2023 Audi R8 All Black Parts Images
2023 Audi R8 All Black Parts Images

2023 Audi R8 Full Review New

Few supercars are actually driven on a daily basis, but the 2023 Audi R8 appears to be built for such a task. In addition to its breakneck acceleration, it provides a reasonably relaxing ride. The R8 and the Lamborghini Huracán share the same chassis and powertrain, a mighty V-10 and seven-speed automatic transmission. However, the Audi is less intense than the Lamborghini on a winding road or racetrack. The R8 offers a level of refinement that is more consistent with the rest of Audi‘s lineup.

Its two-seat cabin is lined with premium materials and features a minimalist design that eschews the typical center-mounted infotainment display in favor of a dual-purpose digital gauge display. The interior is comfortable for both the driver and passenger, and the R8 would make an excellent touring vehicle if it had a larger trunk than one carry-on suitcase. This is the final year for Audi‘s V-10–powered showpiece, so if this combination of performance and luxury appeals to you, now is the time to act.

What’s Different in 2023?

This year marks the end of current-generation 2023 Audi R8 production. Audi is retiring the supercar with a limited edition GT model that is only available with rear-wheel drive and a V-10 engine producing 602 horsepower. The GT also features a revised seven-speed automatic transmission, which Audi claims offers quicker shifts, and a Torque Rear driving mode, which induces drifting and makes it easier to race the R8. However, this vehicle does not appear to be one that begs to be thrown around with its rear tires smoking. The interior of the GT is adorned with opulent black-and-red upholstery, carbon-fiber interior trim, and a numbered plaque denoting its production run position. The rest of the lineup, which consists of a coupe and a convertible, remains unchanged with the exception of the GT.

We recommend the Spyder for a touch of added flair. In any case, with the top down, passersby will have a better view of the fortunate dog driving. The decision between the standard and Performance models is more difficult. On the one hand, the 562 horsepower V-10 provides incredible acceleration and the same roar as the 600 horsepower vehicle. On the other hand, arriving at the next Cars and Coffee event with the ultimate R8 might feel slightly more impressive.

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2023 Audi R8 Powertrain, Engine, and Performance

Both versions of the R8’s V-10 engine are potent enough to shake your eardrums with their otherworldly exhalations. The R8’s dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission is not the smoothest. Occasionally, it downshifts too abruptly, resulting in a sudden acceleration followed by an immediate upshift. The standard R8 suspension is adaptive, while Performance models feature a more aggressive fixed-damper configuration. Both vehicles absorb bumps admirably and provide a comfortable, fatigue-free ride for long distances. The R8’s supple nature has a drawback, however: In full-attack mode, it doesn’t handle corners as confidently as its competitors, and it feels more unsettled than a supercar should. The standard steering setup is direct and transmits road information with adequate feel to the driver’s hands.

Energy Efficiency and Real-World MPG

This option is not cost-effective. Models with rear-wheel drive achieve 14 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. The performance of all-wheel-drive vehicles is even worse: 13 and 18 respectively. In light of this dismal performance, all purchasers must pay a gas-guzzler tax as part of the purchase price. Thus be it. To learn more about the R8’s fuel economy, please visit the EPA’s website.

2023 Audi R8 Automatic Supercar Acceleration
2023 Audi R8 Automatic Supercar Acceleration

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2023 Audi R8 Cargo, Comfort, and Interior

Minimalism has never felt so opulent. By having the instrument cluster double as the infotainment screen, Audi provides a refreshingly simple layout and places the R8’s sport seats and high-resolution digital gauge display in the spotlight. Audi provides a great deal of interior color and texture customization options: Black, gray, brown, and red leather is available with matching or contrasting flat or quilted patterns. Overall, it’s a beautifully crafted cockpit with easily accessible controls, including an ignition button on the steering wheel. No one buys a supercar for its utility, and the 2023 Audi R8 does not defy segment norms by providing practical cargo space. In our testing, it only accommodated a single carry-on bag. Travel light.

Informational Entertainment and Connectivity

The outstanding Virtual Cockpit instrument cluster displays both instrumentation and the MMI infotainment system. It feels just as futuristic as it does in other Audi vehicles, such as the A4 and TT. Standard navigation with a high resolution can be controlled via voice commands, buttons on the steering wheel, or a click wheel on the center console. Standard features include a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

2023 Audi R8 All Black Parts Images
2023 Audi R8 All Black Parts Images

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2023 Audi R8 GT

The conclusion has finally arrived. Audi‘s 5.2-liter V-10 and V-10s in general, as well as its mid-engine R8 supercar. It appears that 2023 will be the final model year, making this limited-edition R8 GT, which joins the R8 coupe and spyder lineup, the final variant.

Prior to that, engineers desired to accomplish something unique. What is a record label’s go-to course of action when its star artist has made all the important music and hangs up the guitar? A compilation of all of the artist’s greatest hits, plus an additional track. For Led Zeppelin fans, this is the Mothership of the R8. If you prefer music from this side of the millennium, The Best of One Direction is the album for you.

In contrast to the preceding string of words, the 2023 Audi R8 GT will have the opposite effect. It is easy to drive and throttle-controllable. As we swept through a turn, we quickly reached the rear end’s traction limit, where a slight increase in power caused the rear end to step out. Never in a frightening manner We still miss the gated manual transmission from the first-generation R8, but the GT’s seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission shifts even quicker than before. In its most aggressive modes, the carbon-fiber and aluminum monocoque structure reverberates with the ferocious energy of a wide-open throttle upshift at 8700 rpm.


