2025 Toyota Hilux Exterior Front
2025 Toyota Hilux Exterior Front

2025 Toyota Hilux Redesign Interior Release Date Price Engine

Spirotours.com – 2025 Toyota Hilux. The 2025 Toyota Hilux has been portrayed with the same design language as the newly released Land Cruiser. Similar to the LC300 and third-generation Tundra, the brand-new vehicle will utilize the TNGA-F body-on-frame construction.

In addition to the stunning new outside design, we also have interior renderings. The new pickup truck is equipped with the same touchscreen, instrument cluster, shift knob, center console, and dashboard as the Land Cruiser 300. The new pickup truck will apparently be introduced by the Japanese carmaker sometime in 2019, with sales commencing shortly thereafter.

2025 Toyota Hilux Redesign

Due to a new rendering, we have a good idea of what modifications the 2025 Toyota Hilux may undergo. Initially, the modern body-on-frame architecture known as TNGA-F underpins the new truck. Land Cruiser and Toyota Tundra models utilize the same platform.

Nevertheless, the design is intriguing, and the Toyota Hilux resembles the Land Cruiser in appearance. It has the same beautiful grille, eye-catching LED headlamps, and elegant wheels as its predecessor. We also observed several alterations to the rear, including a taillight that was considerably cooler and a bed with the same small length.

2025 Toyota Hilux Interior

The first interior renderings of the 2025 Toyota Hilux are also out, and we must admit that the new truck is an improvement over its predecessor. The design has been updated, but the layout remains the same. As before, this vehicle can accommodate up to five passengers.

Nonetheless, the renderings depict an interior with a touchscreen similar to the one in the Land Cruiser, along with an instrument cluster, shift knob, center console, and dashboard. In addition, we anticipate dual-zone climate control and phone integration via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Toyota asserts that the new pickup truck will also have enhanced driver assistance features.

2025 Toyota Hilux Specifications

The basic engine in the 2025 Toyota Hilux will be a 2.8-liter turbodiesel that generates 308 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. Compared to the existing model, which produces 175 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque, this is a huge increase. In 2025, a hybrid vehicle with an electric motor will debut.

This mild-hybrid system will supposedly produce over 200 horsepower, resulting in improved fuel economy. Given that the new Tacoma and Tundra models will be all-electric, we anticipate that the Hilux will follow suit in the near future.

2025 Toyota Hilux Release Date And Price

According to numerous rumors, the base price of the new 2025 Toyota Hilux will be approximately $30,000, a one-thousand-dollar increase over the previous model. We estimate that the hybrid model will cost roughly $35,000, while the GR variant will be much more pricey.

The newly remodeled pickup truck type is expected to emerge in the summer of 2019, according to the most recent speculations. The forthcoming Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, and Isuzu D-Max are the Toyota Hilux’s closest competitors.

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2025 Toyota Hilux Rear Design
2025 Toyota Hilux Rear Design

2025 Toyota Hilux Updates

The famous truck will shortly undergo a complete overhaul. As the present generation has been in existence since 2015, it is not surprising that the majority of sources anticipate a brand-new model to debut in the following year, with several novelties, including electrified powertrain possibilities. Thus, the 2025 Toyota Hilux Hybrid will be one of the most prominent models of the new generation.

In addition to electricity, the next-generation Hilux will have other innovations. On a new platform, a completely new design will soon be unveiled. Naturally, you can also anticipate a new, more appealing exterior design, as well as significant interior changes. Obviously, the new model will be loaded with technological innovations, including the most advanced driver aids. This model will continue to offer great off-road performance and a high level of versatility.

The 2025 Toyota Hilux Hybrid should arrive in the second part of 2023, as was previously indicated.

Toyota Hilux Design

Naturally, we anticipate a completely new design, and the platform is the first thing that comes to mind. This vehicle, along with the rest of Toyota‘s truck and SUV lineup, will adopt the new TNGA-F platform. We do not yet know the specifics, but we anticipate that the ride quality of the new model will be enhanced. It will have a lower center of gravity, and the rear leaf springs may be replaced with something more polished and modern.

Notwithstanding the enhancements to the on-road ride quality, this pickup will continue to thrive off-road. It will be equipped with an assortment of off-road components, such as 4WD, low-range gearing, locking differential, skid plates, hill descent control, etc.

Lastly, there is the issue of design, which will also be entirely new. We anticipate an evolutionary design approach, but also numerous modifications that will make the new model appear more modern and appealing. Similar to the current model, the next generation will be available with a variety of cab types and bed lengths.

