2022 Nissan Gtr Hot Wheels Poster Model
2022 Nissan Gtr Hot Wheels Poster Model

2022 Nissan GTR, Track Edition, Nismo Full Review

The next-generation GT-R Performance Coupé is not expected to be ready for the next decade. But it seems that fans of sports models have been waiting for a long time to be irresistible.

Nissan responds to a fierce demand by promising a test car that would spoil the next 2022 Nissan GTR, perhaps hoping it would soothe the GT-R’s fanatical mind.

2022 Nissan GTR Concept

In all seriousness, the cars made sure to stand out from the front ahead of the launch of the next production version of the GT-R, a test car that anticipates what performance car enthusiasts can expect.

The news was confirmed by Alfonso Albisa, Senior Vice President of Global Design at Nissan at a recent event in India, in an interview with Indian AutosBlog. The upcoming 2022 Nissan GTR will not take inspiration from the limited-edition GT-R50 concept that the company recently invented in collaboration with Italdesign.

Whether this form is correct or not, this model has long been awaited and enjoys the following cult. We know that it will be built on a new platform, and it is not impossible that it will be electrically operated in one form or another. It’s a safe bet that if battery inputs boost performance, it will be in the production version.

2022 Nissan Gtr Hot Wheels Poster Model
2022 Nissan Gtr Hot Wheels Poster Model

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Today, Nissan engineers are working on the well-tuned architectural details that will support the new GT-R, as well as the mechanical components it will work on. Once these elements have been installed, the project design stage can be proceeded.

And in it, Alfonso Albessa preached with patience. Referring to the design process that guides Tha Twill to the final physical model, he warns, “We haven’t come close to that yet.”

If we were the type to bet, we’d put our money in 2021 or 2022 and open a window to produce the next GT-R.

Nissan is currently celebrating the GT-R for five decades with its debut of the 2022 Nissan GTR 50th Edition at the 2019 New York Auto Show. While we are excited to see Nissan pay tribute to one of the greatest sports cars of all time in Japan, you would be forgiven for saying the car is slowing down When it comes to introducing a new generation to Godzilla.

However, recent comment from some high-ranking folks in the Nissan food chain appears to indicate that the company is working on exactly what the R36 will bring to the table, including electrification, handling upgrades, and possibly even autonomous driving capabilities. .

Sadly, we still don’t have anything strong going forward because we are looking forward to the R36, apart from some rumors, speculation and the fan scenario of “It could not be better”, ie. However, some of the speculation looked promising.

One of the biggest questions is that the R36 will fall under the hood. Most of them are expecting some form of electrical assistance, and now we’re getting additional evidence to support that idea.

2022 Nissan GTR inside

All things considered, the next 2022 Nissan GTR will almost certainly be a major update to the current model. Think how the R35 generation introduces new V-6 engines, new automatic transmission and new all-wheel drive systems without the R34 four-wheel drive.

2022 Nissan Gtr Hp Spec Cost Engine
2022 Nissan Gtr Hp Spec Cost Engine

Additionally, one or two electric motors will help fill the torque curve of the High-Boost engine, sparking the large turbo without delay.

It’s true that upgrades like these add a lot of weight, but you should actually find the GT-R quite chunky (GT-R tips currently weigh 3,836), so we suspect adding an electric powertrain might spoil the fun.

The GT-R has always been a first-class sports car that anyone could drive and sew impressive courses. And while it may seem like it, autonomous technology could be the natural evolution.

When the R32 was introduced, the high-tech ATTESA all-wheel drive system helped control the track, so much so that the GT-R was banned from Australian auto racing.

2022 Nissan GTR engine

The most interesting information comes from Nuggets with the rumored 2022 Nissan GTR weapon. According to the same source, the R36 will offer a modified version of the R35 GT-R V6 with a capacity of 3.8 liters with a twin-turbocharger, which is powered by electric motors. The drive is transmitted to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The combined power (gasoline and electric) is estimated at 786 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque. That number would make the new cars with 199 hp and 256 lb.ft. more powerful than the most powerful NISMO version of the current car that produces 587 bhp and 481 lb.

