Design And Features Of The 2024 Bmw X5 Lci M
Design And Features Of The 2024 Bmw X5 Lci M

2024 BMW X5 LCI M Exterior Interior Price Release Date Engine – 2024 BMW X5 LCI M. BMW has just unveiled a refreshed version of its X5 luxury SUV, which will go into production in April 2023. The X5 LCI M, which is the high-performance version of the X5, is one of the most enticing variants. This variant features a more aggressive appearance, superior technology, and a more potent engine. Here is a thorough evaluation of the 2024 BMW X5 LCI M.

2024 BMW X5 LCI M

The X5 LCI M is the updated iteration of the X5 M Competition, which was previously the top-of-the-line X5 model. BMW will no longer offer the standard X5 M as of 2024, only the X5 LCI M. This variant features considerable exterior, interior, and engine modifications.


The X5 LCI M is more aggressive and sporty than the standard X5. The front fascia features a new kidney grille that is larger and wider, with horizontal lines akin to those found on the M3 and M4. Additionally, the headlamps are thinner and employ LED matrix. The front bumper has zigzag-shaped air apertures on the sides of the grille, making it more aggressive.

The side features BMW M-style side mirrors and two-tone 22-inch rims. The rear incorporates new X-shaped LED taillights. Additionally, the exhaust is square and made of carbon. The X5 LCI M is available in metallic Brooklyn Grey, metallic Isle of Man Green, and metallic Frozen Pure Grey.


The dimensions of the X5 LCI M are identical to those of the standard X5: 4,922 mm in length, 2,004 mm in width, 1,745 mm in height, and 2,975 mm in wheelbase. It weighs 2,370 kilograms. Additionally, this variant features adaptive air suspension and four-wheel steering.

Iconic Glow, LED illumination on the kidney grille that can illuminate when the vehicle is on or off, is one of the new features provided by the X5 LCI M. Previously available on the X6, this feature is now exclusive to the X5.


Additionally, the interior of the X5 LCI M has been upgraded from the previous model. The new curved screen that combines digital instruments and touchscreen infotainment is one of the most conspicuous. This display employs BMW‘s most recent iDrive 8 system, which provides enhanced functionality and visuals.

The removal of physical buttons for climate settings, which can now be accessed solely via the touchscreen, is one of the modifications that some fans may detest. However, there are still buttons for volume, driving mode, and transmission control.

Sensafin synthetic leather, which is available in white or black, is also used to outfit the interior of the X5 LCI M and is available in white or black. The front seats have a sporting appearance with side bolsters and a M emblem on the headrests.

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Advanced Technology And Safety In The 2024 Bmw X5 Lci M
Advanced Technology And Safety In The 2024 Bmw X5 Lci M

2024 BMW X5 LCI M Safety

BMW offers a variety of standard and optional safety features for the X5 LCI M. Seven airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), dynamic stability control (DSC), dynamic traction control (DTC), and automatic emergency braking are among the standard features. A 360-degree camera, automatic parking, adaptive cruise control, and a driving assistant system are among the optional features.

The X5 LCI M also receives the Driving Assistant Professional suite of active safety features, which can assist the driver in a variety of situations. This feature includes lane keeping assistance, lane change assistance, traffic congestion assistance, evasion assistance, cross traffic alert, and emergency stop assistance.


The X5 LCI M offers numerous features that can enhance the driver’s and passengers’ comfort and enjoyment. A panoramic sunroof, a Harman Kardon audio system, a head-up display, wireless charging, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and navigation are among the standard features. Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, rear-seat entertainment system, ventilated seats, heated seats and steering wheel, and gesture control are among the optional amenities.

Additionally, the X5 LCI M is equipped with a number of features that reflect its status as a high-performance SUV. M Drive Professional, a system that can modify various driving parameters such as engine response, transmission, suspension, and steering, is one of these features. This feature also includes a Track mode that disables all driving assistance systems and displays cycle time and G-force data. The M Mode Button, a button on the steering wheel that can rapidly activate Sport or Track mode, is another feature.


The X5 LCI M’s engine is one of its most significant features. This engine is a new 4.4-liter V8 engine with twin turbochargers for 2024. The engine replaces the S63 engine that the previous X5 M Competition utilized. This engine, designated S68, is a 48-volt mild-hybrid engine that is more potent and efficient.

This engine has the same 617 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque as the previous engine. However, this engine is said to be capable of producing additional power if necessary. This engine is coupled to a ZF automatic transmission with eight speeds and an xDrive all-wheel drive system. This configuration allows the X5 LCI M to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds.

2024 BMW X5 LCI M Release Date

BMW will begin production of the X5 LCI M in South Carolina’s Spartanburg Plant in April 2023. This variant will be available in the summer of 2023 in the United States. For other global markets, no official release date information is currently available.

2024 BMW X5 LCI M Price

BMW has not yet disclosed the X5 LCI M’s official price. However, it is anticipated that the price will rise marginally compared to the previous model. For reference, the base price of the 2022 X5 M Competition was $105,100. Consequently, it is conceivable that the X5 LCI M will cost approximately $110,000.

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Performance And Engine Specs Of The 2024 Bmw X5 Lci M
Performance And Engine Specs Of The 2024 Bmw X5 Lci M

2024 BMW X5 LCI M Competitor

The X5 LCI M is one of the market’s most renowned high-performance luxury SUVs. However, there are alternatives to this variant that are also worthy of consideration. Some of these rivals include:

This SUV is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 mild-hybrid engine that generates 603 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. This SUV has a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 3.7 seconds.

Trims Level

The X5 LCI M is the only available specification level for the high-performance X5 model. Nonetheless, this trim level is customizable with a variety of options and bundles. The following options and programs are available:

  • M Carbon Exterior Package: This package includes carbon fiber exterior components, including the front splitter, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and mirror covers.
  • M Driver’s Package: This package raises the maximum speed from 155 to 177 mph and includes a voucher for a BMW Driving Experience course.

This package includes soft-closing doors, heated and chilled cupholders, front massaging seats, rear sunshades, and laser headlights.

This bundle consists of a surround-view camera, a 3D view camera, and a parking assistant plus system.

This package adds adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, lane change assist, traffic jam assist, evasion assistance, cross traffic alert, and emergency stop assist.


The BMW X5 LCI M 2024 is a luxury SUV that integrates performance, aesthetics, and technology. It has been redesigned to appear more aggressive and athletic. The vehicle’s new powertrain increases its power and efficiency. Its new interior makes it more entertaining and comfortable. It has a brand-new safety system that makes it safer and more useful. It is one of the finest SUVs in its class and a worthy option for those desiring an exciting driving experience.

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