2023 Honda Br V All Features Length Colors
2023 Honda Br V All Features Length Colors

2023 Honda BR-V Full Review New

The 2023 Honda BR-V is an imminent crossover that will debut next year. As you know, the BR-V is a fashionable model in Asian countries, and its name is an abbreviation of “Bold Runabout Vehicle”. The first generation was introduced in 2015 and since then sales of this design have been increasing every year.

This crossover is more affordable than the well-known HR-V and offers three rows of seats. Honda hasn’t revealed anything about the second generation, but we’ll make sure the Novice gets to ride the scratched podium. However, the BR-V is not the most beautiful small crossover compared to other competitors.

2023 Honda BR-V Engine Specifications

The all-new 2023 Honda BR-V is powered by a 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine capable of producing 120 horsepower at 6600 rpm and 145 Nm of torque at 4300 rpm.

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According to Honda, power is directed to the front wheels via a variable transmission, which is all-new and more efficient than the previous six-speed automatic transmission. In addition to this engine, we also expect Honda to offer at least one option to remain competitive.

2023 Honda Br V Awd Legroom Vtec Price
2023 Honda Br V Awd Legroom Vtec Price


The design of the upcoming 2023 Honda BR-V has been revived and the new crossover looks much better than ever. The platform of the second generation has been changed, but we still do not understand whether this design will use some of the mechanisms of the Mobilio minivan. If you look at this model from the front, at first you will see many similarities with the design of the HR-V.

They both share the same grille and headlights. The BR-V features more chrome around the grille, which is somewhat smaller compared to HRVs. To be honest, it doesn’t look good from the back. It has weird taillights and a smaller bumper than before.

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2023 Honda BR-V Cabin Features

The upcoming 2023 Honda BR-V looks more modern on the inside. This compact crossover is one of the rarest and offers 3 rows of seats and there is not enough space for seven passengers. In the back there is a place for young children. On the other hand, we expect this model to offer more basic features than before and a much larger infotainment system.

2023 Honda Br V All Features Length Colors
2023 Honda Br V All Features Length Colors

From what we’ve heard, the all-new design will come with a suite of Honda sensing systems, including Lane Departure Warning, Collision Restriction Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Restriction. Likewise, do not forget about blind spot tracking and the vehicle exit warning system.

2023 Honda BR-V Release date and price

The 2023 Honda BR-V will likely debut sometime next year. Many believe that this design will be presented on a few upcoming occasions. With Covid-19 still among us, there is a high potential for delay. As discussed, the second generation Honda BR-V will come with plenty of upgrades, especially on the inside. In general, we don’t expect a significant price increase over the first generation.

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It will most likely have a starting price of around $18,000 at current exchange rates. Due to its release, the BR-V was presented in 255,000 units. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the HR-V and BR-V aren’t Honda‘s only subcompact crossovers. The producer also sells the smaller WR-V in South America.


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