2023 Kia Stinger 0 60 Interior Specs
2023 Kia Stinger 0 60 Interior Specs

2023 Kia Stinger, Limited Edition Full Review New

When it comes to mysterious automobiles, the 2023 Kia Stinger may rank first. It is a sport sedan with SUV functionality. Kia with upscale styling and interior appointments. This car appears to be a low-slung coupe, but it can accommodate your spouse, your children, and enough luggage for a family road trip. Kia Stinger can easily slide around paved corners, but all-wheel drive is available for when a snowstorm strikes. Depending on your preferences in a new vehicle, the 2023 Kia Stinger may make you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.


Kia, the same auto manufacturer that sells the 120-hp Rio subcompact and the Soul crossover that was once marketed by guinea pigs, has a fantastic sports sedan that does not receive the respect or sales it merits. The Stinger is a four-door hatchback with standard rear-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive. The 2023 Kia Stinger is comparable to the BMW 4-series Gran Coupe, but its base price is comparable to that of an affordable sport compact. The base engine is a turbocharged four-cylinder with 300 horsepower.

The optional 368-hp twin-turbo V-6 is the primary way of stinging, and this combination was the first Kia to reach 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds. This vehicle handles well and has a surprisingly comfortable ride, in addition to a sleek exterior and a luxurious interior. Considering all of this, the Stinger should have more buzz, but it’s too late for that. Kia announced that 2023 will be the last year for its potent sports sedan, with high-powered EVs such as the EV6 GT taking its place.

2023 Kia Stinger Exterior

In 2023, the Kia Stinger will celebrate its fifth revolution around the sun with a streamlined lineup and two special edition models. Kia has also revealed that the production of its sports sedan will end in 2023. The availability of last year’s GT-Line, GT1, and GT2 models has been reduced to GT-Line and GT2. Kia also offers special edition Apex and Grand Tourer models. Apex is exclusive to the Stinger GT-Line and features black Brembo brakes, exhaust tips, fenders, and mirrors. The Grand Tourer, which is exclusive to the Stinger GT2, also features black exhaust tips, fenders, and mirrors.

However, the interior is customized with black suede seat inserts, suede dashboard trim, and sporty red stitching. In remembrance of the Stinger’s final model year, the Tribute Edition is limited to one thousand units worldwide and is painted in either Ascot Green or Moonscape matte gray. In addition, Brembo brake calipers and black accents are added. Customers will be able to identify which of the 1,000 special editions they are driving by displaying a unique badge.

The optimal configuration for the Stinger is the 368-hp twin-turbo V-6. This powertrain can only be obtained by ordering the GT2. All-wheel drive is available for an additional fee, but it replaces the rear-drive Stinger’s summer Michelin Pilot Sport tires with all-season tires. All-wheel drive decrease the top speed from 167 to 149 miles per hour. If you wish to enter the Stinger in a track day on a circuit with a very long straight, the additional 18 mph could prove useful.

2023 Kia Stinger Powertrain, Engine, and Performance

The 2023 Kia Stinger is available with two different turbocharged engines: a 300-hp, 2.5-liter turbo-four and a 368-hp, 3.3-liter twin-turbo V-6. The V-6’s exhilarating performance gets our enthusiast’s heart racing. Both engines are paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that, in our experience, shifts quickly at redline and is unobtrusive when left to shift on its own. However, we wish the paddle shifters were more responsive to driver input. The V-6-powered Stinger GT does not disappoint, however, for drivers with a singular focus on straight-line acceleration.

During our track testing, the all-wheel-drive Stinger GT2 accelerated from zero to sixty miles per hour in 4.6 seconds. It behaves well under normal driving conditions, but when pushed to the limit, it lacked the composure of its more established competition. Similarly, we detected some rear suspension complaints, including a disconcerting side step during hard cornering on a rough road, as well as some front-to-rear pitching during hard acceleration and braking runs. The GT2 is equipped with potent Brembo brakes that stop the vehicle quickly and fit well within this category of high-performance sedans. Without Brembo brakes and on all-season tires with less traction, the Stinger is less impressive.

