2023 Skoda Enyaq Iv 4wd Suv Model Grill Manual
2023 Skoda Enyaq Iv 4wd Suv Model Grill Manual

2023 Skoda Enyaq iV Full Review New

Since 2023 Skoda Enyaq iV introduction on the first-generation Octavia in 2001, Skoda‘s vRS performance sub-brand has been a jack-of-all-trades. Since then, it has been featured on diesel hot hatchbacks, plug-in hybrid estates, seven-seat SUVs, and now the Enyaq vRS, a fully-electric vehicle.

The Enyaq is more interesting to drive than the Kamiq and Karoq SUVs, thus this new approach for the vRS brand holds great promise. On paper, the full-size SUV variant resembles the recently introduced Enyaq Coupe vRS. Both will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds, thanks to a 77.2kWh battery that powers an electric motor on each axle, and will reach a top speed of 111 mph. Although the Enyaq vRS SUV has the same powerplant as the coupe, its range is increased by 12 miles to 321 miles because to a lower drag coefficient.

2023 Skoda Enyaq iV Performance

The dual-motor system enables 295 horsepower (the same as an Alpine A110 S) and 460 Nm of torque. Taking a brief look at the current 2023 Skoda Enyaq iV lineup, the less expensive 80x Sportline model offers 261bhp, 425Nm of torque, and a 0-62mph time of 6.9 seconds with the same battery as the vRS. Similar to previous Enyaqs with the same battery, 135kW charging allows for a 10-80 percent charge in 36 minutes.

On the road, the vRS does not feel significantly different from previous Enyaqs that employ the 77.2kWh battery, which is not necessarily a negative thing. Of course, most pure-electric vehicles offer immediate acceleration from a stop, and Skoda has definitely worked to give the vRS a sportier edge without sacrificing the Enyaq’s mainly composed ride. You would be hard-pressed to perceive the additional power in the vRS because it is delivered as smoothly as in the standard vehicle.

2023 Skoda Enyaq Iv Hybrid Lounge Power Sedan
2023 Skoda Enyaq Iv Hybrid Lounge Power Sedan

Now, the entry-level Enyaq iV 60 can accept charging speeds of up to 120kW, a significant advance over the 100kW system of the original model. The 2023 Skoda Enyaq iV 80’s maximum charging power has been increased from 125kW to 135kW. This follows an update in December 2021 that made DC charging standard and increased the charging capacity of the Enyaq 80 variant from 50kW to 125kW.

2023 Skoda Enyaq iV Exterior

Skoda has also expanded its selection of single options, which now includes a panoramic sunroof, heat pump, tow bar, privacy screen, and universal charger. The Enyaq’s battery system has also been optimised, which Skoda believes will increase its efficiency.

This modification of equipment levels follows changes made to the Enyaq’s charging speed earlier this year.

The electric motor on the rear axle is the more powerful of the two, giving the impression that the vRS is rear-driven, notwithstanding traction control’s eagerness to intervene in the event of tyre slip. While the Enyaq vRS weighs well over two tons, there is remarkably little body roll, and the weight distribution between the axles gives it a balanced feel. On winding B-roads, though, you must approach each turn separately rather than attempting to merge them.

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The vRS also features a variety of driving modes. Normal strikes a compromise between maximum power and light steering weight, while Sport reduces traction control, adds steering weight, and adjusts the suspension to its stiffest setting. There is also a Traction mode for the gentlest off-road conditions and a Comfort option that softens the damping to its maximum level. In everyday driving, it is difficult to discern the difference between the modes.


The cabin arrangement is as straightforward and ergonomic as we have come to expect from Skoda, with ample storage space front and rear and ample head- and legroom for all passengers. A few hard-touch plastics on the doors slightly detract from the vRS’s overall ambiance, but the inside is undeniably upscale. A 13-inch touchscreen is mounted on the dashboard, which is convenient because it provides a place to rest your wrist while using it.

However, the system is still somewhat sluggish, and the integrated climate controls are a touch bothersome. The large touch-sensitive volume control bar below the screen should be left alone.

Unlike the coupe, rear passengers entering the Enyaq vRS will not be required to duck. However, there is only a 15-litre increase in trunk space over the more rakish variant, a trade-off that many purchasers will likely accept in exchange for the added style of the coupe.

2023 Skoda Enyaq Iv Dimensions Europe Ev
2023 Skoda Enyaq Iv Dimensions Europe Ev

Cost range

The most significant modification to the 2023 Enyaq models is the addition of four new optional packs with a variety of additional equipment. This includes the “Clever package,” “Plus package,” “Advanced package,” and “Maxx package.” The extra packages are now available for purchase in addition to the Enyaq’s base price of £38,480.

The Clever option features keyless entry, wireless phone charging, tinted windows, and a glass storage compartment for a price of £2,755. The addition of driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control, traffic congestion help, and blind spot recognition. It also features heated front seats, a heated leather steering wheel with two spokes, and tri-zone climate control. The Clever package is standard on Sportline Plus cars with higher trim levels.

Above this comes the Plus package, which costs £4,830. The Sportline Plus automobile comes standard with an electronic tailgate with hands-free ‘kick activation’ and LED headlights and taillights. There is an electrically adjustable driver’s seat with a memory function and an electrically adjustable lumbar support inside. Emergency help and lane assist are other driving aids available.

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The Advanced package, which costs £6,980, includes a head-up display, Skoda‘s ‘Crystal Face’ light-up grille, heated seats all around with a heated windshield, and an improved sound system.

The Maxx package is the priciest at £9,375, although it includes electrically adjustable front seats with memory function, power adjustable front lumbar support, and a massage feature for the driver’s seat. Additionally, there is an aerial view camera and park assist. ‘Dynamic Chassis Control’ and a heated leather three-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel are also included.


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