2022 Mercedes Glc 300 4matic
2022 Mercedes Glc 300 4matic

2022 Mercedes GLC Full Reviews

The GLC SUV is being retested. This time there will be electric motors under the hood. Mercedes is planning the next generation of luxury crossovers for 2022. The compact SUV will once again use C-Class technology. Mercedes’s flagship model enters the second generation. The GLC only managed to overthrow the VW Tiguan from Germany’s best-selling SUV. The second generation, which should come out as the 2022 Mercedes GLC, will make an even bigger hole.

Fans are expecting big changes. However, the first reports are disappointing. The presidents were clear that drastic changes would not be made. The 2022 Mercedes GLC will build on the previous generation, with new solutions in some regions. Well, the look will definitely be updated to attract more buyers. Inside, the GLC can use the same recipe as the S-Class, with the large display installed on the center console. The latest MBUX infotainment system is truly amazing. Everything runs on the touchscreen, so there will be fewer buttons and buttons on the dashboard.

2022 Mercedes Glc Redesign Release Date
2022 Mercedes Glc Redesign Release Date

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Two very exciting editions will be the 2022 Mercedes GLC Coupe and the AMG 63. The former gives a more aggressive appearance, while the second increases power. You can not leave a small SUV with 500 hp. On the other hand, the price is out of reach for many buyers, who will likely be looking for a larger car with unremarkable traditional features.

2022 Mercedes GLC News

Mercedes chiefs claim that there will be no engine in the future without electronic support. In the second generation, nothing works under the hood without electric assistance. The 2022 Mercedes GLC will also use the engines we see in the C-Class. The first catch is a light hybrid with a 48-volt battery, even for the base engine. There will also be an AMG version again, but the high-production model will have to lose some cylinders. In the first generation, it used a V8 SUV! With even a further hybrid of the C 63 being discussed, the GLC will likely take over that powertrain as well. However, for now, speculation remains pure as to whether Mercedes will connect a six-cylinder engine in the line with an electric motor or even use a four-cylinder.

2022 Mercedes Glc Price Suv
2022 Mercedes Glc Price Suv

According to leaked details obtained by AutoBild, the new car is under development, with a more modern look, smarter and above all cleaner. Visually, the change will not be as drastic as between the GLK and the first GLC, but with the tall hood, Mercedes is approaching the Audi e-tron pedigree, as the prototypes show. Overall, the 2022 GLC looks more mature. This is also necessary to maintain a respectable distance from the new GFA. It has become much more than an SUV. The back gets more exciting lights, smoother surfaces and less polarization than before. The GLC will still be based on the design of the C-Class, but it will be a little more autonomous.

2022 Mercedes GLC S-Class interior design.

A radical new start that works at home. Cockpit based on the EQS concept. Large touch screen in the center of the cabin. With this movement, the driver’s screen appears out of tin. A small screen that stays in front of the steering wheel and the head-up display has a much larger viewing area. The new interior architecture made its debut in the new S-Class, then leaped over the successor to the C-Class to the new 2022 Mercedes GLC.

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2022 Mercedes GLC Hybrid configuration

The EU’s strict limits for carbon dioxide require a lot of engineers when it comes to payment. The result of their efforts is called FAME (Standard Family of Engine). In concrete terms: All combustion engines, including the four cylinders, are electrified. The electrical unit, located directly in the transmission, provides additional power and increases the maximum torque. The course improves efficiency. Initial estimates indicate that the 2022 Mercedes GLC will be 10 percent more fuel efficient. There will be different performance levels for the plug-in hybrid, another fuel cell version – and a successor to the GLC-derived EQC. The new GLC is also available in various AMG versions of course. The 2022 Mercedes GLC 63 AMG will likely lose its cylinders, and the twin-turbo V8 may be in history.

2022 Mercedes Glc 300 4matic
2022 Mercedes Glc 300 4matic

2022 Mercedes GLC Release date

The company is already running tests with the 2022 Mercedes GLC. However, the crossovers have yet to be launched with such speed. The German carmaker has been preparing some changes for the YM 2020, so a major update will make fans want to wait longer. With all the changes and electricity, you can expect the price to go up as well. The GLC is currently one of the most expensive models in its class, starting at around $ 44,000 in the U.S. The AMG 63 version with a V8 is more powerful than many full-size SUVs. It naturally leads to the price paid for this model, compared to the category in which it competes.

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