2024 Dodge Avenger Colors Concept Color Models
2024 Dodge Avenger Colors Concept Color Models

2024 Dodge Avenger Full Review New

The 2024 Dodge Avenger is not a new name in the Dodge wallet. It was on the market twice, originally in the 1990s, while the second generation came after a relatively long hiatus in 2007 and remained in production until 2014. While the original model was a Mitsubishi sports coupe, the second generation has become more boxy. And a huge sedan, designed in typical American fashion. Today, we’re hearing rumors of a third model under this panel, which is said to come as the Dodge Avenger.

At this point, this is nothing more than speculation, but many believe the recent merger between FCA and PSA could open the doors for Dodge to a slew of new models. Dodge urgently needs new models in its portfolio, as the current range consists of a few decades of SUVs and sports cars.

2024 Dodge Avenger Design

So you might be wondering what the new 2024 Dodge Avenger will look like. Well, it’s hard to predict more accurately, but we have no doubt that the overall design will be much closer to the second-generation form of the original sports coupe. At the moment, quite a few design models come to mind and both of them have a lot to do with the recent merger of two manufacturers.

The new project will certainly be beneficial to both parties, especially in terms of sharing technology and design solutions. The Dodge Avenger could also benefit, as we think it will likely use some PSA rigs.

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2024 Dodge Avenger Usa Insurance Cost Msrp
2024 Dodge Avenger Usa Insurance Cost Msrp


The first look that comes to mind is the sedan. This is what the previous generation looked like, so this format seems like a logical sequel. Given the current situation at FCA, where there is no good architecture for such a design, what comes to mind is the PSA EMP2 platform, which currently precludes many models of this group, including the Peugeot 508. This wonderful sedan could serve as the basis for 2024 Dodge Avenger. The North American model will likely have its own design, but most of the mechanics will be shared with the new French sibling.

This also includes the engine range, which will consist of a few turbocharged petrol engines, as well as a few plug-in hybrid variants. This might seem like a perfect opportunity to see Dodge again in the European market, so even diesel options don’t seem unlikely.


Given the current situation in the market, where crossovers dominate, such a layout seems more likely, especially if the Avenger wants to compete in North America. In this case, the overall design could be based on FCA or PSA platforms. Either way, we expect the Dodge Avenger to be more than just a compact crossover, tucked under the mid-size Durango.

2024 Dodge Avenger Colors Concept Color Models
2024 Dodge Avenger Colors Concept Color Models

The Dodge Avenger can also use the EMP2 platform and share most parts with models like the 3008 and 5008, but the compact crossover design will also open up the possibility of a more premium approach and use of Alfa Romeo‘s Giorgio platform, as well as the next-generation Grand Cherokee. This means that Dodge will get a little more luxurious and offer a premium product, with RWD styling and more capable engine options.

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2024 Dodge Avenger Production, release date and price

The Dodge Avenger is still just a rumor, so take this article with a big spare. Many believe this could happen as early as next year. We assume that the price will be typical for the segment, which is about $25,000 for the basic versions.


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