2023 Ford Ranchero Seat Length Custom
2023 Ford Ranchero Seat Length Custom

2023 Ford Ranchero Full Review New

2023 Ford Ranchero. One of the interesting things about the auto industry today is the huge demand for different types of pickups. Not only are large and medium-sized trucks gaining popularity every year, but there is also a newly formed compact pickup segment, in which Ford launched the Maverick. However, Blue Oval is not going to stop there, if we believe the rumors. It looks like another model is on the way – the Ford Ranchero 2023.

The older generation is quite familiar with this palette. For decades, it has been used for company models in the coupe segment. We assume that the new model will include a similar design, albeit with a lot of modern flavor. At this point, officials are still holding out on this comeback. The Ford Ranchero 2023 is still just a rumor, so be sure to approach this article with plenty of stock.

2023 Ford Ranchero Redesign

When it comes to the basic styling, we’re assuming the 2023 Ford Ranchero will be very similar to the outgoing model. It will come with several design solutions that distinguish its famous predecessor. We like to think that this refers primarily to body style. Of course, we are talking about the design of the famous coupe ute. It has not been around for decades but can find a way to a certain number of buyers in this niche.

However, the new model will be adapted to the modern market in several ways. For example, we’d prefer that the new model also be offered in a double cabin layout rather than just one row of seats. When it comes to mechanics, this model will rely heavily on passenger cars. More precisely, it will probably run on the same C2 platform as models such as the Ford Escape and Ford Focus. We assume that aesthetics will also be shared by these two models.

2023 Ford Ranchero Interior Rumors

If the 2023 Ford Ranchero is to share parts with the Escape and Focus, we assume that several cabin designs will also be shared. This mainly refers to the design of the dashboard, which will have almost the same design. That means we’ll likely see all the new stuff coming with the 2022 Ford Focus, as well as the upcoming 2023 Escape, which will bring a bigger infotainment screen and a few other tech updates.

In terms of seating configuration, the previous generation was known for its single cab design. However, things are a little different these days and we doubt that such a design would be very successful. Therefore, we are sure that a double cabin version will also be offered, with a spacious second row and can easily accommodate adults.

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2023 Ford Ranchero Powertrain Specification Performance

The powertrain offering will likely start with a smaller 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine, which produces around 181 horsepower. However, we have no doubt that Blue Oval will also offer a more powerful 2.0-liter Turbo-four unit. This one generates about 250 horsepower. Finally, keep in mind that the previous Rancheros are also available in the Performance version. Therefore, we would not be surprised to see such a variant of the Ford Ranchero 2023 either.

Also, don’t rule out the possibility of seeing the new Ranchero in a hybrid version. After all, we live in an age of electrification, while the Escape is already available in two hybrid variants, with a classic hybrid setup and plug-ins.

2023 Ford Ranchero Release date

We think the 2023 Ford Ranchero could arrive by the end of this year. If that happens, we assume that the company will still be affordable. We assume it will be cheaper than the Maverick, which indicates that the base version will cost around $20,000.

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2023 Ford Ranchero Models Forum Ranger
2023 Ford Ranchero Models Forum Ranger

2023 Ford Ranchero Update

The 2023 Ford Ranchero returns. However, this model will not make it to the United States. Instead, the Ranchero will go on sale in South America, at least for the first year of production. This is another pickup truck, after the Ford Maverick.

The compact pickup truck division is on fire right now, with the aforementioned Maverick and the smaller Hyundai Santa Cruz driving the line. However, the Ranchero is a very attractive model, due to the fact that it is a unibody model. Sales will start late next year and here’s everything we know so far.


We do not yet know what the new Ford Ranchero 2023 will look like. Image rendering is very unreliable, so it’s popular at the moment. On the other hand, the Ranchero image has the same design as the Ford Focus. The pickup truck model has increased ground and berth clearance. Oddly enough, the Ranchero will have a two-piece wheelbase and crew cab.

As mentioned earlier, the Ranchero truck will be built on the same platform as the Focus hatchback. On the other hand, the Ranchero pickup will have a larger platform, and the new model will be larger than the Courier Pickup. More information will be released next month.

