2022 Toyota Mirai Cars Xle Photos
2022 Toyota Mirai Cars Xle Photos

2022 Toyota Mirai Full Review

Toyota has finally introduced the latest generation of the 2022 Toyota Mirai Concept, with an all-new design and a striking change of style from its shabby predecessor. Built on the same rear-wheel drive platform that forms the basis of the Lexus LS 500, the 2022 Toyota Mirai has become a luxury car aimed directly at the Tesla Model S. Thanks to an improved fuel cell engine, the Mirai 2022 offers a wider range than ever before. Also. But can Toyota attract Tesla customers?

2022 Toyota Mirai exterior

The exterior design of the 2022 Toyota Mirai and its predecessor has nothing in common. Thanks to Toyota‘s modular GA-L global platform, the ratio of the new 2022 Toyota Mirai is completely different. Height has been reduced and the wheelbase is now 115 inches long. The back is increased by 3.35 inches, the width is nearly 3 inches, and the overall length is 196 inches. Standard 19-inch wheels and optional 20-inch wheels provide a more dynamic look.

2022 Toyota Mirai Xse V6 Le Se Pictures
2022 Toyota Mirai Xse V6 Le Se Pictures

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The new platform will also allow designers to present the design of the 2022 Toyota Mirai four-door Coupe. From various angles, the new Mirai looks like the 2022 Audi A7 Sportback, and it’s by no means a bad thing. The front and rear design also looks new, although both are slightly softer compared to the 2022 Toyota Camry and Avalon. Toyota emphasizes emotional styling is a top priority, as customers judge vehicles not only by how they drive, but also by how they look.

2022 Toyota Mirai with new design inside

The shift to interior design 2022 Toyota Mirai also offers much more interior space than ever before. With seats that accommodate five passengers. Back seat passengers will enjoy more legroom. This was made possible thanks to a new platform that allowed engineers to reassemble piles of fuel cells and other powertrain components.

The dashboard layout is similar to the other models, with a large infotainment touch screen located above the HVAC controls. Accurate display and driver information screen measurements are not provided. The spacious center console provides enough space for two cup holders and wireless charging pads for smartphones. The gear lever’s location is unique as it is positioned to the left of the climate control unit to facilitate driver access.

2022 Toyota Mirai fuel consumption

The latest generation 2022 Toyota Mirai features three high-pressure hydrogen tanks containing 12.5 pounds of combined hydrogen, compared to the previous 10.15 pounds. Toyota expects a range of 400 miles, an increase of 30 percent, although official EPA testing has yet to be completed.

2022 Toyota Mirai Se Xse Hybrid Pictures
2022 Toyota Mirai Se Xse Hybrid Pictures

The new fuel set is smaller than ever with 330 cells lowered from 370 cells, a new record for energy density as electric motors now produce 179 hp, 27 hp more than ever before. Torque has decreased 26 lb-ft to 220 lb-ft. Toyota claims the 2022 Toyota Mirai can reach 0-62 mph is a time in 9.2 seconds and a top speed of 108 mph. Rear wheel drive and a lower center of gravity promise a better driving experience, while a multi-link front and rear suspension replaces the front deflector front fender and the MacPherson rear torsion beam for better stability.

The hydrogen fuel cells were moved from under the floor to the front compartment, giving a 50:50 weight distribution. The weight reduction of fuel cell assemblies is achieved through multiple displacement, cell size reduction that improves the shape of gas line separators and the use of innovative electrodes. Lithium-ion batteries are replacing the old nickel hydride units.

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2022 Toyota Mirai Price

The official US price has not been announced, but Toyota said the management systems rejuvenation project for the new 2022 Toyota Mirai would be cut by about 20 percent. The Mirai 2022’s price is estimated to start at $ 58,600. This is very important and will greatly help in achieving your goal of increasing sales tenfold. Another good selling point for environmentally conscious buyers is that the 2022 Mirai is referred to as having more than zero emissions with or commonly referred to as “negative emissions”.

2022 Toyota Mirai Images Sedan
2022 Toyota Mirai Images Sedan

Previously, many competitors in the fuel cell lineup had included the 2022 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell hatchback and the Hyundai Nexo 2022 crossover. But this time, the 2022 Toyota Mirai is really in a class of its own thanks to its new platform and its share of flagship size sedans. The 2022 Tesla Model S is now a direct competitor, although it has a base price of around $ 70,050. Another question that we hope will be answered soon is whether Toyota will expand sales of the new generation 2022 Toyota Mirai to other US states. We definitely hope this is the case.

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