2023 Kia Stinger Gt Line Awd Features
2023 Kia Stinger Gt Line Awd Features

Energy Efficiency and Real-World MPG

The rear-wheel-drive, four-cylinder Stinger has the best approximate fuel economy, with EPA ratings of 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. If all-wheel drive is added, EPA-estimated fuel economy drops to 21 and 29 mpg, respectively. Naturally, the more powerful V-6 engine is less fuel-efficient, with estimates of 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. With all-wheel drive, these estimates drop to 17 and 24 mpg. While we have not yet tested the new 2.5-liter turbo-four on our 75-mph highway route as part of our extensive testing protocol, the all-wheel-drive, V-6 model we evaluated achieved 26 mpg in that test. Visit the EPA website for more information about the Stinger’s fuel economy.

Cargo, Comfort, and Interior

The interior of the Kia Stinger is well-designed and attractive, but it cannot match the material quality or construction of the Audi A4 or BMW 3-series. However, the Kia is significantly less expensive than the German sedans. However, the Stinger provides a significantly more comfortable rear seat than many vehicles in this price range, and its space advantage feels even greater than the numbers indicate. While the interior of the Stinger is devoid of glaring errors and omissions, the overall effect is less refined than that of established luxury brands.

The Stinger’s stated trunk volume would indicate that it has the most cargo space in this group, but in our real-world cargo tests, it only led by a small margin. We had hoped the Stinger would perform even better in these measurements, given its large hatchback opening and long wheelbase. It has a larger-than-average center console, which helps to make up for the fact that the front door pockets are the smallest of this group.

Informational Entertainment and Connectivity

Kia‘s UVO infotainment system is used effectively in the Stinger and consists of an 8.0- or 10.3-inch touchscreen along with practical physical buttons. Standard features include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a nine-speaker stereo system. Audiophiles can upgrade to a 15-speaker Harman/Kardon stereo system, and Kia offers a plethora of other technological upgrades, including a wireless smartphone charging pad and in-dash navigation.

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How is technology? The Stinger offers a respectable selection of in-car technology and driver aids, but there’s nothing unique here compared to other midsize sedans. However, what Kia does offer is effective. The entertainment and navigation system is user-friendly. The home screen also allows for some customization. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration are standard, but wireless connectivity is unavailable. A wireless charging pad, several USB ports, and 12-volt outlets are available for charging.

The Stinger comes standard with a number of driver aids and safety features. Included are blind-spot monitoring and forward collision warning. The majority of the features are intuitive and effective. Kia also offers a lane-centering function. It’s intended to keep the vehicle centered in the lane, but it tugs constantly on the steering wheel and ping-pongs between the lane lines.

Fuel Economy

In combined city/highway driving, the Kia Stinger with a four-cylinder engine achieves an estimated 25 mpg, as estimated by the EPA. On Edmunds’ real-world evaluation route, the Stinger achieved 26.9 mpg, which is slightly less than other midsize sedans with comparable horsepower. This is as good or better than the majority of the competition.


The 4-cylinder GT-Line trim of the 2023 Kia Stinger costs $36,590, while the V6-powered GT2 model costs $51,780. AWD is a $2,200 option for both trim levels.

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2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition

Relax 15 years ago, we probably never would have believed that the KIA Stinger, an incredibly high-end sports sedan, could be a worthwhile choice for the BMW 4 Series Gran Audi and Coupé A5 Sportback. That said, that’s what the current automotive environment attributes to, and while KIA really has a way of getting into the real handling and luxury terms and conditions to be a direct competitor to German Fastback sedans, it’s a compelling decision. A new 2.5-liter turbo is coming for the 2022 update, though two engines will be available this year.


