that feels comfortable from behind the wheel. This is definitely very good for drivers who feel more comfortable behind the wheel. In short, drivers who prefer a smarter experience of the 2022 passport, especially when it comes time to corner this Honda passport without an option for a bird’s eye camera system.

On the road, the new Honda Passport model shows a comfortable ride with minimal road noise, so it’s great for long trips. Honda also praised Honda Passport Elite’s off-road capabilities in a variety of terrains, including dirt and rough terrain, and the Honda Passport AWD looked very impressive.

The VTEC V6 engine is equipped with a 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite engine, which provides smooth but fast acceleration and a great engine record. This SUV features a nine-speed transmission that doesn’t drive perfectly, but is still smoother than the latest generation Acura MDX. The Honda Passport made it easy for the transmission to lower at the throttle, although it could still be buried in many gears when a quick burst was required.

Putting the transmission in Sport mode forces the transmission to lock in gear for a longer period, making it easier to maneuver in fast passes.

Honda has done a great job of making sure the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite doesn’t feel the best in working out with some technology. This SUV has also disabled the adaptive cruise control at low speed and the Lane Keep Assist system doesn’t offer as many steering interventions as it does on many other Honda models.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite petrol mile

In terms of performance in this SUV, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite’s mileage is really worth the effort. EPA numbers run up to 20/25/22 mpg city / highway / combined for the Honda Passport variant that is configured with two-wheel drive and 19/21 mpg, which is a bit craving for an AWD model.

The 2022 Honda Passport has a fuel capacity of 19.5 liters without regular lead, and the FWD configuration will handle a combined cruising distance of around 429 miles. Overall, the Passport 2022 has a good Honda crossovers offering with an average of 19 mpg on the Honda Passport AWD configuration.

2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Hybrid Mpg Release Date Black Edition
2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Hybrid Mpg Release Date Black Edition

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Interior

When we talk about the interior of the cabin of the Honda Passport 2022, giving the impression of a very spacious and spacious room, although it is 15 cm shorter than the size of the Honda Pilot 2022, it only means that there is no passport in the third row means that less space has been enlarged For the remaining two lines.

2022 Honda Passport AWD and other configurations only use premium materials that are clearly visible from the dashboard to the seat panels and doors, and the interior of Honda Passport’s cabin feels durable and soft. The Honda Passport 2022 cabin is equipped with standard three-zone climate control, comfortable easy-to-enter seats and ample storage space, and is the place to be, even for long trips. In driving position, the driver is also spoiled with good visibility and widely adjustable seats.

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2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite cargo and trunk

As a midsize SUV, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite can customize third-row seats to allow dedicated space to be spent on bulky cargo. This paid off in the Honda Passport 2022 with a 41.2-cubic-foot-width that can fully accommodate family and holiday goods behind the second row, making the 2022 Honda Passport one of the most capable freighters and passengers in the segment. At least if you only have to carry five.

By folding the rear seats and space, the Honda Passport frees at least 77.9 cubes of space. Not only is there a lot of space available, but additional features add to the Honda Passport Sport’s flexibility. This large SUV is also equipped with convenient under-floor storage for the smallest valuables. There are four anchors in the cargo area, and the luggage compartment can be locked to prevent goods from vibration and becoming erratic.

The new Honda Passport can also make folding the second row of seats really easy by providing two automatic buttons in the trunk that can lower the seat with a spring mechanism, meaning you don’t have to worry about folding it up with a complicated lever.

There is a small luggage room in the cabin which is also very nice. Including a lockable glove compartment, up to 11 cup holders, rear seat pockets in the front seat, and an extra-large multifunctional storage compartment in the center console ensures you and your family won’t complain about the lack of storage space in a 2022 Honda Passport.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Features

On the side the features that Honda Passport AWD with a fairly high variant with a rather high price. 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite and all models will have three-zone automatic control, button start function, rear view camera, cruise control and various Honda Sensing driver assistance systems, from collision mitigation braking to adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning.

