2023 Honda Integra Awd Spec Automatic Length
2023 Honda Integra Awd Spec Automatic Length

2023 Honda Integra Full Review New

The 2023 Honda Integra is a car inherited from its twin brother, the new 2023 Honda Civic sedan, and both on the outside and inside, they are nearly identical. The 2023 Integra offers a stunning paintwork design, taller and slimmer proportions, and looks more sporty than the 2023 Honda Civic Sedan.

Reportedly, the new 2023 Integra concept is also set to enter the US market, initially offered only for the Chinese market. However, there are some differences between the Honda Civic 2023 and the Honda Integra, one of which is that both were developed in different places. The most noticeable difference can also be found in the model design and also in the colors shown for these two cars.

2023 Integra new exterior look

From the outside, the 2023 Integra’s design looks more sporty than the Civic 2023. At the front, this vehicle features an adaptive LED matrix headlight-style lighting system designed to be slimmer and look more integrated with the grille. At the front there is also a large grille with a honeycomb design that gives a sporty impression. Furthermore, the new 2023 Honda Integra has larger wheels than the 2023 Honda Civic Concept, i.e. 18 inches. At the rear, it is also equipped with a brake light that supports LED lights and is L-shaped. Not only that, it is also fitted in the rear with a fake diffuser, a luggage compartment spoiler and also carries a dual exhaust tip in a sporty design.

2023 Honda Integra Specs Reliable Availability
2023 Integra Specs Reliable Availability

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The Honda Integra sedan has an overall length of around 185 inches, which makes the new 2023 Integra look a bit taller than the new 2023 Civic. This car is 71 inches as wide as its sedan sister. The choice of exterior color also looks more striking than the 2023 Civic sedan, as this car offers two color options, the new new Emerald Blue and Fire Yellow.

Honda Integra new interior

Honda introduces the new Honda Integra with a stylish and comfortable interior concept with easy-to-use controls. The materials in the cabin are also similar to the new Civic Sedan 2023, which is dominated by hard plastic, but in general the cabin looks high-quality and durable. On the dashboard, you see a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system designed to have a separate control system. This vehicle also provides a good view of the driver’s seat and can ensure comfort for every passenger seat.

The 2023 Integra is still the same as its sibling, the Honda Civic 2023 sedan, and it is also a two-row sedan that can seat only five passengers in the cabin. This vehicle is also equipped with a good capacity cargo to carry goods or family bags. The Honda Integra Concept 2023’s rear seat has 34 inches of headroom and 37.5 inches of legroom, so adults filling the rear passenger seat will have no problem and feel very comfortable.

2023 Honda Integra engine

On the engine side, the 2023 Honda Integra is equipped with a powerful engine you can count on, a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine capable of producing a maximum power of 180 horses and an impressive 177 pound-feet of torque. The power generated by the new Integra Turbo engine is similar to that of the 2023 Honda CIvic Sedan, and power from the car is directed to the front wheels via a smooth six-speed manual transmission.

2023 Honda Integra Mugen Hp Interior 0 100
2023 Honda Integra Mugen Hp Interior 0 100

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2023 Integra price release

Honda has not leaked the quoted price of the Honda Civic 2023 sedan twin. But it is said that the price of the new Honda Integra will not be far from the quoted price of the 2023 Civic sedan, which is about 28 thousand dollars. This price does not include registration fees and taxes.

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