However, the exterior of the 2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition looks just as inviting as it did when we first saw it in 2017, and the Tiger Nasal area intake grille feels more at home here than almost any other vehicle available. maker. The base GT-Line comes with projector headlights with single zoom and some black stainless steel accents that give it an overall sporty look.

2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition Exterior

You go for discreet extractor hoods, equipment and directional lighting. According to the description, the Stinger will wear 18-inch four-door rims that are well-appointed with a bumper vent with intakes and curved arches. This curved roof top looks impressive and tapers off at the rear into a shroud rising from the trunk with reinforced taillights. Air vents in the rear fender provide an unforgiving look from the intake and are accompanied by a simulated diffuser with three exhaust guides split into two pairs.

2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition interior

The Spectacular 2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition often looks frustrating outdoors with an interior that’s nothing more than glamorous, and sad to say, that’s the circumstance in this article. While the exterior grabs your recognition and keeps you staring as you discover more fun details, the cabin is boring and monotonous by contrast. It looks and feels more like a competitor to old F-series BMWs than something that takes the newest and most functional Audi, even if it’s very good.

2023 Kia Stinger Engine Dimensions Drivetrain
2023 Kia Stinger Engine Dimensions Drivetrain

However, you’ll at least get legit leather materials and heated upper seats as usual. You might have to upgrade from two cheaper kits to get features like the typical power-variable steering column, ventilated front seats, whether or not there’s wireless smartphone charging, and plenty of room or space.

2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition Trunk space is one component we expect the Fastback to do well in this way, and on paper that’s exactly what we’ve seen with a way to put 23.3 cubic feet directly behind the rear seat. For scale – more than you put the A5 Sportback (21.8 blocks) or the 2023 4 Series GC (only 14 blocks). However, in the real world, the model makes it clear that you can’t carry as much baggage as an Audi. Other considerations fill in, the odd shape of the trunk with its recessed edges and wide open opening are perfect for stacking a lot of shopping.

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2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition specifications:

The engine in the KIA Stinger GT-Line is a 2-liter container with 4-turbocharged power of 255 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque as usual. With these small ratings for power, it would be considered best-for-nothing and economy, but turbo tech has been significantly better in recent years and KIA is not left out. This engine tends to use a twin-blade turbo, which means that idling is kept to a minimum. The good news is that while the base GT-Line accelerates perfectly off the line, it often gets really bad on higher revs and is probably a good companion on the road.

The 3.3-liter V6 with two turbos in the hood of the GT models is even more interesting. Nuisance is uncooked and refined at the same time, just with the right point of smell to make sure it’s enjoyable without irritating you. Think about it, the speed mentioned here is a lot better, with solid access to the redline. Overtaking is easy, and there’s a cycling feel in the flow while you use the deafening pedal more aggressively. However, the BMW 3-liter 6 right-hand turbo looks more difficult, even if it is not the same malfunctions.

2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition Fuel efficiency

If we look at fuel economy, four-wheel drive supplements usually have a big and bad effect. On the other hand, while the base 2.0-liter RWD model isn’t surprisingly the least expensive with official EPA quotes of 22/29/25 mpg city/road/dock periods, the AWD isn’t very powerful, with a 21/29 /24 mpg in same intervals. 3.3-liter V6 models achieve indistinguishable results of 17/25/20 mpg during these periods, regardless of the rims used. With a 15.9-gallon gas tank on all models, you can achieve approximately 398 variable driving distances.

2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition Price

The price of the 2023 KIA Stinger Limited Edition is twice that of its German alternatives. While the better prices of all of these models are sometimes ripped off by good features and quality, the base price of the Stinger means their prices are high. In the US, the KIA Stinger GT-Line offers a base price of $33,090, well ahead of the $1,035 target. AWD is a $2,200 fix on all models. The GT’s suggested retail price is $39,590, although the GT1 raises the cost of the KIA Stinger to $45,490.


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