2025 Fisker Ronin Ev Availability Awd Acceleration
2025 Fisker Ronin Ev Availability Awd Acceleration

2025 Fisker Ronin EV Sports Car Full Review New

2025 Fisker Ronin EV. Fisker recently released a teaser image of the Ronin, an all-electric sports car. The Ronin will be Fisker‘s third production EV, after the Ocean and Pear Crossover SUV. Find out about the Fisker Ronin 2025 release date, price and specifications.

2025 Fisker Ronin EV Release date

The 2025 Fisker Ronin EV sports car release date is in the second half of 2024. It will debut in August 2023. The Fisker Ronin EV will go on sale in the US and select international markets. Stay tuned for pre-order / reservation information for Fisker Ronin.

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2025 Fisker Ronin Ev Quality Release Review
2025 Fisker Ronin Ev Quality Release Review

2025 Fisker Ronin EV Price

Fisker has yet to release pricing or parts information for the 2025 Fisker Ronin EV. However, Car and Driver estimates the Ronin will have a starting price of $80,000. The auto site has also speculated about possible finishes for the Ronin, with the following estimated starting prices:

Sports: $80,000
ULTRA: $90,000
Extreme: $100,000
One: $100,000

2025 Fisker Ronin EV Specifications: Electric motors, range and acceleration from 0-60 mph

Fisker was light on the details about the 2025 Fisker Ronin EV sports car. However, in a recent Instagram post, Fisker founder and CEO Henrik Fisker said the Ronin will feature three all-wheel drive electric motors. He also said the Ronin will have a driving range of 600 miles and an acceleration time of 2.0 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.

This is an eye-opening spec. Currently, the electric vehicle with the longest driving range is the Lucid Air – with a range of up to 520 miles. With this in mind, the Ronin’s 600-mile target range is very ambitious. Fisker claims that the Ronin will have “an innovative battery design that integrates the battery pack into the bodywork.” This new battery pack design will undoubtedly be a factor in the long-range electric sports car.

Ronin’s acceleration is impressive, too. The 2.0-second 0-60 mph target could rival other fast cars like the Tesla Model S Plaid, Ferrari SF90 Stradale and Porsche 911 Turbo S.

2025 Fisker Ronin EV design

So far, there is only one official image of the Fisker Ronin 2025. It shows a four-door sports convertible from the Grand Touring. Fisker stated that the Ronin “will feature active aerodynamics and lightweight materials.” The EV maker also revealed that the Ronin will have “unique doors that improve entry and exit” and a “luxury, sustainable plant cabin.”

Fisker did not specify what type of durable material the interior of the Ronin would contain. However, Ocean’s electric SUV makes use of recycled fishing nets and other recycled plastics.

What does the name Ronin mean to Fisker Ronin?

Fisker Ronin takes its name from the 1998 action movie Ronin. Ronin, starring Robert De Niro, is known for his “realistic chases involving European sedans flying through Paris and the French countryside.”

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2025 Fisker Ronin Ev Future Hp Hybrid Sedan
2025 Fisker Ronin Ev Future Hp Hybrid Sedan

We’ll know a lot more about the 2025 Fisker Ronin EV sports car when it debuts in August 2023. As more information about the Fisker Ronin becomes available, we’ll provide updates. This includes:

2025 Fisker Ronin EV Official release date

Official pricing information with the cost of each trim
Pictures and videos
Official specs including horsepower, torque, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph, range, battery capacity, and MPGe fuel economy
Color options
Features and Technologies
Pre-order/reservation information