Chevy S10 Mexico Design
Chevy S10 Mexico Design

Chevy S10 Mexico Redesign Update

Chevy S10 Mexico. General Motors debuted the 2023 Chevrolet S10 Max in Mexico in December, delivering a new entry-level midsize pickup with a work-oriented approach. Now, we’ll compare the external dimensions of the Chevy S10 Max to those of the Chevy Colorado for the U.S. market and the Chevy S10 for the Brazilian market.

Before discussing the dimensions, it’s important to explain what the 2023 Chevrolet S10 Max is all about. The Chevy S10 Max, which will be marketed alongside the Chevy Colorado in Mexico, is unrelated to the Chevy S10 produced in Brazil and is a brand-new addition to the Chevy lineup. While the Brazilian S10 shares its base and some mechanical components with the U.S.-market Chevy Colorado, the recently introduced Chevy S10 Max in Mexico is effectively a rebadged Chinese-made Maxus T70.

Chevy S10 Mexico Engine

The Chevy S10 Max is equipped with an atmospheric 2.4L four-cylinder engine rated at 158 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque, paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The Chevy S10 Max boasts a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine with 210 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque mated to either a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission.

The 2023 Chevrolet S10 Max is marketed as an inexpensive truck with “great value proposition.” It is also the first Chevrolet vehicle produced by a third-party Chinese manufacturer, as well as the first Chevrolet pickup truck manufactured in China.

There are currently no plans to launch the Chevy S10 Max in the United States, however some have suggested it could be GM’s response to the new Ford Maverick. The Chevrolet S10 Max lacks the refinement, safety, and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) attributes necessary to compete with the Maverick.

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Chevy S10 Mexico Interior
Chevy S10 Mexico Interior


Despite the fact that the manufacturer hasn’t used this moniker for a full 15 years, the S10 is a well-known nameplate in North America. This model, which was produced for almost two decades, is remembered by the older generation as a dependable and quite capable vehicle. The nameplate was discontinued in 2004 in favor of the more recognizable Colorado. However, Chevrolet retained the S10 brand in certain markets. Specifically, in South America, although the two models are virtually identical. In the past few months, rumors concerning a prospective return to North America have surfaced. This is merely supposition at this moment, so take the next paragraphs with a grain of salt.

Come again?

As previously stated, this is now only speculation, therefore we cannot provide a definitive answer. The current generation in Colorado is actually fairly elderly. Even though it has been available in North America since 2014, its design was released in 2012, and considering that the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, we are confident that the company will release a new model very soon, maybe within the next year. Whether it arrives as the 2021 Chevrolet S10 or Chevrolet Colorado, there will be significant alterations.

The inconsistency of Colorado in the North American market is one of the factors in favor of the Chevy S10 designation. The first model was manufactured for almost eight years before being discontinued. A couple of years later, it returned to the U.S. market, but its sales figures remain pale in comparison to those of the market-leading Toyota Tacoma.

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Chevy S10 Mexico Release Date And Price
Chevy S10 Mexico Release Date And Price

Chevy S10 Mexico Redesign

A few of years back, Chevrolet unveiled a concept version of the S10 Trailboss, which was the last time we saw new features on this pickup. This vehicle combines the best of both worlds, as it appears capable of both off-roading and delivering a comfortable ride in urban situations. It was equipped with a number of cosmetic modifications compared to normal vehicles, including bed roll bars, LED lighting bars, blacked bumpers and underbody protection, a glossy black grille, 18-inch wheels, etc.

On the interior, standard modifications like as new upholstery, “Trailboss” stitching, etc. were present.

Both names might be used for the next generation of mid-size pickups, according to an intriguing alternative notion. According to some reports, the Colorado would continue to be the most popular truck in the lineup. The S10 would be utilized for a performance version, which would feature mechanical modifications, specific cosmetic features, etc. On the opposite side, all South American models would bear the “S10” designation. Finally, we have no doubt that Holden Colorado will continue to be used in Australian models.

Release Date

Most indications indicate that a redesign of the current generation is imminent. The current version is outdated, and the competition is intensifying, therefore modifications are inevitable. The next model will most likely debut within the next year.




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