Chevrolet Montana 2023 Design
Chevrolet Montana 2023 Design

Chevrolet Montana 2023 Compact Pickup Truck Review Update

Chevrolet Montana 2023. Rumored to be developing a redesigned Chevrolet Montana for 2023. Although initially met with skepticism and speculation, unibody pickup trucks have quickly become the industry’s fastest-growing subset. The Hyundai Santa Cruz, a pickup based in Tucson, will be competing against the Ford Maverick in this contest. The rumors that General Motors is developing a third rival vehicle, the Montana pickup, are greatly exaggerated.

Will any of Ford‘s competitors make a similarly sized pickup truck to take on the Maverick? The Chevrolet Montana is a compact four-door pickup with front-wheel drive. All signs point to it not being launched in the United States during its first year of development, though.

Chevrolet Montana 2023 Engine

The new Chevrolet Montana, due out in 2023, will ride on an improved version of the GEM platform. An improvement in ride quality over older designs is an advantage of this architecture. Based on this information, we can speculate on what kind of engine will be installed in the Montana pickup. A three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters appears to be the most likely choice at this time. The manufacturer claims 133 horsepower from this unit. Naturally, a more robust engine will be made available as an alternative.

A hybrid version may exist, but we don’t know that for sure. Providing a compact hybrid pickup truck is a practical option presently. The Ford Maverick is expected to be a hybrid, while some media outlets have reported on the possibility of an all-electric version. With a torque output of 278 lb-ft and a horsepower output of 250 hp, the Maverick Hybrid pickup will wow. Though we anticipate significantly less power, Montana’s fuel efficiency will be excellent.

Chevrolet Montana 2023 Features

It has been announced that the 2023 Chevrolet Montana pickup truck would be entirely overhauled. Chevrolet says that the Montana will get numerous updates to make it more suitable for modern buyers. But the Montana will be the first little unibody pickup from the manufacturer. In place of the standard two-door single-cab body design, Chevrolet will offer a four-door double-cab.

New models of the Montana will offer more cargo space and seating for five people. Obviously, the target is to undercut Ford‘s brand-new Maverick, but information about the Montana truck is still scarce.

Chevrolet Montana 2023 Release Date And Price

A unibody design will be used for the first time on the Chevrolet Montana 2023. A later start to sales next year would indicate that production has begun. This first year of manufacturing is when Montana will make its way to the United States. Chevrolet, instead, will focus on the South American market with its new Montana pickup. Similar to the Buick Encore SUV, the Montana will share its underpinnings with that vehicle.

Similar to the Ford Maverick, the Montana probably wouldn’t cost more than $20,000. There is no denying that Chevrolet intends to challenge the Maverick, Ford‘s compact pickup. It’s also worth noting that the Hyundai Santa Cruz could be a strong challenger. It’s expected that the base price of a Maverick would be $21,000, while the Santa Cruz will be $22,000.

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Chevrolet Montana 2023 Release Date And Price
Chevrolet Montana 2023 Release Date And Price

Chevrolet Montana 2023 Updates

The 1.2-liter turbocharged Chevrolet Montana 2023 has been unveiled in Brazil. Moreover, this new Chevrolet Montana, like the Onix, Onix Plus, and Tracker before it, will be third-generation in the line. In addition, the 2023 Chevrolet Montana is now accepting pre-orders in Brazil, with deliveries beginning in February of the following year.

Small trucks, as we all know, typically don’t have the off-road prowess of larger ones. In spite of this, the Chevrolet Montana is designed with on-road performance in mind and has all the makings of the ideal SUV. In addition, it has SUV-like luxury inside.

Chevrolet Montana Price

Chevrolet‘s new Montana pitch coupe truck, on the other hand, will be priced at a reasonable 134,490 Brazilian Real (about $25,800 USD).

The 2017 Chevrolet Montana has one of the most plush and roomy cabins in the entire compact truck class, and its SUV-style bed is the only one of its kind that prevents damaging elements like water and dust from entering the truck’s cargo hold. This means that its cargo is safeguarded by an automatic bed cover.

Chevrolet Montana Powertrain Engine

The new Chevrolet pickup truck is powered by the same 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that can be found in the Chevrolet Tracker. This engine generates 133 horsepower. Is. A six-speed manual and automatic transmission delivers all that power to the front wheels.

As a result, the new Chevrolet Montana does not have all-wheel drive. It has a gasoline engine but only drives the front wheels. That is to say, you can’t even get a diesel engine for it.

Montana Design

In terms of trunk space and other dimensions, it is comparable to the Renault Auroch and smaller than the latest Montana Toro. The new Chevrolet Montana is about 4.72 meters in length. A difference of 22 centimeters in comparison to Toro’s height. The Toro’s storage capacity is larger, but this vehicle’s is inferior by 3 cubic feet. That adds up to 30.8 cubic feet of cargo space in the 2019 Chevy Montana.

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Chevrolet Montana 2023 Interior
Chevrolet Montana 2023 Interior

Chevrolet Montana 2023 News

It’s no surprise that Chevy is developing a new compact pickup truck, as demand for such vehicles has increased recently. It’ll be the 2023 Chevrolet Montana, continuing the trend of using well-known brand names. As of now, we have witnessed two generations of Montana, which has been around since 2003. We’re on to the third one now. Again, it will be developed by GM’s South American division with the emerging markets of Latin America, South Africa, and elsewhere in the developing world in mind. The 2023 Chevrolet Montana will be available for purchase.

The new Montana is shrouded in mystery at the moment. In all likelihood, it will share the same chassis, engines, and perhaps even some stylistic cues as the smaller Trailblazer crossover. However, it will not be available in North America to go up against the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick, despite having a conventional pickup design.


We anticipate that the 2023 Chevrolet Montana, the third version of this compact pickup, will debut sometime next year. To the best of our knowledge, the new model will be derived from the Trailblazer crossover, which was constructed using the new VSS platform. We anticipate that the basic layout and dimensions of the Montana would remain unchanged.

Alternatively, we anticipate an entirely new look. Rendering photographs have already surfaced online, revealing a design that clearly takes cues from Chevy’s most recent crossovers. The front fascia is almost identical to that of the midsize Blazer, but we expect the final product to feature a few unique touches. Of course, the remainder of the body will be designed like any other pickup.


Many of the interior design ideas probably came from the Trailblazer. Similarly, we may expect the dashboard to draw inspiration from this, albeit in a simpler form. This includes using common commercial vehicle materials like cheap plastic. Naturally, we also rely on less common and accessible tools.

We anticipate that the 2023 Chevrolet Montana will be offered in both single cab and double cab configurations, with the same wheelbase but two different bed lengths.


It’s possible that the 2023 Chevrolet Montana’s engine lineup will mirror that of the Trailblazer, the vehicle on which it’s based. If that’s the case, the entry-level cars will have a 137-horsepower 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine. This engine is unique in that it is only offered with front-wheel drive and a continuously variable transmission.

A more expensive model, however, ought to have a more potent engine than a 1.3-liter one. Though it has the same number of cylinders as the previous one, the 154 horsepower it produces significantly improves the vehicle’s handling. In spite of this, a 9-speed automatic transmission makes a huge difference, delivering a far superior driving experience and even somewhat higher fuel economy. The all-wheel-drive system is an optional extra for this model.

Launch Date

No information on the Chevrolet Montana 2023 has been released yet. Information available so far suggests a release date in the latter part of 2022. Based on the most recent information, it appears that GM has no plans to sell this vehicle in the United States or Canada, making South America the primary market.


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