Buick Electra Specs 2025
Buick Electra Specs 2025

2025 Buick Electra E5 Release Date And Concept

2025 Buick Electra E5. The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released official images of the forthcoming, fully-electric Buick Electra E5. The images depict the five-seat, electric crossover built on the Ultium platform in all its splendour. It has a design that resembles the Electra X idea, although it has been drastically toned down for production. A grille that is filled in but still patterned is the first indication that this is an electric vehicle.

The general shape of the non-grille and its interplay with the side features are unmistakably derived from the Electra X concept, as are the slim headlights, although their DRLs are somewhat simpler than those on the display car.

The Electra E5 has a considerably more practical profile than the concept vehicle that Buick displayed in Shanghai, and the bodywork is less intricate. In fact, this resembles a test model we recently spotted traveling around Michigan. As anticipated, the rear taillights are basic but extend across the full of the tailgate.

Documents indicate that the Electra E5 measures 4,892 mm (193 inches) in length, 1,905 mm (75 inches) in width, and 1,688 mm (66 inches) in height. This makes it approximately 250 millimeters (10 inches) longer than the American Buick Envision and around 300 millimeters (12 inches) shorter than the Enclave. The car will be available with wheels measuring 18 and 20 inches. Our spies spotted the North American version of the Buick Electra testing in Detroit earlier this month.

Based on GM’s cutting-edge Ultium platform, the new vehicle will have access to the automaker’s cutting-edge technology, including cutting-edge infotainment and Super Cruise advanced driver assistance, which will allow drivers to cruise in comfort on the highway.

The Electra E5 will weigh 2,570 kilograms (5,666 pounds), and government documents suggest that its electric powertrain will be capable of producing 180 kW (241 horsepower/245 horsepower).

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2025 Buick Electra E5 Update

The electric future of Buick will bear a name from its gas-powered past: Electra. The first vehicle in the Buick Electra series will be the 2024 Electra E5 SUV, which will be offered for sale in China. The Electra E5, powered by General Motors’ Ultium battery technology, should offer comparable performance and range to the Cadillac Lyriq. This should translate to approximately 340 horsepower and 300 miles of range per charge. We have not yet seen photographs of the Electra E5’s interior, but we anticipate that it will offer roughly the same amount of spaciousness as the gasoline-powered Envision SUV.

In late 2024, when it goes on sale, the Electra E5 will be Buick‘s first electric vehicle. We are aware that it will be manufactured in China for the Chinese domestic market, but it is unknown whether the North American version will be manufactured in North America or imported from Asia.

If the Electra maintains the Buick brand’s current trim structure, which is still unknown, the base model will likely be the Preferred, with the Essence adding more luxury amenities and the Avenir carrying the most features and the highest price. When we have more information regarding the 2025 Buick Electra E5s standard and optional equipment, we will update this article.

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2025 Buick Electra E5 News

The SAIC-GM joint venture in China has launched the Electra E5, Buick‘s first electric production vehicle based on the Ultium platform. It is also the first model to utilize the new tri-shield emblem, which was introduced in June. In addition, it ushers in the automaker’s new front-end design, which will become increasingly prevalent in the future years. It’s a five-seat midsize crossover with minimal overhangs and a long wheelbase as you’d expect from a dedicated EV.

In June, the Electra-X concept previewed the production-ready Electra E5 with a similar design. As part of the homologation procedure, completely disclosing photographs of the vehicle published on the website of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) a month ago. Last week’s spy photos of a prototype with camouflage clearly suggest that the EV will also be available in North America.

According to the limited information provided by Buick, the Electra E5 measures 4,892 millimeters (192.6 inches) in length, 1,905 millimeters (75 inches) in width, and 1,655 millimeters (65.1 inches) in height. The wheelbase measures 2,954 millimeters (116.2 inches), perfectly matching that of the Chevrolet Equinox EV. Nonetheless, the new EV is 57 mm (2.2 inches) longer than the mechanically equivalent Chevy.

Although Buick has not officially announced powertrain specifications, information given by MIIT in November revealed a single-motor system with 241 horsepower (180 kW). The Chinese-specification Electra E5 had a curb weight of 2,570 kilograms (5,666 pounds) and a top speed of 112 miles per hour (180 kilometers per hour). Logic dictates that a more powerful dual-motor model with all-wheel drive will be released in the future.

As the 2025 Buick Electra E5 will shortly be debuted in China, full specifications and interior photographs are anticipated to be released in the near future. Since 1998, when it introduced the Buick brand in China, the GM-SAIC joint venture has sold more than 10 million vehicles there.



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