2023 Ford Ranchero Gt Australia Argentina
2023 Ford Ranchero Gt Australia Argentina

Interior Features

The cabin of the Ford Ranchero 2023 was once again based on the Escape Crossover SUV. The Ranchero, on the other hand, will be a low-cost pickup truck, so we didn’t expect this level of luxury. However, the Blue Oval will offer a practical cabin with plenty of interior space.

Ford is almost certain to deliver luxury, but only in the highest trim levels. The base model has lower quality materials, upholstery, and a smaller screen. The Ranchero will come standard with a 7-inch touchscreen display and an upgraded SYNC3 infotainment system. We don’t know if the SYNC4 infotainment system will be offered, but it seems unlikely at the moment.

Machine Capability

The future Ford Ranchero 2023 will almost certainly include a power plant smaller than the EcoBoost. As a basic engine option, there is a 1.5-liter EcoBoost petrol unit. According to reliable sources, a larger 2.0-liter EcoBoost will be available as an option. Some reports point to a 2.3-liter engine similar to that found in the Focus RS variant.

At the moment, we cannot confirm if this is an official set of devices. The Ranchero will not be powered by electricity, and the high-performance variant remains a mystery. Diesel is possible, but not in the US. In South America, Ford will instead sell a diesel-powered Ranchero.

2023 Ford Ranchero Release Date, Price

A standard 2023 Ford Ranchero costs about $20,000 or a little less. The Ranchero, as previously mentioned, will replace the Courier in South America and go on sale next summer. Sales will start in Brazil, and this pickup truck will not make it to the United States. Of course, this could change in the future, but it’s very unlikely in the next two or three years.

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2023 Ford Ranchero Dimensions Engine
2023 Ford Ranchero Dimensions Engine


It’s been over 40 years since the last Ranchero truck was released. Rumors of a comeback have been circulating for some time. Now, with Ford bringing back the old names, fans are thinking more about the old board. On the other hand, the Ford Ranchero 2023 is unlikely, especially without references from official sources. In addition, another major project is in progress. Finally, the Ford truck lineup is complete. We don’t know where Ranchero 2023 could land.

The F-150 is the best-selling pickup truck ever. The Super Duty features two Series 2 and 3 models. Below the F-Series is the Ranger. Midsize trucks are returning to the United States after a lull in production due to the economic downturn and lack of interest in this class. Ford also began production of the Maverick compact truck. The remaining options for the 2023 Ford Ranchero are hybrid or electric models.

Why Didn’t The Ford Ranchero 2023 Happen?

The Ranchero is a truck based on cars. This type of vehicle has not been around for a long time. So, the return of the pickup truck falls under a big question mark. But, let’s check out some other options. There are trucks built on one-piece tires. Hyundai Santa Cruz will join the Honda Ridgeline. However, the Japanese model is the slowest selling in the mid-size market. So building a Ford Ranchero 2023 as a monocoque truck isn’t the smartest idea.

But Blue Oval will do its best to cover a larger market share. One of the positives of Ranchero is the lack of competition at the moment. But Ford is testing the market with a compact pickup truck. Another experiment could cost more money that could be invested in electricity, which seems like a safe bet.


The biggest competitor to the Ford Ranchero 2023 is the Chevy El Camino. We analyze the return of the legend of the tie, which is also unlikely. However, GM has more room to return the old board. For example, it can be a pickup truck or even a sports version of the Colorado. Like the Ranger, GM is bringing back one of the most popular models – the S-10. But this truck did not come to the United States. It is completely different from the Ranchero and the Chevrolet El Camino.

Ford Plan

The truck market generates the largest profits for auto manufacturers. The larger the model, the more money was spent. The Super Duty segment generated the most revenue per unit, but the F-150 was the best seller, apart from all the other models. At the bottom of the chart is a pickup truck. This is what killed the last version of Ranchero. Now, there is no point in bringing it back. On the other hand, there is an electric truck on the way, and every penny spent on developing such a vehicle is a smart investment. By 2030, Ford will have every model in the lineup with an all-electric unit. Some say that by 2035, engines with conventional configurations will cease to be produced.


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