2024 Dodge Durango Awd All Black Blue Hybrid
2024 Dodge Durango Awd All Black Blue Hybrid

2024 Dodge Durango Full Review New

Information is very limited and scanty about the new 2024 Dodge Durango. But there have been many rumors and information that Durango will be co-production with Wagoneer. It should be exciting to know that both cars will share the construction and foundation. So, what do you expect from him?

About the upcoming 2024 Dodge Durango

The 2024 Dodge Durango will be redesigned and will use a body-on-chassis (used by Jeep Wagoneer) instead of a monocoque (implemented on the Grand Cherokee). Production is scheduled to end in 2023, which means the Durango can be expected as a model for 2024.

However, the company has to deal with the manufacturing process. The company’s assembly plant in Jefferson North (Detroit, Michigan) is responsible for building the Grand Cherokee and Durango. The plant is struggling to meet demand from Grand Cherokee, although the Detroit Assembly Complex is co-producing with Jefferson North.

The company decided to move production of Durango to the Warren Truck Assembly plant (in Warren, Michigan). This is where the Wagoneer was built. And when production moved there, production capacity in Detroit was freed up. In addition, production of the Ram 1500 Classic will be discontinued the following year, which means that there will be free production capacity in Warren.

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2024 Dodge Durango Future plans

The Wagoneer starts at around $60,000, which means there’s plenty of room for affordable (if not cheaper) full-size SUVs. It will compete with the Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia and Chevy Tahoe. It all starts at about $50,000. This is the part where Durango comes in. Dodge is also making plans for a second model, which will be available as a compact crossover with a plug-in hybrid system.

2024 Dodge Durango Eco Mode Electric Features
2024 Dodge Durango Eco Mode Electric Features

The current Durango has been in production since 2011, so the Durango has been on the market for a while. When the Durango was first introduced in 2010, it was just an extended wheelbase Grand Cherokee, in Dodge style and 3 rows of seats. That’s why the Grand Cherokee continued to outperform the Durango, even though the Durango can now accommodate 7 people and a Hemi unit. But in terms of engine performance, the Durango still lags far behind the Grand Cherokee.

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2024 Dodge Durango Full size SUV

The 2024 Dodge Durango was designed as a full-size SUV. It adopts the body on a frame platform (inspired by the RAM DT), which affects the interior (and space), towing capacity, and more power. Currently, the Wagoneer can tow a 10,000-pound towing capacity, while the Durango has an 8,700-pound towing capacity. This has created more opportunities for Dodge to improve on more SUVs and features, likely including towing capacity.

2024 Dodge Durango Review Hemi Horsepower
2024 Dodge Durango Review Hemi Horsepower

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2024 Dodge Durango Powertrain and performance

Although there is no official confirmation about the upcoming Durango (in terms of technical and mechanical aspects), it is very likely that a Dodge pickup platform will be offered for the 2024 model. This means that the 2022 Durango will be the last model with an older design and design. Dodge follows Chevy and Ford in their planning and production of full-size SUVs. Dodge hopes the upcoming 2024 Dodge Durango will have a larger interior, better towing capacity and better towing capacity.

In terms of the engine, Dodge wants to include the Hellcat in the scheme, though it’s unclear if it will do so this year. They did so last year, but with a limited production of 3,000 SUVs. Dodge seems to be interested in the assembly (where and when) and also product shake. If we learn more about the 2024 Dodge Durango, including its release date and price, we should offer more updates.

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