2024 Ford Ecosport 4wd 1.0 Ecoboost Awd Motor
2024 Ford Ecosport 4wd 1.0 Ecoboost Awd Motor

2024 Ford Ecosport, AWD Full Review New

Introducing the 2024 Ford Ecosport, the ultra-compact SUV in a crowded but lucrative market. There are many reasons to believe that the new Fiesta will outperform its predecessors, but despite being built on a proven platform, it has not yet lived up to its potential. This vehicle was originally built to serve the emerging markets of South America and Asia, where price and ground clearance are key considerations. So, in 2013, it was a car built according to strict cost principles. Thus, it was not suitable for the most demanding European preferences when Ford began producing it at plants in India, China, Thailand and Brazil.

2024 Ford Ecosport redesign
Exterior Design

Ford gave the EcoSport improvements in 2024, eliminating the bulky spare wheel, redesigning the suspension and expanding the range of available standard features. For the third time in three years, Ford has given the 2024 Ford EcoSport a major facelift and moved production to Romania to keep up with a host of new competitors such as the Citroën C3 Aircross, Hyundai Kona and Seat Arona. 2023 improvements include an exterior design that matches the Kuga and Edge, an interior that reflects the new Fiesta, and additional trim levels with more customization options.

It’s a huge improvement over the previous one. A car that didn’t get off to the best start in life made Ford‘s engineers do their best to get the most out of the car. It can now go through like a fiesta at city speeds where it will spend most of its time, but it still falls and feels heavy in corners more than before. But other competitors, such as the Seat Arona, are closer to their superlative predecessors, such as the Fiat 500. Improved sound insulation, European suspension and steering make it less vulnerable. Performance-wise, it’s not horrible, but the mild springs will get you slammed off-road.

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2024 Ford Ecosport interior design

The crucial part has arrived, but first about the aesthetics. With its snout-like grille and slanting headlights, it’s no longer the smallest group in the Ford stable. Not a bad argument to live up to the new ST line’s specs, which include sports suspension (still not particularly sporty), smoked alloy wheels, flat-bottom steering wheel, partial leather seats, and ST door sills — as long as you enjoy in cars that look like It belongs to the shoe department. The white, red, black and orange roof and exterior mirrors are available even in the basic Titanium and Zetec trim levels.

2024 Ford Ecosport New Active Automatic Lease
2024 Ford Ecosport New Active Automatic Lease

The EcoSport has been taken so far, five years after its introduction, but the packaging issues remain. Rear space is still limited, even with the cool new adjustable boot floor, although the front seats are large and airy. The Arona seat has a capacity of 355 liters.

2024 Ford Ecosport engine

This is not a problem because there are plenty of Fords on every street corner in Britain. As long as the engines, transmission, and other components are well installed, you can rest assured that they will perform as expected. If you’re on a budget, the 123-hp 1.0 EcoBoost delivers 48.7 mpg, while the 98-hp 1.5 Duratorq TDCi produces 68.8 mpg and 107 g/km CO2 emissions. With the 123bhp or 138bhp variant, you can expect 54.3mpg and 119g/km of CO2 from the EcoBoost 1.0 guide.

When it comes to engine options, 2024 Ford Ecosport currently offers a three-cylinder EcoBoost 1.0 with 123 or 138 horsepower and a 1.5 diesel engine that can deliver up to 123 horsepower. Exclusively, the 123-horsepower gasoline engine is available with a six-speed automatic gearbox. On the other hand, a more powerful diesel engine can only have all-wheel drive (the first in EcoSport). The diesel’s CO2 emissions are lower, as you’d expect, but the great three-pot petrol – especially the 138-hp variant – is what we’re suggesting. While accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 11.8 seconds may not be quick, it feels more correct as it descends smoothly above 6000 rpm and is otherwise unobtrusive.

2024 Ford Ecosport release date and price

The biggest drawback of the 2024 Ford Ecosport is its exaggeration, although it does not have a unique sales proposition (other than the well-known brand name). For example, a high-spec, high-performance Flair Citroen C3 Aircross costs more than £2,000 less than an older Citroen.