Thanks to the widespread use of the R36’s lightweight carbon fiber, we can also see top speeds of over 230 mph and 0-62 mph in about 2.5 seconds (EST).

Coupled with changes to the new supercar’s skin, the design of the R36 will be more radical than ever. Hybrid technology, power and performance improvements mean a greater need for aerodynamics and cooling, which is why the body will have larger cooling ducts and a smoother body to reduce barriers.

2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition

The GT-R is one of a series of sports cars produced by Nissan, the famous Japanese automaker, and the Nissan GT-R was introduced in Japan on December 6, 2007, on July 7, 2008 in the United States, and in March 2009 around the world. The Nissan GT-R is the latest sports car made in Japan that uses a Twin-Turbo V6 engine, and is a successor to the Nissan Skyline GT-R series. Two concept models of the Nissan GTR have been shown at various motorbike and video game shows. The first concept was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2001 and featured in a video game created by Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo 4. The second concept, or what is known as the Nissan GTR Proto, was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005. It appears in a game. Video created by EA.

2022 Nissan Gtr Interior R33 Liberty Walk Nismo
2022 Nissan Gtr Interior R33 Liberty Walk Nismo

2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition Review

The design of the 2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition is inspired by the Gundam series of robots. Nakamura also mentioned that the GT-R is a unique car in that it does not come from a copy of a sports car designed in Europe, but it truly reflects Japanese culture. Nakamura noted that the GT-R’s square lines and air vents were influenced by Gundam’s robot design. American Nissan designers cut three-fourths of the rear of the car, while European designers cut the roof line. Polyphony Digital, creator of the Gran Turismo racing video game series, co-developed the GT-R itself, which was contracted to design a GT-R multifunctional dashboard display.

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2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition specification

The Nissan GT-R uses a VR38DETT engine, a 3799 cc (3.8 L, 231.8 cu) DOHC V6. Two parallel turbochargers made by Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) add inductive power.

The GT-R produced from 2007 to 2010 produced 485 hp (357 kW; 478 hp) at 6,400 rpm with 434 lb-ft (588 Nm) of torque at 3,200-5200 rpm. This engine also meets the California Air Resources Board’s Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Standard. An empty weight of 1,730 kg (3,810 lb) or 1,736 kg (3,827 lb) can be achieved with the side airbags thanks to the use of a steel and aluminum chassis for the hood, trunk and doors.

The BorgWarner dual semi-automatic transmission is built in the rear. This transmission is made by the Aichi Machine Industry and works in conjunction with the ATTESA E-TS system to drive all four wheels. There are three switch modes that can be selected based on situations and conditions. In 2010, engine power and torque increased to 390 kW (530 hp; 520 hp) at 6,400 rpm and 612 Nm (451 lb ft) at 3,200-6,000 rpm.

2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition technology

The 2012 model increased its power to 404 kW (549 hp; 542 hp at 6400 rpm and 628 Nm (463 lb ft) of torque at 3200-5800 rpm). In the future, a hybrid version of the GT-R could also come. All GT-Rs have been turbocharged this year. Nissan said it improved the lowered response, although the engine’s power rating has not changed. Minor update: The 2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition currently gets a redesigned 600 engine powertrain that was just introduced in Nismo. Finally, there are new lightweight wheels, some visual changes, a carbon-fiber roof for the Nismo and discreet carbon terracotta brakes for the Track Edition and the Nismo.

2022 Nissan Gtr R32 Nismo R35 R34 Images
2022 Nissan Gtr R32 Nismo R35 R34 Images

2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition engine

In addition to the complete improvement, Nissan changed the 2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition and the stale NISMO model. The Track Edition currently includes a flexible twin-turbo V-6 shape already explicitly found on the NISMO, meaning an increase in the drivetrain by 35 to 600 hp and torque from 14 to 467 lb-ft. The two models take advantage of the Nissan GT-R GT3 racing car’s new turbocharger scheme, which increases engine response and speed. Another update the loud cars have released on the GT-R hey PO is the new carbon technical brakes. The Brembo Stopper delivers larger panels at the front (16.1in) and the rear (15.3) just as lighter weight and more strength. Regardless, we despise the amount of replacement costs. The Track Edition can also be fitted with a carbon fiber roof to reduce weight.