Audi is only selling 333 GTs worldwide, 150 of which are sold in the United States. There will be fifty of each color, red, gray, and black, or one for every other Audi dealer. Each vehicle is marked with its build number, which is etched into the carbon-fiber center-console trim. We spent a day in southern Spain at Circuito Monteblanco, where Audi had cars 62 through 64 available for laps, along with additional pre-production models not included in the official count. Indeed, the more desirable early-number vehicles are produced later in the production cycle.


Starting with the R8 V10 Performance RWD we tested almost a year ago, Audi increased the V10’s output to 602 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque, matching that of the R8 V10 Performance Quattro. That’s 40 more horsepower and 7 more pound-feet than the standard rear-wheel-drive coupe, and it’s the first time the R8 has featured a pusher chassis.

New 20-inch 10-spoke forged wheels reduce curb weight by more than 20 pounds, carbon brakes shed an additional 27.6 pounds, and an aluminum and carbon front anti-roll bar shaves off 4.4 pounds. An abundance of Alcantara in the cabin and a slight reduction in soundproofing contribute to weight savings. Audi reports that the US-specific curb weight is 3,516 pounds, 55 pounds less than the standard R8 V10 RWD.

The carbon fiber aero kit upgrade includes a larger front splitter, larger side sills, additional flicks on the leading corners, vertical aero planes on the rear fenders, and that rear wing with gooseneck supports.


The 2023 Audi R8 GT is 40 horsepower more powerful than the standard rear-wheel-drive R8 and the most powerful rear-wheel-drive vehicle in the company’s history. Perhaps this is why the Quattro brand is so focused on drifting talk. In fact, the R8 GT is the only R8 to receive a new feature called Torque Rear, with seven settings for increasing rear-wheel slip. According to Audi officials, the term “drift mode” is too ambiguous from a regulatory standpoint. It’s more of a fun mode than a track tool, as it’s designed to allow a decent amount of wheelspin while making it more difficult for an unskilled driver to exit Cars & Coffee like a Mustang.

Click the newly added checkered flag button on the steering wheel, then turn a knob to adjust. Level 1 does not permit sufficient slip for a discernible drift, whereas Level 7 provides only slight power reduction. Contrary to Ferrari‘s Side Slip Angle Control, Torque Rear is not a spin prevention system. Ask us how we came to this conclusion.


2023 Audi R8 GT Performance

The GT is not a complete parts-bin vehicle, but it does borrow numerous components from the existing lineup. On other R8s, the front anti-roll bar made of carbon fiber is a $1100 option. It has identical rigidity to the bar it replaces and saves 4.4 pounds. The GT also receives the shorter gearing of the all-wheel-drive models, with the third through seventh gear ratios shorter by 4 to 29 percent, as well as standard carbon-ceramic brakes and bucket seats, which are part of the $12,900 Dynamic package on other R8s.

The GT features brand-new forged 20-inch wheels wrapped in the same size Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires as the rest of the lineup. European R8 GTs feature a height- and damping-adjustable coil-over suspension that is not available on American models. Even the adaptive dampers found on all-wheel-drive models are omitted from ours, as they are fixed.

Acceleration won’t be able to match that of the all-wheel-drive R8; plan on a 60-mph time in the very low threes and a quarter-mile right around 11 flat. The GT’s fixed-back bucket seats are comfortable for their category; they are neither narrow nor have pronounced side bolsters. They retain both power height and manual fore-aft adjustments.


In contrast to its relentlessly manic corporate cousin, the Lamborghini Huracán, the R8 appears to have a more everyday-driving character, including a luggage shelf behind the front seats. The GT is conceptually similar to the rear-wheel-drive Huracán Tecnica.

If you’re curious about how this final, best R8 compares to the Corvette Z06, Audi claims you’re not one of its customers and there’s virtually no overlap between Corvette and R8 buyers. You shouldn’t be surprised, however, that the R8 struggles to justify a price that is more than twice that of the Z06. The Z06 makes more power (although it’s more than a hundred pounds heavier) and revs nearly as high.

The R8’s grip levels did not feel as high as those of the Z06, although a slightly damp track during our test drive likely played a role. However, we are confident in stating that it would be difficult for the Z06 to lose on most courses.


If the GT’s price of $253,290 seems steep, it’s likely because it costs $91,895 more than a standard 2023 rear-wheel-drive R8 coupe. The GT’s premium, however, drops to $53,900 once all available options have been selected. GTs also sport an extensive carbon-fiber aero package, which includes a large, fixed rear wing, front diffuser and canards, and an element behind the rear wheels. Therefore, American automobiles are slightly heavier than their European counterparts. Laser headlights, sport exhaust, dynamic steering, a B&O stereo, and carbon-fiber mirror caps, door sills, and side blades are included as standard equipment. The GT is reportedly 55 pounds lighter than the standard rear-wheel-drive R8 and approximately 120 pounds lighter than the all-wheel-drive coupe.

A reduction in sound deadening contributes to the R8’s increased volume, and U.S. cars are even louder due to the absence of particulate filters mandated for the European market. The V-10’s sweet escalating melodies were always muffled by a helmet, making it difficult to get a good read from the Euro-spec cars we drove.

The base price of the 2023 Audi R8 V10 GT RWD in the United States will be $249,900, plus $1,495 for destination and $1,300 for the gas guzzler tax. The subtotal equals $252,695. There will only be three color options available: Daytona Gray, Mythos Black, and Tango Red.

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