2023 Nissan Gtr Australia Skylines Legal
2023 Nissan Gtr Australia Skylines Legal

2023 Nissan GTR Full Review New

What do you expect from the next version of the 2023 Nissan GTR? Well, as one of the most anticipated sports of the modern era, it’s only natural to expect a new model with better (and much improved) performance. The Skyline GT-R is Nissan‘s flagship sports car and is also one of the longest running lines of cars to bear the GT-R name. The GT-R spans from 1969 to the present, and is currently in the third generation of the name. What really happens to the new?

2023 Nissan GTR Expected updates

So when there’s a complete refresh of the redesign and the possibility of hybrid power, everyone is excited. However, it is still not clear if there will be any restyled works for this car. Some sources say there will be one, while others say there won’t be. We can’t help but wait for the update and official confirmation from Nissan on this.

2023 Nissan Gtr Spec Reveal Specs
2023 Nissan Gtr Spec Reveal Specs

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2023 Nissan GTR Engine and performance

When we talk about a car, especially the sporty type, we’re always interested in its powertrain and potential performance. It is rumored that the new model, despite strict future noise and emissions regulations, will come with a gas-turbocharged engine. Nissan doesn’t seem to care about the so-called mild hybrid system for a moment.

It will likely come with a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 unit that produces 600 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque. If this setting is correct, the 2023 Nissan GTR will perform the same as the current GT-R Nismo. With a six-speed automatic transmission, the car can reach 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and the maximum speed can reach 205 km / h. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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Many speculated that the design of the new 2023 Nissan GTR would be heavily inspired by the Nissan Vision GT. While Japanese media say the R36 may come with the R35 with several modifications, many people expected different things. Many car experts and enthusiasts believe that the design will undergo significant changes. It may come with a wider front grille to improve cooling performance (which will be equipped with a powerful engine). The headlights can be equipped with advanced LED technology. The rear can still use the same existing design, but with minimal modifications. Many had hoped that the R36 would be inspired by the Italdesign GT-R50, although the GT-R50 is a study (design) for the upcoming model, which is certainly exciting and promising.

2023 Nissan GTR Interior

The interior can have an interesting design that blends perfectly with the outdoor space. The current ride has straight lines to deliver a great sporty ride at the highest level, but the upcoming model may have futuristic ideas through the curves. It is possible to associate each element with those curves. The new interior will also come with updated safety features and new technologies, which may include a virtual dashboard and the latest Nissan in-car entertainment systems.

Autos 21
Autos 21

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Price and release date

There is no confirmation on the price, although the car will likely hit the market in early 2023. We won’t know for sure until Nissan provides an official confirmation and announcement. So the best we can do right now is wait for more official releases regarding the 2023 Nissan GTR.


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