2023 Volkswagen Bus Camper Color Options
2023 Volkswagen Bus Camper Color Options

2023 Volkswagen Bus Full Review New

It should be interesting to follow the production of the 2023 Volkswagen Bus. Several electric toys are now being produced as they are designed as a future launch. Volkswagen Microbus is one of the most popular and well-known cars. Lots of people were eagerly anticipating the ride – just as they were expecting the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150. It has its old and old character with its boxy shape. If you want to drive a car that relives the ’60s, but with better power and electric technology, the microbus (or bus) will be ready for the 2023 model.

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2023 Volkswagen Bus First appeared concept car

The concept car was introduced and launched in 2017. It turns out that the company will really launch the vintage car next year, which will be held in Germany. Advanced features are included in production, including a sunroof useful for adding about 15 km (driving range).

2023 Volkswagen Bus Minibus Msrp Photos
2023 Volkswagen Bus Minibus Msrp Photos

If all goes according to plan, the 2023 Volkswagen Bus will have a driving range of about 340 miles. As expected, the ride will come in psychedelic pastel shades that exude the power of floral power. The company hasn’t said anything about its trim levels, but there are strong predictions that base equipment will start at around $40,000. For the four-wheeled passenger bus version, there will be electric motors on both the rear and front axles which will deliver 359 horsepower. It should be able to hit 60 mph in under 5 seconds.

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With electric batteries, there will be 48 kWh of battery pack that can help achieve a range of up to 200 miles. There will be an optional battery (110 kWh) that can reach 340 miles. And with the fast charging time you should be able to ‘fill’ the battery (minimum 80%) just half an hour

2023 Volkswagen Bus Interior cabin

The cabin of the 2023 Volkswagen Bus comes in a three-row arrangement, giving you the freedom to configure the seats. You can even turn those chairs into beds. You can put these chairs down, rotate or drop them all on the floor. There is a central console that can be moved quite easily. It can slide back and forth easily because it has a track. It even has a table for your camping needs. The car may look old and vintage, but it’s packed with advanced tech and features, including Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, charging ports, driver assistance functions, a central touchscreen, a WiFi hotspot and a foldable (steering) wheel.

2023 Volkswagen Bus Pictures Concept Dimensions
2023 Volkswagen Bus Pictures Concept Dimensions

2023 Volkswagen Bus future plans

The company aims to sell nearly 22 million electric cars worldwide by 2029. Therefore, it is very serious and focused on production. This electric car is for taxi and delivery service, but feel free to get it if you want a spacious and comfortable vehicle for your trip.

The release date could be sometime in 2022, while the price is still unknown. Waiting for 2023 Volkswagen Bus production should be exciting!

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