2023 Dodge Journey Dimensions Dash Cover
2023 Dodge Journey Dimensions Dash Cover

2023 Dodge Journey Full Review New

The arrival of the 2023 Dodge Journey was definitely the biggest news from the FCA. However, it overshadowed the discontinuation of other SUVs from the lineup. You won’t find a ride at dealerships in 2021, and the company won’t bring it back next year either. Well, going back is really questionable, especially when you consider how many Dodges we’ve seen parked. The focus is on Ram and Jeep. Unfortunately, the Dodge Journey will likely not take place in 2023.

why? The SUV was recently dropped due to slow sales. In addition, FCA plans to increase production of its most popular cars. By laying off the trip, the company will save some manpower and production capacity for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Durango, and Ram 1500. On the other hand, it won’t be left vacant. You can always cut a line out of a Durango or Grand Cherokee and get a midsize SUV with the extra space.

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The 2023 Dodge Journey is unlikely to happen and the company is heading to new projects. Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer have already been announced and more electric and hybrid vehicles will be produced in the near future. Travel without return like many other Dodge cars such as the Dakota, the Barracuda and another recent version – the Grand Caravan MPV.

2023 Dodge Journey Manual Mpg Msrp
2023 Dodge Journey Manual Mpg Msrp

officially discontinued

The 2023 Dodge Journey will belong to the mid-size two-row SUV market. It falls between two of the most popular categories: the compact crossover and the seven-seat. We expect Journey to bring together the best elements from those layers. But critics will say that the two-row SUV confuses the flaws. For example, a 2023 flight will be lighter than a Durango, which means you get better miles on gas. But the cost is paid off with the lack of power and space in the car. These are advantages over compact crossovers. However, SUVs cost more and consume more fuel. The best way to think about this class is to compare sales, and those numbers made it clear why the trip was discontinued.

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2023 Dodge Journey Replacement

Return of the painting is unlikely. We saw other Dodges were parked and never came back. With slow sales and a not-so-popular history, the chances of seeing a 2023 Dodge Journey are slim. So it’s better to talk about substitution because FCA leaves blank. No pocket model can offer comparable dimensions and prices. The Grand Cherokee and Durango are larger, although there are two-seat versions. Compass and Cherokee are compact models and one of them could grow in the future and replace the Dodge Journey.

2023 Dodge Journey Weight Width Images
2023 Dodge Journey Weight Width Images

What to buy instead of a 2023 Dodge Journey?

As mentioned, the mid-size two-row SUV market is not very popular. If you have this in mind, you can guess it’s not that big. Some of the alternatives that you can find are Honda Passport and Nissan Murano. Even Ford is considering ending production of the Edge. The Chevy Blazer is one of the rare examples of newcomers in recent years.

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