2023 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid 2024
2023 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid 2024

2024 Honda Ridgeline Price Release Date Price And Redesign

2024 Honda Ridgeline. Get ready for the Honda Ridgeline 2024, the new child on the block. The mid-sized portion is sufficiently dense, but it’s far from perfect. The Ridgeline is receiving a makeover, perhaps for the better. Numerous internal changes are anticipated. Better seating and technology are a result of this. Pickups are becoming more than just a mode of transportation to and from work. If you use it in your daily schedule, you want it to be comfortable and look good. Under the hood, we might see some surprises in the form of electrification. On the outside, not much has changed. why is that? Let’s take a look at the newly announced Honda Ridgeline 2024.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Design

Inside, we’ll hopefully get an increase in seating capacity. The new Honda Ridgeline 2024 should improve cushioning and lumbar support. The material tears easily, so high-quality leather and fabrics are required. The contrasting stitches will only add the pattern. Standard infotainment system, size is uncertain but hopefully no less than 13 inches. This way back row passengers can join in the fun. The dashboard is said to be digital, but we’ll wait for that. If so, this is a great step into the future and will parallel the electric version well. Safety features are standard. You get lane departure warnings, automatic braking, and the like.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Interior

From the outside, we don’t expect many changes. The updated 2024 Honda Ridgeline will retain its tough and powerful look. It comes with a 19 inch aluminum rim that reduces weight. Up front, we get a light front with enough air intake to cool the engine. This will be removed if it is an electrical variator of course. On the contrary, we will get additional space for storage.

Classic cargo bed 5.5 feet long. The ride height is just over 8 inches, so nothing can easily get in your way. The bumper has a good approach angle, so don’t worry about getting stuck. In addition, the headlights are now linear and use the latest LED technology. Overall, we like the look of the classic Ridgeline and hope it works as it looks.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Engine

Currently, we’re looking for the good old, reliable stuff. There is a 3.5-liter V6 that can produce 280 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. More than enough for a mid-size pickup. It comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission. There is also the option of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Less horsepower but better mileage. This is very important to many people. There are hybrid rumors that are not surprising. It’s time for Honda to get into the hybrid game. Rumor has it that the electric motor will be paired with the same 3.5-liter V6. It can boast about 300 horsepower and more than 300 pound-feet of torque.

A nine-speed automatic transmission is a possibility in this. All-wheel drive is optional, but as standard we get front-wheel drive. The higher rims include a four-wheel drive option. It would also make sense to pick up an all-electric car. Although the platform needs to be changed. But there are a lot of installed platforms in the market that Honda can borrow from. And don’t spend a lot of time and money on your own. A battery pack of about 100 kWh is enough to match the specifications of the V6. Going to 150 kWh would also be great, with more power and better range.

As such, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline can get 18 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway. The hybrid version is slightly better, at 25 mpg. But if they switched entirely to electric, we’d expect at least 300 miles on a single charge. This will be the minimum. Anything less and you will lose a lot of time charging your small car.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Release Date And Price

Hopefully we’ll see the truck on the road later in 2023. And maybe even early 2024 if supply chain issues persist. The starting price for the 2024 Honda Ridgeline will start around $40,000 for base paint. The all-electric version starts around $50,000.

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2024 Honda Ridgeline
2024 Honda Ridgeline

2024 Honda Ridgeline Update

The 2024 Honda Ridgeline will be a significant upgrade over the current model, according to the latest news. In case you missed it, last year’s big update made this model more competitive. In addition to the new infotainment system, the new mid-size truck will also receive significant visual updates.

Electrification is on the way, according to the report. The current V6 petrol engine will remain, but some sort of hybrid powertrain would be a nice addition. Honda Ridgeline still lags behind the segment leader in several categories. However, we believe that this is a very reliable truck with a modern design, a high level of comfort and a more solid performance.

Honda Ridgeline Exterior And Interior Modifications

The upcoming Honda Ridgeline 2024 will be more modern in terms of exterior design. However, it was completely redesigned recently, so the new model will not receive such a dramatic upgrade. In any case, Honda will offer new exterior colors and new exterior elements. The color Sonic Gray Pearl is already present, and it is a popular choice among customers. Therefore, Honda will offer at least two new colors.


