2023 Ford Fusion Engine Options Suv
2023 Ford Fusion Engine Options Suv

2023 Ford Fusion Active, Energy, Hybrid Full Review New

2023 Ford Fusion Active. When it comes to cars, Ford is definitely a company that stands out with its high-quality machinery and design. They have developed many products throughout the year, from sports cars with four-wheel drive to hybrid cars. This year, they combined two favorites of many, an SUV and a sedan, into the 2023 Ford Fusion Active.

Yes, Ford combines the two designs and makes a car that can beat both segments in the market. The car will replace the Ford Fusion Sedan, hence the name behind it. In general, the car looks like a station wagon because it is longer than a regular SUV.

As for the target audience, it is aimed at young users with family needs. With styling like a sedan, the company hopes it will appeal to the tastes of young people. Since it is larger than a sedan, the car can also be used for family use. When the car hits the market, it will become a new competitor to the Subaru Outback and Regal TourX. So, what are the updates on this new car?

exterior design

There aren’t many details from Ford about the specifics of the vehicle. In the released photos, people can clearly see that this car is a mixture of sedans and SUVs. It is a hybrid between the Ford Fusion and the SUV launched by Ford.

People can see that the length of the car is long while the height is as short as a sedan. The front has an oval shape and detailing just like the Ford Fusion. For the rear, it will most likely be an SUV with a flat short trunk.

In terms of color and exterior design, the 2023 Ford Fusion Active is more elegant and simple in appearance compared to an SUV. Ford SUVs are usually made with bold designs that make them look sturdy and cool. But for this car, the car is simpler and softer, like the Ford Fusion.

This combination of design makes the car a great choice for both a city and family car. It is also suitable for both men and women as the design is simple and elegant. It may not be the best car for a long adventure in the woods or in the mountains.

Fusion Active Details and comfort inside

The 2023 Ford Fusion Active energetic interior is still a mystery, but from the outside, people can tell that it will be spacious. It will have room in front of the passenger seat and in luggage behind. The car may be suitable for transportation within or between cities. When looking at the design, people are of the opinion that the interior will be almost like a Mustang crossover.

All we know is that the interior will be high-tech, making the car high-tech. Like the latest Fords, people say it’ll come with fewer buttons, too. So don’t panic if you don’t see anything in the car and only a screen to control the media in the car.

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There is no official news about the machine that will be used in this car. However, some reports indicate that a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine will be used in the car. This machine can send power to all wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission, giving it great speed and power.

Plug-in hybrids such as the Fusion may also be present in the new Active Car. If true, the new 2023 Ford Fusion Active would be a fuel-friendly and fuel-efficient car. But remember, this is not official yet, so we will have to wait for the latest engine update.

Features and connectivity

The other cool thing that will come in the 2023 Ford Fusion Active is the advanced technology. A must have version of the latest Sync infotainment system on this new car. This technology allows people to sync their Apple or Android system with the car.

The Ford Active will also likely come with built-in navigation that helps people on the road. Without having to type the place, people can say the place and the map helps with navigation. This is an improved version of Ford‘s in-car navigation map.

For connectivity, there can be a Wi-Fi hotspot, where people can connect to the internet wherever they are. This will also support people to browse and make the most of apps in the car. It will definitely be a high-tech car compared to the other competitors.

The 2023 Active has not yet been crash tested and there is no result from IIHS yet. Throughout these years, Ford has been known as a company that cares about its safety. Therefore, the active vehicle may come with standard Ford safety features such as emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, etc.

2023 Ford Fusion Active Release date and Price

With everything still uncertain, there’s no fixed price for the new 2023 Ford Fusion Active. With some information released, the car will be available for around $30,000 – $40,000. It will be available in dealerships by the end of 2023, so people will have to be a little patient to see what this car looks like.

There is not much information yet to conclude whether the 2023 Ford Fusion Active is worth buying or not. But the design alone makes the car very good for a family car. It might not be the best city car, but it’s great for those who want a big city car.

