2024 Audi A3 8v Price Convertible Interior
2024 Audi A3 8v Price Convertible Interior

2024 Audi A3 SUV Full Review New

2024 Audi A3 SUV. Some newly displayed information about the Audi A3 has emerged. In December we only had the first batch of spy photos telling the car was on the road doing a cold weather test. New safety equipment and new technology were also announced, with Audi‘s virtual cockpit finally integrated here.

The Audi A3 debuted in 1996. The sedan version of the car was initially introduced in Germany and later on sale in the UK.

The release date is something we expect to drop soon, but with the many innovations we’ve got for the Audi A3, we’ve also learned the price. It just means that a launch is imminent. Read all about it here in our review.

2024 Audi A3 Powertrain

There have also been several changes to the 2024 Audi A3 SUV when it comes to powertrain options. A total of six engines are available, three petrol and three diesel engines. Perhaps the most famous addition is the 1.0-liter TFSI three-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 115 horsepower and 147.5 pound-feet of torque. Next comes the 1.4-liter TFSI and COD four-cylinder engine that delivers 150 horsepower and 184.4 pound-feet of torque. The best petrol version is the all-new 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder engine that delivers 190 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque.

The 2.0-liter TDI is offered in two variants. The first, scheduled at launch, will provide 150 horsepower and 250.8 pound-feet of torque, while the second, which will be available sometime after launch, will provide 184 horsepower and 280.3 pound-feet. foot couple.

2024 Audi A3 engine

2024 Audi A3 SUV acceleration and a top speed of 0-100 km/h. Being the top model in its class, the Audi A3 will also be able to deliver impressive acceleration figures. Estimated range is 7.2 seconds to hit 60 mph from 0, with a top speed of 130 mph.

fuel consumption

The new Audi A3 is likely to offer a different fuel economy than it is now. The model is likely to go along with the new powertrain. According to certain estimates, the model will be able to go 26 mpg city, 35 highway, 29 combined, or 24/31/27 mpg with an all-wheel drive option.

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2024 Audi A3 Saloon Quattro Hybrid Images
Audi A3 Saloon Quattro Hybrid Images

2024 Audi A3 Exterior change

The exterior of the Audi A3 has undergone a number of significant changes, none of which have been so highly regarded as to radically change the appearance of the car. In general, this makes the car look more sporty and more aggressive when viewed from the front.

The side of the car still has a double line for the lower body. Provides a 3D view of the bottom of the doors. Models will come standard with 16-inch wheels, but 17, 18 and 19-inch wheels will be offered for the newly updated car.

The back also sticks to its overall design. A new body line runs between the reflectors in every corner of the dashboard.

2024 Audi A3 Interior Update

The interior of the Audi A3 is almost untouched. It might sound disappointing, but they decided to keep the interior almost intact. The overall layout and design are essentially the same, with the only noticeable change being the circular apertures that have more detailing. The big news in this version is the introduction of Audi‘s virtual cockpit, which comes with a new digital instrument panel. It has a 12.3-inch diagonal screen, and it also displays two different modes.

2024 Audi A3 Availability Awd Colors Pictures
2024 Audi A3 Availability Awd Colors Pictures

The car also comes with the Audi Connect package, which offers 4G LTE connectivity with a SIM card for European models. For more details on the 2019 Audi A3 interior updates, check out our new overview of that car.


The interior of the Audi A3 has not changed. Compared with competing models, it gives a good measure, which is very necessary for the interior arrangement. The car provides enough space and comfort for passengers and even outperforms the Mercedes CLA-Class. In total, the Audi A3 is 175.5 inches long and has a wheelbase of 103.4 inches.

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2024 Audi A3 Safety

The new Audi A3 will carry the reputation of previous A3 models, which already had high safety standards. IIHS and NHTSA already highly value this vehicle and this will be even greater if we consider that they automatically add emergency braking to a standard set of equipment provided for the vehicle.

2024 Audi A3 Release date and Price expectation

As far as we know, the Audi A3 is slated to debut in early 2024. This latest news may bring it a little closer than we expected. The model is likely to launch this year, but customers around the world and their markets may have to be patient and wait for the car to arrive in 2024.

The price of the Audi A3 has just been announced. The sedan version is offered in three trim levels, with the Premium version priced at $34,200, the Premium Plus $37,450, and the Prestige priced at $43,150, all at a base MSRP.


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