Ford Shelby Truck Specs
Ford Shelby Truck Specs

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A high-performance variation of the Ford F-150 pickup truck is called the Ford Shelby Truck. It was unveiled in 2021 as a result of a partnership between Ford and Shelby American, a business established by Carroll Shelby, a racing driver and auto designer.

The Shelby Truck has a distinctive front grille and bumper, in addition to exclusive Shelby badging and graphics, in terms of exterior styling. Additionally, it has a set of alloy wheels with the Shelby logo and the choice of a widebody package, which adds broader fenders and a more aggressive stance.

A customized steering wheel, leather seats with Shelby branding, and other performance-inspired features are included within the Shelby Truck. It also has a variety of cutting-edge technological features, including as a touchscreen display, a top-of-the-line music system, and sophisticated safety systems.

From an aesthetic standpoint, everyone can see that Shelby enjoys flaunting its name. A revised front bumper cover, new front grille, and fender vents are all exclusive to the Shelby. If the enormous Shelby lettering in the grille escapes your notice, you may find it twice, once in the lower stripes on the sides and once on the bed over the taillights. The side mirrors, door handles, and rear bumper cladding are all painted in the vehicle’s body color. Ram air vents have been added to the hood, and the obligatory garish LeMans stripe is present and correct. Two-tone leather seat covers, carbon fiber trim, and even more Shelby branding have been added to the interior.

Customers can choose from several options inside. A 5.0-liter V8 that Shelby supercharges to produce 775 horsepower powers the top-tier model (578 kilowatts). Regardless of the induction, every Shelby F-150 receives a performance intake with a high-flow filter and carbon fiber intake tube, an upgraded throttle body, fuel injectors, a performance heat exchanger, and a Borla exhaust system. The second option is to stay naturally aspirated at a slightly lower cost.

The new Shelby F-150 checks all the boxes for an ultra-high-performance off-road vehicle, but as you might expect, it is quite expensive. Pricing for a normally aspirated truck starts at $107,080 for all Shelby F-150s, which are Lariat 4×4 variants. The 775-hp variant starts at $114,980 if you want it. Production of 600 is scheduled for customers in the United States and a few European nations.

Ford Shelby Truck exterior and Interior

This new age muscle tissue truck cross Shelby has a full body. Looking from the redesigned hood to the innovative fenders, it all works. The tonneau protects, and added spoilers are typically customized. This first hit of this particular version receives a 22-inch group. Stainless rims with high-quality tires provide much greater stability. Also, they become stripes that run from your rooftop hood to the back of your truck, in contrast to the bright blue exterior.

These vehicles sport Ford Shelby Truck badges on the front grille, hood, entry doors, individual bedroom panels, and tailgate. It is clear for the first use due to the sealing of the surface atmosphere and the side sills. You can quickly install these pickups thanks to the Ford Shelby Truck badging on the entrance grille, a sturdy cabin.

Ford Shelby Truck engine

The Ford Shelby Truck comes in two-trips and a number of tire trips depending on customer selection. The two will likely be built with some kind of .5-liter V8 engine, churning out a whopping 750 horsepower. That’s perhaps 300 horsepower higher than the F-150’s best manufacture variant. Paired with six-tube Baer brake systems, this indomitable engine is sure to make you feel the pinch. The Ford Shelby Truck goes from 60 to 60 in 8.1 seconds.

Aside from the supercharger, it had performance tweaks such as a fiber CO2 content pipe, new petrol injectors, an updated Shelby exhaust, Borla exhaust, and a new billet reduction body and heat exchanger. The Borla stainless steel exhaust program allows the water to pump up the volume producing enough sounds to shake solid structures. Its effective drag is still limited and altered to enhance handling. Every truck is covered by a 3-Season / 36,000 MLS warranty.

Ford Shelby Truck release date and price

Because this Ford Shelby Truck features excellent performance and a stylish design, you never have to expect them to be priced as standard vehicles. Shelby values this exclusive version of the truck at about double the base price of the Raptor, at $96,680. While it’s just an introduction, don’t be surprised if all 150 models are already set. Ford Shelby Truck offers to sell it only to select Ford retailers.

Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake The awesome 770 HP Sport truck

America’s favorite truck has seen many iterations over the years. Ford used to offer the F-150 in kit versions, the SVT Raptor and SVT Lightning. They both have very different usage spectrums; Whereas the SVT Lightning was a sidewalk-bending crawler, the SVT Raptor, on the other hand, was an off-road beast.

Enter Shelby American, the tuner famous for working with Ford on making the GT-40. Shelby has created masterpieces with the likes of the Shelby Raptor, Shelby GT 500 and the insanely capable VelociRaptor. The F-150 Supersnake is Shelby’s way of turning the utility F-150 truck into a track-ready super truck. Let’s say a recent look at SVT Lightning.

Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake is an F-150 on Sport

Shelby is known to be outrageous when it comes to certain shows. Most of those end up wearing the “Super Snake” badge and that’s exactly what happened to the F-150. All Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake start out as regular F-150 fighters with a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine.

Shelby American wants to make its presence felt at the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas by unveiling a more extreme version of the F-150 truck. Dubbed the Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150, this SEMA concept car commands attention with its menacing looks and superior engine power.

Renowned performance car maker Shelby American says the new Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake concept was created to meet demands from ardent enthusiasts for a “blazing fast street truck” in the spirit of 1960s muscle cars.

So Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American, teamed up with Vince Laviolette, the company’s vice president of operations and head of research and development, to create the Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150. The duo then worked with Shelby partners and suppliers, as well as fans and team members, on the truck’s design and content.

Target? To build an unparalleled King of F150s as well as a nightmare for other trucks. He currently drives the 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor, which is powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that makes 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft. of peak torque.

But for the Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake, the good folks at Shelby American went for a bigger pulley. It dropped the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 and put in a supercharged V8 tuned to make a whopping 755 horsepower from top power. That’s power!

Shelby American also installed a coilover suspension to allow the Super Snake Sport F-150 to ride closer to the ground, as well as a new Borla exhaust system for a more pulse-pounding exhaust. The Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 features drawbars and a new six-piston front brake system, and is set on 22-inch Carroll Shelby aluminum wheels, all shod with street tires.

Of course, the Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake should also look menacing on the road. This was achieved by fitting F-150 Super Snake chassis components. For example, the truck gets a new hood, new grille, new front bumper, and a new front splitter. Also features swing panels, tonneau cover, and bed mats.

What also gives the Shelby truck its average look are the twin stripes that run from front to rear. Shelby lettering, Super Snake and Cobra grille complete its exterior look.

The Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake comes with a custom leather interior, carbon fiber accents and new Shelby floor mats and gauges. It will be on display alongside the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake at the Ford Motor Company booth. At the SEMA exhibition of 2019.

Customers can choose to keep it at 395 horsepower or bump it up to 770 horsepower. The Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake is a joint venture between Tuscany Automotive, Ford, and Shelby.

If you opt for the 770-horsepower version (which you have to be honest), there are plenty of upgrades for the V8 engine. For example, a Whipple supercharger is strapped on top of the 5.0-liter engine, along with updated throttle bodies, beefier air intakes, different injectors and fuel pumps. The engine is mated to a modified version of Ford‘s 10-speed automatic transmission, which helps turn all that power into pure speed. This 4×4 super truck can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds.

Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake Exterior and Interior

Shelby worked around the exterior of the Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake to give it an aerodynamic advantage over its standard model. You get a lower ride height for a better center of gravity and streamlined front bumpers with functional air vents. In addition, the hood has two huge vents that feed the performance induction system. The lowered stance is achieved through the use of new wishbones and coil covers in the front, and new shock absorbers and lower links in the rear.

The bed features a body-colored tonneau cover, which improves airflow over the body. The bed is fully carpeted and comes with retractable steps for easy access, not that you need it given how low the van is. As standard, you get high-performance 305-section tires that wrap around Torq Thrust-style wheels, which are a throwback to the muscle car era.

Inside, the Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake look very much like a standard F-150, except for a few “Super Snake” badging scattered around. You’ll find one in both the dash and center armrest, along with stitched-in headrests. The gauge cluster has been upgraded bringing it in line with Shelby’s in the past. The sport seats are available in a stylish design that harkens back to the GT-40. Carbon fiber inserts can be found on the door handles, along with the aluminum brake and gas pedals.

Limited to 250 units

The 770-horsepower Ford Shelby Truck Super Snake is limited to just 250 units at $86,085 for the non-supercharged model and $93,385 for the supercharged variant. Since the Super Snake is more about making an impression than practicality, we recommend that customers purchase a higher-spec model.

Of course, the Super Snake isn’t a direct competitor to the RAM TRX, but we tend to compare them, as Throttle House points out. While the TRX is more of a real off-road vehicle, the Super Snake is a super-truck. The RAM has better interiors, while the Super Snakes are a bit disappointing in terms of interior amenities.

The TRX’s infotainment is much better than that of the Super Snake. Both provide impeccable road presence and can easily devour any sports coupe. While the Super Snake defeats the purpose of owning a truck, there is something uniquely attractive about owning a 770-horsepower pickup that hits 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

The increased power and trick suspension allow the Shelby Raptor to blast through dunes and crawl over rocks with ease. In short, if you’re a serious adventurer, this $118,000 Shelby is worth every penny.

The Shelby Raptor is more than an afterthought, every aspect of the truck has been meticulously engineered. Whether it’s a ride across the warm golden sands or a night out on the town, the Shelby Raptor is never short of anything but awesome.




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