2023 Ford Fusion Specs Usa Cost Review
2023 Ford Fusion Specs Usa Cost Review

2023 Ford Fusion Energy

Ford has reintroduced one of its sedan innovations in the form of the new 2023 Ford Fusion Energy, which competes and has carved a niche for itself in the auto market. Ford Fusion Energy 2023 is a family sedan equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, as well as a 7.5 kW electric motor, providing a total maximum power of 189 hp.

The latest generation of New 2023 Ford Fusion Energy is equipped with many advanced features in the form of the 360 ​​Co-pilot system that allows the driver to easily check blind spots, in-vehicle collision warnings and even automatic and spontaneous brake control.


The new 2023 Ford Fusion Energy is a beautiful sedan that offers comfort inside the cabin, starting with the seats made of smooth leather that makes the perfect impression, although it is equipped with heated seats in the front seats and in each incline seat.

The advanced and modern systems and features introduced in the 2023 Ford Fusion Energy allow the concept to maintain its market positioning and stay ahead of its competitors such as the new Chevrolet Malibu 2023 and 2023 Honda Accord, and even two other competitors, the Chevrolet Volt 2023 and 2023 Chevrolet volts. New Honda Clarity Electric 2023.

2023 Ford Fusion Energy New Exterior

The latest generation of 2023 Ford Fusion Energy has dimensions that are not much different from other hybrid vehicles. The Fusion Energy 2023 is approximately 191.7 inches long, 58.0 inches high and 75.3 inches wide and can carry a maximum payload of 4,000 pounds, even heavier than gasoline hybrid vehicles. The drivetrain uses front-wheel drive (FWD), backed by 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels covered in silver paint. The front and rear are equipped with LED lights like other sports car displays, the rearview mirror can automatically reduce the light, and there is also an automatic rain detection system on the windshield wiper. The Ford Fusion 2023 has a payload capacity of 97.2 inches or 8.1 feet.

In 2023 Ford Fusion Energy will offer several color options, including Red Metallic Tinted Clear Coat, Magnetic Metallic, and Agate Black Metallic, among many other color options. Darker color choices are highly recommended as they can give a more attractive exterior impression with distinctive chrome features. There will be more flash on the electric tailgate, and even an offer of additional features for certain options, such as an additional electric sunroof and an offer to choose exterior colors with special color options, of course at an additional cost.

2023 Ford Fusion Energy cabin redesign

Inside, the interior of the new 2023 Ford Fusion Energy offers many advanced features compared to the previous year. With many advanced features, premium interior design and equipped with the new infotainment system. The new 2023 Ford Fusion Energy can accommodate up to 5 passengers, the seats are upholstered in leather, even the steering wheel is upholstered in heated leather and is also supported by an adjustable tilt level.

The front seats provide clear, unobstructed viewing angles for increased driving comfort, cool air is combined with standard ventilation, the remote start function can be controlled, and dual climate controls operate automatically. A key feature of the new Ford Energy 2023 is the Copilot 360 feature, which can help the driver stay on track without neglecting standard driver and passenger safety features.

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For the infotainment system, the 2023 Ford Fusion Energy Refresh is equipped with an LCD touchscreen and industry-leading Sync 3 system on all Ford variants, including Apple Carplay and Android-based features. This feature is combined with the navigation system that can receive voice commands connected to the SiriusXM radio. For added comfort, this vehicle is also equipped with a 12-speaker audio system adapted from Sony’s surround sound capable of producing clear sound. There are also two USB charging ports on the dashboard.

2023 Ford Fusion Energy Engine Model

The new 2023 Ford Fusion Energy is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric motor of 88 kW. This engine is mated to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that automatically produces 189 hp, allowing it to go from 0 to 70 mph in 8.0 seconds, at speeds that are progressively capable of producing power. Add up to 7 hp than before when revving in EV mode.