2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition Redesign

Likewise, NISMO benefited from an authentic eating regimen that helped her by around 67 pounds. These weight saving tools include more detailed carbon fibers at the front and lighter parts elsewhere. The front bumper from NISMO now has specific, toothed ventilation, as seen on the GT-R GT3 racing car, which aids in simplified functions and includes engine cooling and downforce. Additionally, the basic legitimate street GT-R gets lighter 20-inch wheels with another nine-axle plan. They are encapsulated in a variety of Dunlop tires that give a more outstanding contact fabric for higher cornering quality and better delivery response.

2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition model

Highlights of the 2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition include a calfskin interior with heated front seats and LED lighting around them. Apple CarPlay is standard, but the GT-R does not support Android Auto. This year, this bundle will be available in a limited edition of the 50th Anniversary Edition, which features three memorable paint colors to show with all Premium devices. In any case, it pulled some parts of the show from the highest point on the Nismo GT-R, including the 3.8-liter V6 that boasts more power (600 hp, 481 lb-ft) than the Nismo GT-R, the Nismo balanced suspension, more From the suspension clusters to the wide front fenders, a 20-inch beam breaks into the fiber roof. The Track Edition also comes with a red and dark interior, with Recaro seats and additional body connections to extend the car’s rugged nature.

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2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition Performance

The 2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition certainly won’t be a relative bargain as it has been in the past. Additionally, competitors such as the Mercedes AMG GT, Porsche 911 and even the all-new Chevrolet Corvette are benefiting from a more recent overhaul and offer a similar level of comfort without penalty on offer. It’s also fair that they have a cooler side of the nearby road. Whatever the case, for Japan’s best execution cars, there is still no one quite like Godzilla. The four-seat GT-R is available in three trim levels: Premium, Track Edition, and Nissan GT-R Nismo Wild. Each offers more standout features and more performance than the previous one, despite the fact that there is a noticeable value bounce between trims as well. Each model is powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, codenamed VR38DETT. The GT-R also takes advantage of Nissan ATTESA’s all-wheel-drive tire and six-speed twin axle.

2022 Nissan Gtr R34 Skyline 0 60 R32
2022 Nissan Gtr R34 Skyline 0 60 R32

2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition transmission

The 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission in the 2022 Nissan GTR Track Edition continues to send power to each of the four wheels, but the track-ready R driving mode emphasizes versatile programming. Nissan says the mechanical gearbox slides in this position more forcefully and adapts better to the driver, reducing the need for physical shifting back and forth from the more suppressive A driving position. The GT-R frame has been upgraded with a reset suspension that gives the car smoother and better cornering. Likewise, the control and delay response mechanisms were gradually improved.

2022 Nissan GTR Nismo

For decades, fans have nicknamed the 2022 Nissan GTR Nismo Godzilla. Getting the monster’s name is a big round of applause. At least that’s what the GT-R gets by having one of the fastest point-to-point cars in the world thanks to an improved casing, a modern all-wheel-drive tire, and a six-chamber turbo engine that’s both powerful and busy. Show the family. The current R35 has been special since 2009 and has seen some critical changes in cost and performance since its introduction. This year the 2020 GT-R will see more changes. The Pure Base model has been dropped from the lineup, making the GT-R Premium the most expensive model. In any case, there are a limited number of 50th Anniversary Edition packages that are only accessible in the Premium version. Includes an unusual two-tone paint scheme, interior finishing and upholstery.

2022 Nissan GTR Nismo review

All GT-Rs have been turbocharged this year. Nissan said it improved the lowered response, although the engine’s power rating has not changed. Minor update: The Level Track Trim Edition currently gets a revised 600 power engine just introduced in 2022 Nissan GTR Nismo. Finally, there are new lightweight wheels, some visual changes, a carbon-fiber roof for the NISMO, and discretionary brakes in carbon mud for the Track Edition and Nismo models. The GT-R is not a relative bargain as it used to be. In addition, competitors such as the Mercedes AMG GT, Porsche 911 and even the all-new Chevrolet Corvette will benefit from a more recent upgrade and provide a relative degree of comfort without the exhibition penalty. Plus, it’s fair to say they have a cooler side than the near road. In any case, for the best cars in Japan, there is still no one quite like Godzilla.

