2024 Kia Soul Accessories Awd Cost Updates
2024 Kia Soul Accessories Awd Cost Updates

2024 Kia Soul, EX Full Review New

It’s hard to talk about the 2024 Kia Soul as the company is now targeting the 2022 model. All the hype and concern is focused on the 2022 model, which is actually quite reasonable. After all, 2024 still has a long way to go and the company is releasing its latest model. However, 2022 could be a sign of what will happen to their next production, especially in 2023 and 2024.

About 2024 Kia Soul

If you like a solid SUV with a toaster-style design, the Spirit is definitely a winner. It even lasts longer than the Nissan Cube, Scion xB and Honda Element. The car currently contrasts with other sub-crossovers, but with a more traditional design, such as the Kia Seltos, Jeep Renegade and Chevy Trailblazer. Somehow the ride remains such a twisted cube. The 2024 Kia Soul comes with a 147-hp four-cylinder as standard, but Kia manages to make it a 201-hp turbocharged engine.

As a crossover, the boxy shape is somewhat responsible for the spacious interior, which provides enough space for four adults. Thanks to its large cargo area, it is also still roomy for cargo. Unfortunately, Soul doesn’t offer driver-assist technology and all-wheel drive as standard.

2024 Kia Soul Accessories Awd Cost Updates
2024 Kia Soul Accessories Awd Cost Updates

2024 Kia Soul transformation

There are several changes to the 2022 model. The old school emblem, with its oval shape, is long gone. The base version gets an 8.0-inch infotainment screen, while the higher-end versions get a larger 10.3-inch screen. The LX model can be packed with a tech package, along with wireless smartphone charging, dual-zone automatic climate control and more. Too bad Kia stopped with a manual gearbox.

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2024 Kia Soul Prices and Trims

The base model will be the LX, which retails for about $20,500, while the longer model will be the Model S, which retails for about $22,900. The X-Line and GT-Line are both next in the cut, priced at $24,000. Next up will be the EX with a $25,000 price range and higher will be the Turbo, which is set at around $29,200.

The X-Line and GT-Line both offer a different design. The X comes in a fairly rugged design, with exclusive Green Undercover paintwork and black plastic trim, while the GT is more sporty. The GT comes with a bright red body color and its own wheel design. Both will be available with driver assistance technologies that include Blind Spot Monitoring, Reverse Warning, Lane Keeping Assist and Automatic Emergency Braking.

2024 Kia Soul Powertrain and performance

There are two different engines offered for 2024 Kia Soul. The basis will be a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that produces 147 horsepower, combined with an automatic transmission. It can reach 60 mph in 8 seconds. The other comes with a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes 201 horsepower, and is mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. It is capable of hitting 60 mph in 6.4 seconds.

Would such an arrangement be ready for the 2024 Kia Soul? You can’t really say that. The company appears to want to test the soul’s performance first before making plans for the future.

In general, there are still some questions. Will Kia produce the 2023 Soul, or will it skip it and go straight to the 2024 model? What will happen to the 2024 model? Will it be a relocation, will it be re-engineered, or will it undergo conversion work? Not all of these questions have been answered as Kia hasn’t said anything about its development of the 2024 model. So if you want to know more about the Kia Soul 2024, you should follow the company and its official release.

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2024 Kia Soul EX

The new 2024 Kia Soul EX will arrive to rival Honda Element, Nissan Cube and Scion xB with an improved design. Plus, its size makes this old-fashioned compact crossover one of my favorite SUVs.

2024 Kia Soul EX Features

Apart from that, the features have a premium design and a boxed case. It also provides plenty of space for three elderly people. The new 2024 Kia Soul EX also has plenty of room to transport its products. Kia also offers a powerful 201-hp turbocharged four-cylinder, although it has a 147-hp four-cylinder engine under the hood as standard. According to Kia, we can hope that the new prototype will appear around this time next year.

2024 Kia Soul EX exterior and interior

The outer surfaces of the recently found prototype are rectangular but charming. By 2024, the manufacturer could undoubtedly make this model more interesting with the help of some changes in the front. Kia uses slimmer headlights and several bold shapes to highlight the design.

2024 Kia Soul Colors Review Interior
2024 Kia Soul Colors Review Interior

Also, they will likely still use the same entrances and back gates, so it will be very easy to load people and goods. The interior of the 2024 Kia Soul EX is especially spacious and modern due to its dimensions. This SUV comes in a boxed case. It also features a space-saving interior with plenty of room for cargo and passengers.

Its payload is 24.2 cubic feet again, which can be increased to 62.1 cubic feet when the lower rear seats are pressed flat. The base 2024 Kia ​​Soul EX has an 8-inch UVO mode with Android Auto, Apple Bluetooth, CarPlay, and a USB port for onboard tech. Other typical features include electric-powered trim mirrors, a sleek, telescopic steering line, an expensive game console, fabric car seats, 60/40-folding seats, air cooling, cruise management, and a copy camera.

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2024 Kia Soul EX Customize

The new 2024 Kia Soul EX is a two-engine SUV. The base engine has a 2.0-liter inline four that delivers 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. According to Kia, even with the most basic parameters, you can get a machine that is powerful enough for everyday driving and suitable for crossing the highway.

Additional power is optionally available in a 1.6-liter inline-turbocharged capacity 4 possible. The turbocharged engine tends to deliver 201 hp and remarkably excellent performance. The base engine uses a standard CVT programmed transmission that allows for a clean shift to entry level tires. However, the turbo is mated to a 7-speed DCT transmission with quick adjustments. Sad to say, AWD isn’t available for the Kia Soul just yet.

2024 Kia ​​Soul EX release date and price

The new Kia Soul 2024 is expected to hit the market at the end of next summer if we rely on the previous version. The next generation ideal model will bring many improvements nowadays. You’ll get more regular hardware and a critical decision from two powerful engines. The 2024 Kia Soul EX, with the base LX trim, should start at less than $20,000, while the Turbo model costs around $28,000.

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