2023 Audi Q9 Australia Changes Colors
2023 Audi Q9 Australia Changes Colors

2023 Audi Q9 Full Review New

The all-new 2023 Audi Q9 full-size sedan has been spied on recently and we finally have some visuals for the upcoming model. Audi confirms that this SUV will be the next flagship between the new Q7 and Q8 models. Unlike both of the SUVs mentioned, the upcoming 2023 Q9 has a lot of changes and a sloping roof that makes it look sporty. To be fair, it looks much more attractive thanks to the new headlight graphics and overall shape.

And as far as we know, the Audi Q9 will also have a more comfortable cabin than the sporty Q8. The model is rumored to use a modified version of the MQB platform, which is also the basis for VW Atlas. If true, it could be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 235 horsepower and a 3.6-liter V6 capable of 276 horsepower.

2023 Audi Q9 Competition Concept Canada
2023 Audi Q9 Competition Concept Canada

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2023 Audi Q9 first look

After a turbulent week and first shots of the upcoming Audi Q9, we’re getting our first look at the designs. First of all, the upcoming full-size SUV could become the flagship model, given its design and proportions. As mentioned, the Q9 will likely run on a dedicated MQB platform, which should bring a lot of benefits. In case you didn’t already know, on the same platform is the VW Atlas SUV.

There is no doubt that the Q9 looks more attractive than any Audi car so far. We love the front with a massive grille, an eye-catching headlight with a new graphic, and a hood with sporty stripes. Interestingly, there is also a view showing the back of this SUV. It reveals a crisp rear end with new taillights that are very similar to those we saw on the latest Audi A7 sedan.

2023 Audi Q9 Interior

Audi has spent decades developing its reputation for quality interiors. So we can only imagine what the new 2023 Audi Q9 will offer. As the brand’s flagship SUV, we’d assume it wouldn’t offer less technical cabin than the Q8. This model offers an attractive design, high-quality materials, and easy-to-use technical functions.

For the infotainment system, the manufacturer used multiple screens, the most important of which is a 10.1-inch screen for phone connectivity, navigation and audio. There’s also an 8.6-inch lower screen, which is designed for climate control as well as for handwritten commands. Unlike the Q8, which comes with two-row seats, the new Audi Q9 can offer three-row seating for up to seven.

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2023 Audi Q9 Quattro Cost 7 Seater Released
2023 Audi Q9 Quattro Cost 7 Seater Released

2023 Audi Q9 engine options

As mentioned, the 2023 Audi Q9 is the upcoming SUV that will likely run on a modified MQB platform like the VW Atlas. Given that, he could also borrow the same engines. That means we can expect a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 235 horsepower and a 3.6-liter V6 making 276 horsepower. Both engines are expected to be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and either a front or all-wheel drive.

2023 Audi Q9 release date, price

Reports indicate that the new 2023 Audi Q9 will be available sometime next year. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information at the moment if this model will be sold in Europe or the United States. An official launch date for this flagship crossover has not been confirmed either.

However, with the Q8 selling for $70,300, the cost of the future flagship is at least 75,000. At the same margin are premium American luxury SUVs such as the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.

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