Some functions come in handy, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD is equipped with features such as white mood LED lighting, electrically adjustable front seats with heating systems, connectivity there, Wi-Fi hotspots, ventilated front seats and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Only the top edge of the Honda Passport has a heated outdoor rear seat.

2020 Honda Passport
2020 Honda Passport

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Feature

In the infotainment system section, the new 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite is equipped with an easy-to-use Honda touchscreen, positioned on an 8-inch touch screen, with the exception of the basic version of the Honda Passport Sport, which is only equipped with five inches. An inch touch screen does not have many advanced functions, however, the base version of Honda Passport is equipped with at least seven speakers including a subwoofer.

The touchscreen on this SUV has touch sensitivity on an 8-inch system that is being upgraded very quickly, although some of the menu buttons are very small. There is Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM and HD Radio which is also available on all variants of the 2022 Honda Passport AWD except for the sport model variants and the Touring Edge adds a 10-speaker audio system.

In this SUV, built-in navigation has been added to the Touring feature, but with CarPlay and Android Auto, you don’t need to use it. There is also a wireless phone charging pad only available on the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Safety

The previous generation Honda Passport was awarded the IIHS’s Best Safety Choice. The Passport achieves a good arrangement distribution, with the exception of the headlights and the small passenger-side front interference tester, where it’s a very good value. The NHTSA also places great value on the previous generation Honda Passport, giving it a full five stars for overall safety. As for the latest generation of 2022 Honda Passport AWD, the two sides did not test and provide an official evaluation of the new Honda passport.

How good is the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite?

The 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite is a mid-size SUV which makes it one of the most competitive cars on the market, but Honda has smartly entered the market with the new Honda Passport. This vehicle provides the widest and largest cargo area for any vehicle in the two-row section of this segment, and the size of the largest passenger class approaches. Bringing in a V6 Honda Passport offers more character than most bikes in the midsize SUV class, and the drive from the nine-speed automatic transmission appears to have been improved.

On the subsequent 2022 Honda Passport release date, we hope the Passport Security technology is a bit more advanced and that some complaints are being heard from enough buyers for the next generation improvement. Buyers who do not like to drive a large Honda Passport sport utility vehicle will not feel comfortable with a Passport, but if you prefer high-quality materials and metals around you, the Honda Passport is the Korean choice for a cheaper option than the Americans and cars.

The 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite feels like a wide choice in a very competitive space, and we recommend it without a hitch.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Price

When it comes to pricing and selection of the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite, the more expensive model is the Honda Passport Sport with a suggested retail price of $ 32,000, excluding taxes, licenses, registration, and brand destination fees of $ 1,100. There are also two mid-range equipment options – the EX-L will cost around $ 36,500 and the 2022 Honda Passport Touring will cost $ 40,000. For the Honda Passport Elite high-end model, you have to pay more than $ 44,000.

As for the 2022 pickup, Honda Passport has the first three trims in a 2WD configuration as standard, but each AWD configuration costs $ 2,000. Whereas, the 2022 Honda Passport Elite premium version is only available with AWD.

2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Release Date Interior Photos Price Hybrid
2022 Honda Passport Awd Elite Release Date Interior Photos Price Hybrid

Which is better?

Honda Passport 2022 offers different variants like most Honda models, there is a mid-range version. Honda Passport EX-L 2022 recommended. With this trim level, it pays less than $ 40,000 for 2WD and AWD, while offering the more powerful option.

There are some features in this car such as leather, adjustable front seats with electric heating, electric sunroof, electric tailgate functions, blind spot monitoring, rear glasses, as well as an 8-inch touch screen infotainment system that has been upgraded from generation to generation. . the previous.

Unfortunately, you will lose some comfort, such as ventilated seats, heated rear seat functions, and parking sensors, but you will save about $ 5,000 compared to the highest version of the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite.

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