The hood looks sharper than ever, with a square front and a recognizable wide grille. On the side, the Ridgeline truck comes with 18-inch wheels. The back will not undergo any upgrades, for now. We don’t know if the car’s dimensions will change or not. However, some rumors suggest that the approaching Ridgeline model will be wider than its predecessor.

The interior of the upcoming Honda Ridgeline 2024 will be more distinctive than ever. We expect to see a technically advanced cabin with straighter materials. Customers can expect the new Honda truck to have a new infotainment system as well. However, the seating arrangement will be the same as on the current Ridgeline.

There will be room for five passengers, as before. If the new model was wider, the extra cabin space would be a good upgrade. A full suite of Honda Sensing active safety features will be offered. In addition, all technological features such as Wi-Fi, keyless entry, 3-zone climate control, and the latest phone integration are all available.

Honda Ridgeline 2024 Engine Options And Specifications

The upcoming 2024 Honda Ridgeline could introduce new powertrain options. This is just speculation at the moment, so the current 3.5-liter V6 remains the only engine choice at the moment. It’s a reliable unit with 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Honda offers a 9-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system. As for the new engine, it should be a hybrid.

To be more precise, some rumors predict a plug-in hybrid drive. Of course, the Ridgeline truck will get more power, while providing higher fuel economy figures. Currently, Honda Trucks lags behind the sector leader in terms of power towing and capacity. However, the 5,000-pound towing capacity is more than satisfactory.

Price And Release Date

The price of the new Honda Ridgeline 2024 is likely to continue. Therefore, expect the price to start around $38,000 again. The mid-size segment is filled with amazing models, so the Ridgeline will have strong competitors such as the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger and Nissan Frontier. Repairs are on the way, and sales will begin late next year.

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Are Honda Ridgeline Reliable 2024
Are Honda Ridgeline Reliable 2024

2024 Honda Ridgeline News

Rumors have swirled about the 2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid, and we can expect the new truck to debut sometime in 2023. Like many SUV crossovers, the new Ridgeline is built on a monocoque platform, while its competitors still use a more traditional chassis. traditional. frame platform.

Overall, both platforms have advantages and disadvantages, but we expect the new unibody platform to be a little more rugged than before. In addition to the traditional 3.5-liter V-6, there are rumors that Honda will also offer the same engine along with a hybrid system. Read below to find out exactly what consumers can and should expect from this mid-size truck.

Honda Ridgeline 2024 Hybrid Design

In terms of appearance, Honda Ridgeline Hybrid 2024 will not differ much from the gasoline-based version. However, the Ridgeline Hybrid will have a slightly larger grille, while pretty much everything remains the same. Moreover, as before, this truck comes with sharp lines, modern LED headlights and a unique exterior paint.

The base version rolls on 17-inch rollers, while 18- and 19-inch alloy wheels are available as an option or standard on top-of-the-line models including the Hybrid. We also expect some minor changes and improvements at the rear including better taillights. The design of the Ridgeline will change slightly if you choose the higher version of the Black Edition. This model adds some black accents including 18-inch black alloy wheels.

Cab Upgrades

On the outside, the interior of the 2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid will get a bit of an update. Since no photos are available, we expect the interior to be based on the latest Pilot SUV. This means that the upcoming Ridgeline will be more spacious with comfortable seating for up to five people.

The 8-inch touchscreen will likely be replaced by a larger screen, and expect newer driver assistance. Three-zone automatic climate control should be standard, as well as keyless ignition, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, and a 7-speaker audio system.


The current Honda Ridgeline pickup truck uses a powerful 3.5-liter V-6 engine that produces 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. However, according to many rumors, in addition to this engine, the manufacturer may also present a new hybrid. The hybrid model will likely use the same 3.5-liter V-6 along with an electric motor and a large battery.

Therefore, the Ridgeline Hybrid can produce about 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. All models will be available as standard with a new nine-speed automatic gearbox and front-wheel drive. However, all-wheel drive is standard with the RTL-E High-End and Hybrid. Most importantly, the hybrid system will result in better fuel economy. The current gasoline-powered Ridgeline delivers 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway, while the hybrid version can produce about 25 mpg combined.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Price, Release Date

The exact price of the new Honda Ridgeline Hybrid 2024 is not yet available. However, from some rumors, the price may be between $40,000 and $50,000. Sales of the new single-chassis truck are expected to begin next fall, so we expect more official details in the next month or two.


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