2023 Acura Nsx Changes Canada Release Date
2023 Acura Nsx Changes Canada Release Date

2023 Acura NSX, Type S Full Review New

After Acura announced its intention to bring back the Integra’s nameplate, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about a 2023 Acura NSX restyle. According to the available information, the new NSX could hit the road next year. So it seems that the rumors about discontinuing this model are incorrect.

As before, we expect the next generation model to be powered by the same four engines. This model uses a twin-turbocharged V6 and an electric motor, producing a combined power of 573 hp. If that somehow isn’t enough for you, the manufacturer also offers an S-type model with more 600 horsepower and 492 pound-feet of torque. Presented.

2023 Acura NSX exterior changes

On the outside, we don’t expect any significant changes at all in the next-generation 2023 Acura NSX. Of course, the manufacturer will update some parts of this sports car to keep up with tradition, but that’s it. Don’t expect a less modern design, with the same shapes and proportions.

The Type S, on the other hand, has a more aggressive design, with a nose that has more angular air intakes. The aerodynamics are improved over the regular model thanks to a larger rear diffuser and a reshaped front spoiler.

2023 Acura NSX Interior

Compared to its predecessor, we don’t expect many changes in the 2023 Acura NSX. The two new seats will offer the same seating arrangement and you don’t expect a lot of room for luggage. The NSX comes standard with upholstery and a combination of leather and Alcantara. Additionally, semi-aniline full leather upholstery is optional. The disadvantage of the current model is certainly the infotainment system.

2023 Acura Nsx Changes Canada Release Date
2023 Acura Nsx Changes Canada Release Date

So we hope Acura will add a lot more infotainment than the current 7-inch touchscreen. Other features that should be standard include keyless entry/start, dual-zone automatic climate control, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration, Bluetooth, heated seats, leather/Alcantara upholstery and mood lighting in the cabin.

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Powertrain Specifications

Under the hood, the upcoming Acura NSX will likely use the same engine as its predecessor. The current model uses a twin-turbocharged V6 and electric motor, and it’s good at 573 hp. Thanks to this engine, the NSX is one of the fastest cars in its class. Acura claims it can sprint from zero to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. If that somehow isn’t enough for you, there’s also a more powerful S-Type model.

The high-performance variant uses the same engine configuration, but delivers 600 horsepower and 492 pound-feet of torque. Presented. It also has a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. As you can see, the NSX is a supercar that delivers impressive performance at a much lower cost than its rival Porsche or Lamborghini.

2023 Acura NSX Release date

The new Acura NSX and Type S models are said to hit the market next year. We can likely expect both models in the second half of 2022.

In addition to minor exterior and interior upgrades, the new NSX will likely keep the same engines as its predecessor. We’ve also heard that production is limited to 350 units, 300 of which are reserved for US customers. Stay tuned for pricing and other updates as they become available.

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2023 Acura NSX Type S

We’ve got good news: The new 2023 Acura NSX Type S has been confirmed and we can expect it to be released sometime next year. Unfortunately, the upcoming high-performance car will be from last year’s design and will be discontinued. This vehicle is available in the US in only 300 units.

Fortunately, however, the Acura NSX will have a more modern exterior and interior, with a Type S badge throughout. Production will include an all-new, twin-turbocharged hybrid V-6 that should deliver around 600 horsepower. Acura has set a price for the new Type S design as an expanded list of standard features.

2023 Acura NSX Type S Powertrain Specifications

Thanks to the new, efficient hybrid system, the 2023 Acura NSX Type S will be in line with competitors such as the Audi R8 or McLaren 570S. This system, according to the news, will have the ability to go from no to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds with a 573-hp version of the hybrid powertrain.

The engine includes a 3.5-liter V6 with twin turbos and 3 electric motors. It uses a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and between the electric motors acts as a group to drive the rear wheels. However, the other two electric motors rotate independently of each other to drive the front wheels.

2023 Acura Nsx Manual Transmission News
2023 Acura Nsx Manual Transmission News

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2023 Acura NSX Type S redesigned

The new Acura NSX Type S looks more attractive than the standard NSX. Overall, the front controls feature a carbon fiber front spoiler that has been optimized to reduce front aerodynamics. Given that this model had a powerful engine, the progression group managed to cool it through a more common slot in the front grille.

This way, the Acura NSX Type S gets additional direct air to the radiators. You can also update this design with Total Airflow Management, which brings a new nose with increased angular air intake and a more prominent rear diffuser. The rear diffuser increases stability at high speeds.

Interior Features

Inside, the latest 2023 Acura NSX Type S has very encouraging seats and plenty of all-new innovations. The cabin is undoubtedly comfortable with a luxurious feel and offers many of the stylish amenities one would expect from an Acura. He could easily score the best of England and Germany.

When you get to work, you initially see a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with built-in navigation. The new design also comes standard with nine ELS Studio speakers. However, as in the past, NSXs still lack driver assistance features. The basic package consists of front and rear parking sensors, lane assist and automatic braking.

Release date and price

Apparently the new Acura brand, the NSX Type S, will appear here in the first quarter of 2022. Several exterior changes, the all-new model will come with a sports cabin. Acura has done a great job adding more quality materials in the interior and a lot of innovation.

In addition, this model is powered by the new twin-turbocharged V-6 engine, and 3 electric motors work together to provide excellent speed. This car is not pocket friendly at all. It starts at $171,495 for the fully loaded model.


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