2023 Hongqi H5 Dimensions
2023 Hongqi H5 Dimensions

2023 Hongqi H5 Full Review New

On March 10, Hongqi officially released the official image of the new generation 2023 Hongqi H5. degree and atmosphere. The new car is expected to be officially launched in the future and go on sale within a year. You can find more visual information about the Hongqi H5 exhibition by scrolling up. 2021 FAW Hongqi E-HS9

Compared with the old design, the new generation of Hongqi H5 has undergone a significant upgrade in appearance and has been allowed to remain in the size of a mid-size car. The air intake grille in the Alpine style family style is accompanied by slim headlights on both sides, and uses a separate design. The interface is completely recognizable as a family, similar to the small Hongqi H9.


The improved all-new 2023 Hongqi H5 luxury sedan, available in China only, is the Mazda 6 on steroids. The Hongqi H5 is much more powerful, faster, and more cost-effective than the Mazda 6 it depends on.

On the other hand, the aspects of the all-new 2023 Hongqi H5 generation are really smooth. On the other hand, the new continuous backlight assembly is also the current Hongqi family design, but it is more elegant and concise than the Hongqi H9 taillights.

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In terms of color matching, the new car will offer Alpine White, Meiye Black II, Hongqi Red, Quantum Silver Grey, Aurora Blue and Yaoye Brown. As for the power outlet, the official has not yet revealed details of the specific power of the new car. It is said that the brand new generation of Hongqi H5 will be built on a horizontal platform and is expected to be equipped with an all-new 2.0T engine.

2023 Hongqi H5 Interior Price
2023 Hongqi H5 Interior Price

2023 Hongqi H5 Exterior and Interior

On the outside, the modified H5 features a panoramic roof, a revised grille and a completely new hood design. The previous H9’s design is not the same. The new vehicle includes a vertical main control screen with a row of faster way buttons below the screen, and the full LCD dashboard will continue to be used. The interior of the car is covered with soft products as much as possible, and the dark red interior reveals the characteristic side of Hongqi. There is a wide armrest in the middle and the fragile electronic small gearshift lever and electronic handbrake are used.

This series of spy photos not only revealed the look of the all-new generation Hongqi H5, but also revealed the interior design details of the all-new car. It is reported that the new generation Hongqi H5 will be officially launched in the near future and will go on sale within a year.

In appearance, the new car adopts the current design style of the Hongqi family, with the large radiator grille and vertical waterfall element inside, with the vertical Hongqi emblem in the center and the narrow and long headlights on both sides, making the new car look very elegant and atmospheric. At the same time, the slightly shovel-shaped front lip and high air intake on both sides provide a sense of movement.

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Inside, it features an upgraded infotainment system, including a 10-inch touchscreen, advanced voice control and wireless charging. But the improved Chinese Hongqi H5 is more powerful, faster and more fuel-efficient than the car based on it.

2023 Hongqi H5 Dimensions
2023 Hongqi H5 Dimensions

2023 Hongqi H5 Engine and Prices

Under the hood is a 1.8 turbo petrol engine coupled with a 48-volt starter alternator, generating a total power of 197 hp. The 2023 Hongqi H5 consumes 6.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (62 mi) in the combined cycle; That’s 0.6 liters less than the naturally aspirated Mazda 6. By comparison, the 2.5-liter four-cylinder that powered the Mazda 6 puts out 187 horsepower, although the turbocharged version has a total output of 250 horsepower.

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Other engine options for the H5 include 192-horsepower naturally aspirated 2.5-liter and 2.0-liter options, developing 150 horsepower. In China, the new 2023 Hongqi H5 with a staggering 1.8 engine sells for N9 million ($23,265), while the top variant costs N10.8 million ($27,900).