2022 Toyota Highlander Inside Black And Red Changes Images
2022 Toyota Highlander Inside Black And Red Changes Images

2022 Toyota Highlander, Hybrid, Platinum Review

Rumors point to the first redesign of the mid-size SUV. But you are unlikely to see a facelift of the 2022 Toyota Highlander. After only three seasons, where the virus has destroyed one of them, it is too early for a new model to emerge. However, some changes will refresh the squad. In addition to the fresh look, the latest generation Highlander introduced a new hybrid setup. In 2022, PHEV could join the mold. Will it be the President of Highlander?

In the next few years, there will be no major changes to the mid-size SUV. Toyota is planning a new generation for 2025. Meanwhile, the priorities are the new Tundra pickup, the 4Runner and the Land Cruiser. Additionally, there are some changes on the way to the Lexus luxury lineup, with the LX being replaced by a full-size LX. So it looks like the 2022 Toyota Highlander is coming unchanged, with all trim levels we can actually get.

2022 Toyota Highlander Xse Phev Hybrid Price Interior Review
2022 Toyota Highlander Xse Phev Hybrid Price Interior Review

2022 Toyota Highlander V6 engine specifications

The main power source for the 2022 Toyota Highlander will be a 3.5-liter V6 engine. It is the most capable engine and a perfect fit for an SUV of its size. Most of the competitors are using similar settings. The Highlander will produce 295 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. The towing capacity is 5000 pounds. We might hear rumors that an SUV could get a new powertrain that will send power to the rear axle. But this is only speculation at the moment. Front-wheel-drive is still there by default, with the option to upgrade to AWD. The fuel economy is not that bad for the sector. The 2022 Toyota Highlander will be able to return 24 miles per gallon (FWD).

The four-cylinder engine is one of the things we can see as a primary option in the upcoming season. However, such a setup would not be the best option for a mid-size SUV, unless it was equipped with turbochargers. The I-Force Max is new on the road as well, but it won’t show up in the next Highlander, but only in its much larger SUV.

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid and PHEV

For a long time, this SUV was the only mid-size model with three rows of seats that had a hybrid engine as the powertrain. But the situation has changed and more automakers are exploring this market. This caused Toyota to make some drastic moves.

The V6 engine was the main power source, and the hybrid version could produce 310 hp. The Japanese automaker has sacrificed power by replacing the V6 with a four-cylinder unit. This reduced the power to 243 hp, but the SUV gained a major boost in the fuel economy sector. Now 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid will return 36/35 mpg. There aren’t many compact crossovers that can provide such fuel efficiency. The Highlander is bigger and stronger. The 2.5 liter capacity is the main source of power and the hybrid model will also offer front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

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2022 Toyota Highlander Xls Parts Lease Spec Release Date Limited
2022 Toyota Highlander Xls Parts Lease Spec Release Date Limited

The next step is the plug-in release. Several experts suggest that the 2022 Toyota Highlander will be the next model to get such a configuration after the Rav4. The compact crossover can generate 300 hp and the electric range is 42 miles. Of course, the Highlander Prime will be bigger and heavier. On the other hand, larger batteries can provide additional power and range. If Toyota sticks to this step, we’ll learn more early next season.

2022 Toyota Highlander models

The base version of the 2022 Toyota Highlander will still be the L version. This model is now updated with Safety Sense 2.5. It really is a difference compared to previous releases. Additionally, Toyota has finally added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its Entune entertainment system. A three-zone temperature control system and an 8-inch touch screen are also standard. Enhance your driving with the electric tailgate and blind spot screens. The LE package will offer these features for both the Standard and Hybrid versions. Additionally, a leather steering wheel and fog lights have been added.

XLE expands the leather to all upholstery. The driver’s bucket has 10-way adjustable positions, while the overall design transforms into a six-seat bench with captain’s chairs in the middle row. An electric sunroof and heated front seats are among the exclusive options that the XLE SUV will have. 2022 Toyota Highlander XSE is not available with a hybrid engine. It also makes the drive sportier and with improved suspension and steering, the appearance is more aggressive. There are 20-inch wheels and exhaust tips.