Toyota Hilux Interior

Alterations are anticipated on the interior as well. The Hilux has traditionally had one of the best interiors among pickup trucks, with numerous car-like design features. As a result, we anticipate the 2025 Toyota Hilux Hybrid to offer the same level of interior opulence as its rivals, which tend to be as lavish as possible. So, we anticipate fresh aesthetics, refined materials, and additional advances in terms of construction quality. Naturally, we also anticipate new technological elements, such as a new infotainment system, additional connectivity options, and new driver-assistance systems, among others.

Also, we would like to see a cabin with a bit more passenger room, as the present generation is not among the class leaders in this regard. We anticipate extra headroom, and additional legroom would also be welcome.

Toyota Hilux Hybrid Propulsion System

We’ve already said that the next generation should bring a variety of innovations, but we’re fairly certain that electrification is your primary concern. Currently, it appears that there will be two hybrid variants available. The initial model will be a mild hybrid based on the existing 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine. Due to the modest electric motor, this device might acquire a few additional horsepower and torque, as well as enhanced efficiency. The latest generation of this diesel engine produces approximately 201 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque.

The other, significantly more intriguing powertrain option would be a full-hybrid system based on Toyota‘s most recent technological triumphs. The new 2025 Toyota Hilux Hybrid, if rumors are to be believed, would include a hybrid system based on a turbo-four engine with an estimated maximum output of 350 horsepower. What is especially intriguing is that the new model will not have a continuously variable gearbox (CVT) like most Toyota hybrids, but rather a standard automatic transmission with 8 or 10 speeds.

Toyota Hilux Hybrid Launch Date and Rivals

2025 Toyota Hilux. We anticipate the arrival of the 2025 Toyota Hilux Hybrid in the second part of 2023. In terms of competitiveness, not much will change, thus important opponents will include the Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi L200/Triton, etc.

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2025 Toyota Hilux Interior Lux
2025 Toyota Hilux Interior Lux

2025 Toyota Hilux News

According to rumors, the 2025 Toyota Hilux will more closely resemble the Land Cruiser SUV. Due to the fact that the new Hilux truck will be based on the TNGA-F platform, it will be introduced as a body-on-frame variant. The Tundra pickup vehicle utilizes the same chassis. Toyota Hilux will have a new design, yet only a few renderings exist at this time, therefore the precise design is still unknown.

The interior will remain unchanged, but we anticipate some important enhancements. The engine lineup could alter, although this is highly unlikely. The new Hilux will be released sometime in 2023, with a hybrid powertrain as a potential upgrade.

Redesign Rendered

We now have a fantastic look at the potential changes to the upcoming Toyota Hilux 2025 according to new renderings. The groundbreaking TNGA-F body-on-frame architecture serves as the foundation for the new truck. Its architecture will be one of the commonalities between the Land Cruiser and Tundra.

The Toyota Hilux is almost identical to the Land Cruiser SUV in terms of design. It keeps the same attractive grille, dazzling LED headlamps, and elegant wheels as its predecessor. The rear of the truck, including the rear bumper and taillights, looks brand new.

Interior Renovations

The interior of the 2025 Toyota Hilux will also undergo some improvements. Toyota will surely provide more durable materials, hence enhancing the level of comfort. The intention is to update the cabin, but the interior layout will remain unchanged. The Hilux can accommodate five passengers, and Toyota will provide the same cab configurations as before.

The next Hilux will most likely adopt a touchscreen from the Land Cruiser. We anticipate seeing a new dashboard, center console, and infotainment system. While Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are included as standard equipment, extra amenities should include a sunroof, leather seats, and an even larger touchscreen.

Engine Lineup Including Diesel Engine

The planned 2025 Toyota Hilux will initially retain the present 2.8-liter engine. It is a turbodiesel powertrain with over 500 lb-ft of torque and 310 horsepower. According to reports, this diesel unit will have considerably more power. The new hybrid drivetrain will be one of the main attractions. It is a mild hybrid system with an electric motor producing approximately 210 horsepower.

Anticipate decent gas mileage because increasing fuel economy is the obvious objective. Although the 2025MY appears to be a possibility, the release of the all-electric vehicle will not occur before that year. We await Toyota‘s official confirmation of its engine lineup, however the hybrid powertrain should be the only addition to the roster.

Launch Date and Cost

2025 Toyota Hilux. Next summer, the 2025 Toyota Hilux will debut on the market. The price will increase somewhat, so the new model will begin at $30,000 or little higher. According to reports, the hybrid variant will cost closer to $40,000. We expect to receive additional information regarding the Hilux truck during the coming weeks.

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