2024 Honda S2000 Colors Dyno Engine
2024 Honda S2000 Colors Dyno Engine

2024 Honda S2000 Full Review New

There are rumors that the Honda S2000 will be revived again, so the possibility of a 2024 Honda S2000 is definitely exciting. The S2000 is known as sports riding, but it has been discontinued for a while. So if a new and futuristic S2000 comes out, that will be exciting. Being able to drive in a sporty, modern style is certainly great, but is that really what happens with the S2000?

2024 Honda S2000 Interior information

Once again, rumors have it that the 2024 Honda S2000 will come as a modern car. And there’s insight into Honda‘s thinking about making a (all-new) roadster for the 2024. The roadster was planned as a sporty canvas ride with plenty of power. While many people expect it to have the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that the next-generation Civic Type R will use, that doesn’t mean electric power is impossible. Honda isn’t ruling out electric power because they’re taking this route as part of their plan.

2024 Honda S2000 Interior Images Model
2024 Honda S2000 Interior Images Model

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2024 Honda S2000 Rendering photos

Although the company didn’t say anything about the 2024 Honda S2000, there have been several images shown about the possibility of the new roadster. The new virtual S2000 looks great with a rear end inspired by the Porsche 911 Speedster. The rear deck has double bubble signals without being a replica of the 911. The front has a different inspiration. This time from the Civic Sedan (11th generation model).

2024 Honda S2000 Launch Msrp New
2024 Honda S2000 Launch Msrp New

Based on the photo, the carbon fiber lip wing looks to match the side skirt (made and designed from a similar material). Side mirrors are also mounted on the doors in place of the A-pillar. This is the exact style used by the all-new Civic. This vehicle has two-seat configurations with Alcantara upholstery as the main material. There is also yellow stitching for the headrest. And then the design study will be completed in blue, which contrasts sharply with the multi-spoke wheels, the lower part of the mirrors and the windshield frame, all in black.

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Is the 2024 Honda S2000 real?

Honda appears to be serious about developing electric cars. It’s so dangerous that they plan to leave F1 after the 2021 season so they can focus solely on electric driving. This is definitely a long-term plan for the company and it is very likely that the S2000 will be included in the plan. Honda is rumored to be planning to use a proprietary platform with advanced rear-wheel drive for the potential S2000e variant. It’s the company’s small battery ride with a boiling water system on the wheelbase.

Admittedly, it may not be the best, most powerful EV when it comes to price, output numbers and range, but the Honda e offers a 50-50 weight distribution with a low center of gravity. If it is true that Honda is developing the S2000 or the S2000e. The ride doesn’t need a lot of horsepower and range to establish itself as a sporty ride. After all, if someone wants to go crazy or doesn’t look like the real numbers, they can always go with a Tesla.

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However, different car enthusiasts have different opinions about the upcoming 2024 Honda S2000. While it’s exciting to be revived someday, when that happens, it’s hard to think of it as an EV. The S2000 is designed for pure driving. It’s not about a high-end flight with high-tech features in the cabin. It’s not about the fastest and most powerful driving with amazing speed. It is for pure driving pleasure. So it should be interesting to learn more about the Honda S2000, possibly for the 2024 model. 

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