2022 Toyota Highlander Review Platinum Colors Platinum Hybrid
2022 Toyota Highlander Review Platinum Colors Platinum Hybrid

The upper editions of the collection are limited and platinum. The former uses premium interior leather, premium JBL sound, and a hands-free tailgate. Not many features remain for the Highlander Platinum. But the 12-inch infotainment screen and HUD will get the job done. Additionally, buyers will find a panoramic sunroof and a fully digital rearview mirror.

The price of 2022 Toyota Highlander will remain the same. The base MSRP starts at $ 36,000 with the destination rate. The Egyptian pound will add more than $ 2000 and four-wheel drive costs $ 1500-2000. The cost of the densely loaded Platinum package with a hybrid unit is over $ 50K.

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

You can never be sure of a Japanese automaker. They recently overhauled the engine range and we can already hear rumors about the next steps for the 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. According to speculation, engineers are working to develop an advanced system based on PHEV configuration. Well, we’ve seen that coming, but not soon. We’re still trying to get used to the mid-size SUV that goes back 35 mpg. You will hardly find a compact crossover with such an output. Toyota issued a statement regarding the mileage of gas, and before competitors had a chance to respond, the engineers of the Japanese company were already on the new assignment.

For a time, the Highlander was the only three-row midsize SUV with a hybrid transmission. As other automakers started to catch up, Toyota took the game to a whole new level. 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid will give you the best fuel economy in its entire class. Well, this isn’t the first time that the Japanese company has attracted buyers with this. The Rav4 crossover was the world’s first small SUV model to reach 40 mpg. You also get a PHEV setting, called Rav4 Prime. 2022 Highlander Prime is also an option for the name.

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2022 Toyota Highlander Review Platinum Colors Platinum Hybrid
2022 Toyota Highlander Review Platinum Colors Platinum Hybrid

022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid specifications, gas mileage

Toyota took a big step when it decided to reduce the power of its midsize SUV and sacrifice it for a better mpg rating. The V6 engine is still there as a primary option. The gasoline engine is good 290 hp. When it was the hub of the hybrid, the SUV offered 308 bhp and nearly 30 mpg combined fuel economy.

So the engineers decided to replace the V6 engine with a four-cylinder mill. Connected to an electric battery, the 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid can produce 60 hp less than its predecessor. Still 245 ponies good for a smooth ride. But the main goal was fuel economy. Now the SUV returns 35 mpg and it is this detail that will appeal to buyers looking for excellent miles Well, the Highlander now produces more power than many smaller crossovers and provides better mileage and payload at the same time.

022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Electric hybrid

The next step in evolution is definitely the 022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid plug-in, and we’ve seen the same moves on the Rav 4. Well, although it’s a compact crossover, the principle is the same. After the great hybrid system, comes the alternative PHEV. In the future, the Highlander will become an all-electric SUV. This is the trend of the entire auto industry. The PHEV won’t beat the fuel economy of the standard hybrid. But this version will improve the power output. For example, Rav4 Prime will produce 302 hp. Moreover, Toyota Highlander PHEV 2022 will be able to go some distance using only an electric motor. Since it is bigger, there will be more space for a battery of larger capacity.

022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Minor cosmetic changes, TRD model, and more updates

The latest generation of the mid-size SUV made its debut in 2019 with a completely new look. The first facelift is not expected until 2023. The automaker is focusing on updating other models, with the full-size category being the priority. Toyota is preparing a new engine that will be available for all flagship models. You can read more about it in our Land Cruiser 2022 review.

2022 Toyota Highlander Release Date Hybrid Platinum Xle
2022 Toyota Highlander Release Date Hybrid Platinum Xle

So the Highlander is still new and all we’re hoping for are slight body changes. Inside, the infotainment system will be updated. Toyota introduced Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services, which are now available with Entune. More security options and additional features are also expected for the advanced packages.