2022 Nissan GTR Nismo redesign

The 2022 Nissan GTR Nismo takes its name from the carmaker’s in-house tuning division, making it the fastest and most dominant GT-R car in the production line. It accompanies all GT-R Track Edition gears, including Recaro seats and a 600-hp engine. Carbon fibers are used for most bodies. Carbon brakes reduce weight and improve braking performance, just like Dunlop tires. The fenders accentuate the air vents, and another part comes from the GT3. The NISMO also comes in dark calf leather with red accents and faux cowhide and low-top on the steering wheel, dashboard and main event. This V-6 in-depth beast is held tight by new carbon brake discs. Up front, you get 16.1-inch rotors compressed by six-cylinder tweezers, while at the back are 15.4-inch rotors with four-cylinder calipers.

2022 Nissan GTR Nismo Features

Add any of the four, and the new retarding mechanism carries 35 pounds of unspoiled weight from the GT-R. On the track, the brakes continued to drop at three-digit speeds, but the pedal stroke was extended after a few laps. Part of the long pedal may be due to the over-reliability control tire putting the brakes on the track. When replacing the rigid control frame to the more forgiving R position, fewer brakes were used, which seemed to maintain reliable brake pedal weights. To help the GT-R change course without worry, a different carbon fiber bonnet replaces aluminum and the roof is currently made of carbon fiber for a reserve of 13 pounds. Carbon fiber reaches all the way to the front fenders, which currently have pressure-relief vents that likewise add a touch of downforce to the nose. The fenders are integrated an additional 10 pounds from the front.

2022 Nissan Gtr R35 Nismo Skyline 0 60
2022 Nissan Gtr R35 Nismo Skyline 0 60

2022 Nissan GTR Nismo engine

The 2022 Nissan GTR Nismo may need more horsepower as the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-6 maintains a truly 600-torque. The turbocharger is new and has cut numbers similar to those used in Nissan‘s GT-R GT3 racing car. New turbine engines, hand-picked for their skills and responsiveness, help the GT-R’s V-6 take you straight into the new, lightest Recaro situations we drove in Europe. They don’t come to the United States. We continue on the tide chairs. While not diving too far, you might see that the immersive V-6 only survives six rigging. That’s because the gearbox goes back to a time when six ratios were considered appropriate. In any case, the movements are snappy, and with the transmission started, the massive car lashes to 100 km / h in about 3.0 seconds. The transmission also feels quieter than before.

2022 Nissan GTR Nismo Performance

It looks like the hype and buzz has been avoided on the previous GT-Rs. He changed the transmission to a recently overhauled R mode, lowering gear under throttle, with gear locked into the corners, largely eliminating the need for paddles. All things considered, it’s really not our fault, it’s the equivalent GT-R I’ve known for 10 years. It’s been 10 long years for the GT-R – actually for all of us. Competitors realized their performance was better, and they made Nissan‘s massive supercar look like the wrong date. Be that as it may, Nissan did not ignore the GT-R. In light of the legitimate interest in keeping it viable, the Corporation has made gradual changes to the powertrain, frame and configuration.

2022 Nissan GTR Nismo appearance

More than that, we hope there are new sporty tires and wheels, Dunlop tires were only produced for NISMO and have giant exterior track boxes to enable Godzilla to outrun its opponent. Mothra is another enemy of Godzilla. Rated based on current execution cars where 305 square footage front tires are currently a thing, the GT-R has moderately limited tires – 255 / 40R-20 in the front and 285 / 35R-20 in the rear – but the new tire grip does. Our desire for an additional offer. The 2022 Nissan GTR Nismo may be a better-in-class GT-R, more track-focused than at any time in recent memory.

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