Based on plug-in hybrids, the PHEV with a 7.5 kWh battery capacity is estimated to be able to reach a maximum of 580 miles, in which case the battery can be recharged with 110 volts of household electricity in less than 8 hours. , or about 3 hours at a time. Voltage 220 volts.

2023 Ford Fusion Energy Price

With the advanced features and features on offer, the 2023 Ford Fusion Energy Release varies with the standard price in each country, but in fact the new Ford Fusion 2023 is priced on the market at a base price of $37,500.

However, Ford offers an optional $1,090 surcharge for the surcharge to install an electric sunroof. Also additional offers on special exterior color options ranging from $300 to $500.

2023 Ford Fusion Sedan Lease Msrp Pictures
2023 Ford Fusion Sedan Lease Msrp Pictures


The Ford Fusion range has been around for two generations and was in service for about 15 years before the auto giant announced its retirement in 2020. The decision also underscores how the Ford sedans sector has been eroded by the dramatically increasing popularity of pickups and SUVs. However, there are some rumors that Fusions, including the hybrid variant, will be back soon. How accurate is the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid launch report likely? Find out below.

2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid discontinuation report

Amid a fiercely competitive segment, Ford Fusion offers amazing versatility with four engine options – two electric and one with an AWD system. While it may not be as luxurious or unique as the Mazda 6 or Honda Accord as its direct competitors, the Fusion can offer a comfortable ride, stylish design and a spacious cabin. The Fusion trim levels consist of six levels to cater to those who want luxury and those who are content with the basics.

The 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid is one of the versions in this group with a hybrid petrol-electric powertrain. It was first released on the US market as a 2010 model in 2009, along with its two variants: the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid.

After the market and production development of Fusion, the second generation was the last. This second generation was released and marketed around October 2012 as 2013 under the brand partnership between Ford and Lincoln. Subsequently, its add-on counterpart, Fusion Energi, was launched in the United States in early 2014.

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2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid powertrain

So far, the hype that the Ford Fusion Hybrid will return in 2023 remains just a rumor. However, you may want to learn how to reveal the latest upgrade for this model. In the final year of 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid will receive only a handful of updates, with the exception of a number of aesthetic revamps according to different trim levels.

The 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid comes with an electric motor and a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 195 horsepower. The engine is connected to a CVT (Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission). Its plug-in counterpart, Fusion Energi, belongs to the same group. It also generates a similar amount of power because it uses a similar motor, plus a more prominent battery pack at just 21km of electric power per full charge, thanks to that larger battery in the Plus version. The Fusion Hybrid also performs better with smoother cornering and stiffer suspension tuning in road performance.

2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid Potential hybrid ancestor

Unfortunately, the chances of a return for the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid are slim, as it wasn’t phased out until 2020. The mid-size sedans segment has been wiped out from the manufacturer to shift its focus to truck and SUV models, which are certainly much more favourite. . in the US market today.

This does not mean that the segment is suffering in other parts of the world. The automaker is working on a redesigned Fusion prototype. It was previously suspected that it would be Fusion Active to be launched in the US. However, it was recently reported that the traditional sedan discovered by the espionage is unlikely to be sold in America.

Instead, it was revealed that the new sedan will be marketed in China as the Ford Mondeo. If anything, the Mondeo gives a glimpse of what the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid could have been. The Mondeo is also said to be going to the European market. The Mondeo has a slightly angular front end – a distinct Ford design language found in other products such as Ford Evos, although the rear appears to be inspired by the EV Mustang Mach-E crossover. Dimensions and proportions are comparable to a standard mid-size sedan.

2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid Return Chance

Is there a chance for the 2023 Ford Fusion Hybrid to hit the US market? Well, at this point it is safe to say that the probability is closer to zero. However, you can expect another Fusion variant to appear, such as the redesigned Fusion Active, with the Focus Active and Fiesta Active design getting a lot of responsiveness on the outside.

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