Toyota recently added another model to its TRD Pro lineup. Well, fans were hoping to see Highlander there, but a full-size Sequoia has taken its place. However, in the future, there will be more models with the Off-Road Package. On the other hand, the 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is more focused on fuel economy strategy and environmentally friendly reports paper, rather than strength and skills. Another mid-size SUV from the same automaker that is an off-road adventure favorite – the 4Runner, especially if it equips the TRD Pro package and off-road tires.

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2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid release date

The arrival of the new vehicle is dependent on the development of a system of additional components. There are rumors and speculation, but the presidents are still silent about it. The 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the standard configuration, will remain unchanged and will be available by the end of 2021. On the other hand, the PHEV could be around a little later, perhaps as a kind of upgrade for 2022. The Highlander Prime will be priced over $ 45,000. The base SUV costs $ 34,000 and the Hybrid adds about $ 3,500. The PHEV system for the smaller RAV4 is roughly $ 10,000 over the standard hybrid and $ 12,000 more expensive than the base configuration.

2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum

This specific age group may be redesigned for 2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum. Regarding the latest media, you can make your roads productive after that calendar year. The new Highlander is a popular domestic SUV and still one of about 3 series. Its content contains a huge, huge and lively cabin of seven tourists. Under the hood, the new Highlander continues to offer a few gearbox capabilities, along with a specific hybrid system. This appears to be more recent spy shots and may well be Highlander’s fitting proximity to some of the cues in the lightweight RAV4 crossover.

2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum redesign
Exterior design

Currently, there are no photos that can be used inside. However, starting with the template, this version can be well reconstructed by the surface. The organization runs several quality products and many standard features can be incorporated. As before, Highlander’s approach can be presented for various reasons.

2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum has three sets of car seats; In addition to the LE, it will also provide 8 passengers with handlebars like the L. In addition, this particular SUV has a special pressure. It contains 16.1 cube fingers with load chamber to reset the row, improving to 40.6 with shrinking 60/40 split table plus 73.3 cube fingers while using two easily foldable backstitches.

2022 Toyota Highlander Limited Price Towing Capacity Platinum
2022 Toyota Highlander Limited Price Towing Capacity Platinum

2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum interior design

Since we released the 2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum check-up it will likely be identified, and it’s really hidden. However, some external changes are evident. You will notice a little redesign of each look. However, some minor changes can make this product technically attractive. The subtle front end of this SUV uses an all-new grille and overhead turn signals with dampers at the top of the front fascia provided. Toyota Highlander Platinum comes in TNGA design.

Back-evaluation is dangerously hidden, and there’s often no clear-cut place to figure out what to convert. In terms of defaults, the Highlander could get a more robust design with multiple taillights. In terms of proportions, the revolutionary special design could be slightly larger than the previous design, using a larger total number of beads from 2.36 “to a total of 194.9”.

2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum engine

Your 2022 Toyota Highlander, which may approach 2022, is still close to exactly the same 2.7-liter engine. This multi-tube engine delivers 185 horsepower plus 184 pounds of torque as per the current design. In addition, it has a variant of the six-speed automatic transmission.

Usually the rookie engine is stronger. Highlander will definitely use the 3.5-liter V6 engine with 295 hp and 263 lb. This particular engine features an intelligent, powerful seven-speed transmission. The front tire movement pattern is typical of models, although AWD will not be required. The grab capacity is 5,000 kg if the vehicle was already manufactured under a non-mandatory towing agreement available.

2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum release date and price

The upcoming 2022 Toyota Highlander Platinum will likely be slightly restyled. Another version that hardly offers you themes. However, the price may be exactly the same, and the specific discount design starts at around $ 33,500. The hybrid would definitely improve the price to help $ 40,000. Platinum minimum, most ready-made, starts at $ 47,000. AWD setup is not required on all versions and costs $ 1,800.

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