2024 Ford Ecosport AWD

The 2024 Ford Ecosport Cabin offers a cabin with a minimalist design that contains key features useful for your comfort and the safety of your cabin occupants. The 2024 Ford Ecosport AWD interior offers easy layout and access control, so there’s nothing flashy about the features on offer. In short, the new Ford Ecosport 2024 looks impressive and will offer a spacious cabin that fits five passengers in the cabin.

2024 Ford Ecosport AWD design

Of course, the interior of the 2024 Ford Ecosport AWD already offers decent cabin features and style with quality materials at an affordable price, while still being the plastic type that dominates the cabin. Although the interior of the 2024 Ecosport is still inferior to many competitors on the list, it has a feel of durability and quality. In addition, the interior is equipped with a seemingly simple infotainment system with a useful small screen for the control and entertainment systems. Up front, the driving pressure also gets a good view ahead.

Although the interior of the 2024 Ford Ecosport AWD seats approximately five passengers in the cabin, the rear row passengers are not suitable for adults and therefore suitable for young children. In the back row there is only 37.5 inches of headroom and 36.5 inches of legroom. For extra comfort, four passengers can be the right choice. The latest generation 2024 Ford Ecosport AWD Interior also has plenty of compartments for your comfortable small family vehicle. The cabin of the new Ford Ecosport 2024 could get a small stowage space in the pocket, glove compartment, and front pocket. Before that, you’ll get 43 inches of legroom and 37 inches of headroom. In general, the interior of the Ford Ecosport 2024 looks simple, but impressive.

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2024 Ford Ecosport 4wd 1.0 Ecoboost Awd Motor
2024 Ford Ecosport 4wd 1.0 Ecoboost Awd Motor

2024 Ford Ecosport AWD Colors

About the base model 2024 Ford Ecosport AWD S, the Canvas Leather Interior offers how to color your best option a stoneware. Furthermore, the steering wheel offers durable materials and is equipped with the infotainment control system. Throughout the larger model, the 2024 Ford Ecosport SES will get a leather steering wheel by getting an interior trimmed with a pair of chrome accents, along with a gearshift lever that can also be used in leather.

On a higher level, the new Ford Ecosport SE is upholstered in black-and-black dyed fabric. In addition, a selection of black and black fabrics is provided with copper orange accents. Because the interior of the Ford Ecosport Titanium from 2024 will have Light Stone textured fabric with breathable leather upholstery. The Passenger Seat around the Ford Ecosport SES only adds ActiveX in Jet Black.

2024 Ford Ecosport AWD Cabin

One feature of the 2024 Ford Ecosport AWD cabin is plenty of load capacity for your everyday luggage. The new Ford Ecosport 2024 is equipped with 21 cubic feet of cargo that looks superior within the ranks. While the rear seats fold flat, the interior of the 2024 EcoSport has 50 cubic feet of cargo space. Furthermore, the Ford EcoSport 2024 all-wheel drive cabin has more than enough storage space with the cabin. It integrates rear seat pockets, center console storage, ample armrest storage and dual cup holders in the front and rear rows.

2024 Ford Ecosport AWD features

In terms of features, the latest generation 2024 Ford Ecosport AWD interior offers many full essential features for basic needs. In the base model, this car is equipped with a steering wheel with audio access control, a rear-view camera and daytime running lights with automatic start-stop technology. Within the mid-range model, the interior of the Ecosport 2024 can get many high-quality materials, such as the leather-wrapped gearshift lever, as well as various options such as the start button, heated front seats, cooling and heating in one area, as well as the possibility of providing a hatch effective ceiling.

To keep things interesting, the interior of the new 2024 Ford Ecosport AWD can get an infotainment system via an upgraded SYNC Ford with a 4.5-inch color screen. This infotainment system can also have AM/Radio and Bluetooth connectivity with a six-speaker system and a convenient Wi-Fi hotspot for about 10 devices. While in 2024, the Ford Ecosport SE will be equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen and SYNC 3, and will have a seven-speaker system. The infotainment system offered for this model is integrated with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and SiriusXM functions and can be equipped with the 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen surround sound system that is provided around the tall model.

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